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Hey…guess who is moving in with The Parents a week earlier than expected?


Apparently I am NOT moving the weekend of November 30th-December 2nd.

Things have been moved up to Saturday November 24th.

A mere 10 days from now.


I mean Woo-Hoo (said the well-adjusted Meleah.)

At first, when I heard the date had been moved up, I felt the all too familiar anxiety. I mean, there is SO MUCH LEFT TO DO and so very little time to do it. I am loosing an entire weeks worth of time I thought I had to get things in order. But rather than flip out (again) I decided to take charge of things.

Having figured out that I can CONTROL the way I react, even if I can’t CONTROL the situation gives one quite a bit of power. Not having control over anything was making me absolutely insane. Now that I have found something To Control (even if its only my feelings) I intend to run with that. I have processed my feelings enough.

Speaking of controlling things, I stayed home from work yesterday in order to deal with as much as possible. What better way to handle / control things than with one of my trustee and famous lists.

Highlights Of Yesterday’s To-Do List:

1. Called all of the utility companies and notified them of the shut off date. Provided them with my forwarding address to send the close out bill. (Waited on HOLD until I cried “Uncle.”)

2. Went to the transportation office at JCH’s school to change his bus route. Signed all the necessary paperwork that corrects his school records to reflect the new address. (Wore a protective shield (a.k.a hoodie) that deflected the FemBotStepFord Mothers away from me.)

3. Met with the moving company. Got an in-house survey. Obtained the estimated cost to move. (They could have told me it was going to cost 15 billion dollars and I would have signed the dotted line. I am just glad its THEM dealing with these steps and NOT me. Suckers!)

4. Showed up (just in the knick of time) for my appointment at the GI doctor’s office for my test results. (All systems are in fine working condition. Sort-of.)

5. Packed as much as I could, with the boxes I have. (Yeah. Um. There is a whole hellavalot more to go. Where did ALL this stuff come from anyway?)

6. Cased many a store parking lots (as if I was pulling a bank job) for more boxes. The goal here was to seek out as many business establishments I could find that happened to be in the middle of getting a shipment of new merchandise. Then, I tried to persuade them into relinquishing any and all empty boxes to me. (I scored.)

7. Called the bank because I cannot find my ATM / Debit / Credit card ANYWHERE. (A new card will be arriving within 5 -7 business days at said new address.)

(oh yeah and finished the laundry, and took out the trash, and unloaded the dish-washer, and made dinner, and cleaned up…blah. blah. blah. Yes. I am superwoman.)

I can’t believe THIS weekend, is the LAST weekend I will be spending in my house. I always wished I had known it was going to be The Last Time I was ever going to…[insert many things here]…but this time I know it’s The Last Time. My last weekend of indoor smoking, my last weekend ALONE, my last weekend in this tub, my last…well you get the idea. I am going to take full advantage of The Last Time and enjoy every second. I don’t want to spend the last weekend in my house crying, feeling sorry for myself, bitching or moaning.

It’s definitely come down to crunch time. I don’t have time to waste feeling shitty.

Damn, speaking of time, I am running out of it sitting here typing away…I haven’t even begun to pack the kitchen, or my bedroom, or Justin’s room….or..um..yeah. I have lot to do…

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  • Yikes, it must be so hard when the time to get ready for something so big gets cut short. I hope everything goes well. Make sure those movers don’t spring any surprise costs on you. Some of them do that kind of thing.

  • You are superwoman!!! You sound sooo much better. Grabbed the bull by the horns and tossed it aside! Smart move on getting movers….I vowed I would NEVER do a move without them again. I know thinking about doing things for the “Last Time” is tough, but think of all the great “First Times” you’ll have now. The end of one chapter and the beginning of a New one. Just wish I could be there to share the last Cafe-mocha-latte-vodka-valium-xanax-muscle relaxer-cocktail in the condo with ya! 🙂

  • The best friend

    Lets get r done! psyched about it. Psyched about the pottery barn cottage room with hardwoodfloors and purple walls, and US ON OUR MACS at all times,

  • Wow – that’s a big move up! Good for you for dealing with it like a champ though. 🙂 Oh yeah, and I did your stupid meme. 😛

  • News Alert…Police are seeking a woman who wore a FemBotStepFord Mothers protective shield casing local store parking lots. Stores in the area reported a woman approaching them yesterday demanding all their cardboard containers.

    “She approached me, she looked friendly enough, but when she flipped that hoodie up…”exclaimed one store employee who appeared shaken by the encounter.

    Police do not consider her armed and dangerous. Please approach with caution as the suspect seems to have taken control of her surroundings.

