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The house is clean (which is no big surprise as I …

The house is clean (which is no big surprise as I do that too often anyway) but the laundry is done… really! All of it! … look!

(that never happens!!)

The hair has been colored, (no more depressing greys) my waxing is complete and I showered with a razor! (I even made time for a quickie home facial with a spa / dermabration treatment (ahhh so smooth! Now if I could just get some color back in my face…maybe one day I’ll take another picture of my face.)

Currently, I am blogging about nothing so my “to do” list as posted yesterday is half complete.

Then, I had my favorite time in the world. JCH time. The same time that is slipping away more and more as he gets older, locks himself in his room to talk on the phone and do whatever else boys do during puberty. Please DON’T tell me what that is exactly because la!la!la! (I can’t hear you) LA! LA! LA!

So while I have few and fleeting moments, and even fewer when I am not sick or too exhausted, I cling to each of these short lived memorable times.

I watched the movie MONSTER HOUSE with JCH (I was more scared than he was, but I really cant handle scary movies, even if it’s a cartoon)

Then, as promised, we played this NEW board game:

It’s a really funny game consisting of true false questions, gambling with chips and lying your ass off.

(not for children under age 10) But…. Highly recommended to an older group of people, because the game has many many possibilities to turn in to an ultimate drinking game.

Anyway, I always LOOSE to JCH. I am not one of those parents that gives clues, or helps, I don’t even LET him win. I genuily try to beat him, and beat him good, but… NO. Every single time! Every single game! He beats the crap out of me.

Here’s the Question; FOR THE FINAL WIN

Guess who won? JCH! WINNING as usual…

and here’s me LOOSING as usual

Nice, a ten year old knows more about jeopardy style questions than I ever will.!

Things Left for me to do Tonight:

-draw tattoo to Cascadian baby sister
-sift and choose the new Ev movies to post on YOUTUBE

-pick up my favorite candles at bath and body works
-pick up a good “overnight bag”
-use all the holiday gift cards up (sales!sales!sales!)
-spend New Years Eve at Jennifer’s with both our kids Justin and Chloe

and, the best news…. I will finally have that ONE MORE DAY I always need, to enjoy all the comforts of my freshly cleaned house, having met any and all obligations: cleaning, laundry, shopping, friends, family. I will finally be able to, and will give myself a FULL DAY on Monday to wear pajamas for 24 hours and write (work on my book) until my fingers bleed!


PS……maybe I should always feel like shit about myself and write about it on the internet, I never had so many comments as the post that was full of self pity. I just had a BAD day, but it’s nice to know that so many people had some many nice things to say about me. Wow. I am shocked. THANK YOU ALL

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