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The Grim Reaper

Is a cat. yeah. a cat. Named Oscar. If you have ever been freaked out by cats, now you know why. Oscar, a.k.a Grim Reaper, is even in the New England Journal Of Medicine.

Here’s his picture:


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  • I love Oscar – the harbinger of death,

  • I like cats but this cat….NOT!

  • Dawson

    I had seen this article in a newspaper… and don’t see anything to suggest that the cat can forsee the onset of death to these patients… Think about it… He’s in a nursing home for the aged… The rooms are full of old people waiting to die… My sister was a nurse in a cancer center, and was able to tell when a patient would die within a day or two… Please… I’m not impressed… Now, if Oscar could restore life, and change water into wine…. Now, that would be impressive… Next thing you’ll see is the New England Journal Of Medicine, set next to the supermarket tabloids….

  • One thing that freaked me out in this story is that this cat is a splitting image of my own. He is also, like this cat, and aloof cat. I adopted him when I lived in New England from LKtty Angels, a no-kill shelter. He had been a wild thug cat living on the streets.

    I love him dearly, but I have always had the impression a lot is going on in his head. Other people have had he same feeling–and told me “that cat can read minds”.

    I am just wondering if he is related to the Grim Reaper cat, who is also a New England cat.


  • I’ve never liked cats. I’ll tolerate them – as they tolerate me. But not much like.

  • wow.. that is trippy… i have heard about cases few and far between ,,, but this is a really interesting case….im glad my dogs don’t mean anything when they sleep in the bed with me!!!!

    ps…im playing hookie today… hope you are too!!!!!!

  • That’s an awesome story! That’s quite possibly the first cat I could ever actually like. Unless he curled up next to me in bed… like in the next few days. Then I don’t think I would like him so much.

  • I’m tellin’ ya, Mereb. Animals are amazingly intuitive creatures. I consider myself more of a “dog person” in general, but I love all animals. I think that nursing home is blessed to have Oscar there to give a heads up to loved ones. Who cares whether or not it can be explained scientifically! I think its pretty dang cool. 🙂

  • Meleah

    This cat scares the SHIT! out of me… Now, I am afraid of all cats!


    i cant with cats.

  • Meleah….left a little something for you on my blog. A little late….but it’s ok. How’d it go?

  • Keep that thing away from me. I’ll turn it into a rug. Other than that, I still like cats. Just not this one. Guess those old stories were right about the cat sucking the life out of you.

  • Incredible.

  • Meleah

    sG: its never tooo late for presents and comments! I’m on my way over NOW… giddyup

  • FV

    Now I have to make sure my cat doesn’t die before I do.


  • I never liked cats. I especially find it retarded when people have cats that are too scared for you to pet them and that just tear up things. WHy keep a cat when no one can even pet it?

  • Meleah

    After reading this article, I will never OWN a cat, and it will be quite sometime before I pet a cat ever again.

  • Never again will I mutter the phrase “here kitty kitty” … eek!

  • Oh I absolutely love cats.
    And I loved this story too.
    It is really very beautiful.

    Knowing doesn’t scare me at all – it’s not knowing that I loathe.
    I would love a cat to come and sit with me and let me know the wait was over. Sweet relief to many of these poor patients, I dare say…
    My Nan would have loved one…so would I. So I could have reached her in time to say goodbye.

  • Meleah

    Minx: I never thought of it like that. Huh… that changes my WHOLE opinion. Thanks Doll. I’m sorry you didn’t get to your Nan in time. xxoo

  • I love cats too – mine would know when I was coming back from work and sit by the door.
    It’s kind of sweet that Oscar gives them company like a guiding spirit or somehthing

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