    Stay tuned to your local news station. Film at 11…

  • “(Wore a protective shield (a.k.a hoodie) that deflected the FemBotStepFord Mothers away from me.)” – ROTFLMAO! I need to get me one of those! I’m so scared of them that I do my grocery shopping at night.

  • Meleah


    I hope they don’t tack on any added expenses. But seriously, Ill pay almost anything to avoid the 4 flights of stairs!!


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha…I can’t wait to see your seven!

    Chef Mom:

    I am superwoman. Don’t get me wrong I am still freaked out, but..I am going with it instead of fighting against it.


    I am psyched about the purple walls.


    That was very funny. Thanks for starting my day off with a chuckle.


    Its all about the right hoodie.

  • I can’t believe I forgot to comment on the FembotStepford Mothers…..Dadz post had me dying! ROTFLMAO!! Too funny….. It’s none of those Bots business where you reside. Look at the Bright side: They probably all live in big Mcmansions, that have no furniture, because they spend all their money on tune-ups, and all have cheating husbands who only cheat because they can’t stand doing a Fembot. “Fembot, lift leg….Fembot, metal teeth hurting me…..HAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Meleah

    My favorite line was

    “Please approach with caution as the suspect seems to have taken control of her surroundings.”

    Ha ha ha

  • Last time for a lotta’ stuff…but the last time you’ll worry about that damn rent too!!! WOO HOO!

    Watcha’ gonna do with your first rent free pay-check?!?

  • Your To-Do list kind of inspired Bossy to go lie down. (Granted it doesn’t take much.)

  • Meleah


    No wonder I passed out at 8pm last night


    Buy socks.

  • You must be exhausted. And the list is making me all itchy. As far as your ATM card goes, it’s probably where my oldest son’s is — he’s only lost it a million times. Good job working on the control thing. Deep breathing, open the box and throw the stuff in. Just kidding.

  • Why do I feel like singing Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ all of a sudden?

  • Meleah


    Im about to start throwing things in boxes! this is a NIGHTMARE!


    Yeah…I wish ‘My Way’ I just received an email from my mother clearly stating that NOTHING will be done MY WAY.

  • The last time I moved I had 250 boxes. (I have a lot of books and CDS) Whenever I see a cardboard box now I come out in a cold sweat but I do remember how jubilant I felt when I scored a bunch of free boxes before I moved.

    I can barely type because I am laughing so much about the FembotStepfordMother image. That is so true. What is up with those women, anyway? Whenever I go to my son’s school they pounce on me out of the shadows. I am almost blinded by the glare from their ultra-white teeth and perfectly placed blonde highlights. I’m gonna refer to them that way from now on. Thanks for a good laugh and best wishes for the move.

  • FV

    We’re a movin’ on up,

    To the east side.

    To a de-luxe apartment,
    In the sky-.
    We’re Mo-vin’ on up

    To the east side,

    We finally got a piece of the pie.

    Wooooooooohooooooooooo we are movinggggggg!!!!!!

    don’t let me forget my pillow, reading light, and my I-pod 🙂


  • Well, enjoy your last moments of freedom and privacy … LOL!

  • You know, as an aside, I cried “Uncle” during a pointless meeting last week, and the twentysomething caffinated triatheltes that were filling up the rest of the meeting had NO idea what I meant. They thought I was having a seizure or a supernatural experience. . .


  • I see a future in a company that would allow us to choose our own music to listen to while being on hold (Verizon? Apple? are you listening?) because NO ONE enjoys advertising or muzac.

  • Meleah


    250 boxes? Damn! I have about a hundred, mostly books too. These boxes are HEAVY. I cant with the FemBotStepFord’s they scare me!


    Yep. Moving is right around the corner.


    I intend to!


    How can people not know “Uncle” are we that old?


    That is a GREAT idea. I wish.

  • me.olly

    I chi wowa Chica mas Fina.
    Celebrate life an all it’s new beginnings Mel.
    (often easier said than done)
    I hope that after your move is done you will find a sense of ease and comfort that you can truly call your own rather than a residence or a blog or something along those lines .
    Ya know what I mean Jelly Bean?
    I love you.

  • me.olly

    i almost forgot to commend you on calling a spade a Fembot thingamagig because that was so spot on it had me ROTFLMAO:)))))

  • Meleah


    Thats how I roll. I call IT what IT is yo…


  • Crap, girl! You ARE superwoman! Good luck with the big move. This is huge!!!

  • Meleah


    Very Huge. Very Huge. And, yes… I am superwoman.

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