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The People Of Walmart

Well, people.

It’s official. I’ve become one of them.

I’m now a card-carrying member of ‘The People From Walmart’ and proud of it.

And here’s why.


That’s right.

Nothing says, “Good Times” quite like getting caught on camera, mildly intoxicated, hula-hooping in the middle of the aisle, wearing pajamas and flip-flops, at 1am, after harassing several employees. And frankly, I’ve decided this is the only way anyone should ever go shopping at Walmart.


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  • Ahahahahhah!
    If we lived closer I would totally take you.
    After a few bottles of wine, of course.

  • Sorry… you don’t qualify as one of the people of Walmart. You weren’t showing nearly enough skin. Can’t even see your butt-crack, for crying out loud! 

  • Hilarious. As an Aussie without a Walmart I have a dream of shopping there. One day I’ll do it. I just want to see if all the things I’ve heard about Walmart are true. And I love to hula hoop. *giggle*

  •  Hey, I’ve seen Walmart shoppers in their jammies.  They definitely weren’t as cool as you, though!

  • Ahahahahhahaha!

    Okay, maybe next time!

  • Oh, they ARE true.
    I saw it with my win eyes.

    Everyone needs to experience Walmart at least ONCE!

  • Thanks, Linda!

    I love shopping in pajamas.

  • Have you checked to see if you’re on the website yet?!  That would be awesome :-)))

  • I totally want to get on that website.
    For realz.

  • Kimberly Robinson

    I actually think the hula hoop should be incorporated into the field sobriety test. If nothing else it will make for some hilarious police dash cam video.

  • Best idea ever.

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  • Lynda DeSordi

    How the hell did I miss this one??? I can’t stop laughing!

  • Ahahhahahahahahahah!

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