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The Flu? Nope. Its Bronchitis.

I hope to be back posting and commenting within a few days.

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  • I hope you feel better soon!!

  • That sucks! I hope you get better soon.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • and the shit lasts for fucking ever!!! i am back to work… but probably shouldnt be… hope you feel better soon…….

  • Oh, that’s miserable! I hope you feel better soon. Be glad it’s not the NASTY stomach bug that’s making the rounds down here. I have enclosed my house in a bubble….lol:)

  • Feel better soon… and stuff!

  • yo momma

    On behalf of your healthy future, i think i need to explain your immune system — in the absolutely no uncertain terms of your mother — to a certain bald guy……

  • Is that like broccoli?

  • The best friend

    “to a certain bald guy” kills me.

    BUNNY noooooo I wish you werent sick as hell!! Monkey! Mongoose! Get better. I thought you were going to interview me tonight with Steve. 🙁

    I will do a great job without you , but maybe you can listen in. I love you, & I am thinking about ya.

  • Ick! Feel better!

  • Dude, did the new fabulous get you sick? I will kick his shiny headed ass.

  • Feel better, sweetpea.

  • {{{HUGS}}}
    Get welll soon!

  • I hope the get wells find their way to you soon!!!

  • Danny

    Certain Bald guy feels bad she got sick.But I told her I was

  • Meleah

    Meleah wants everyone to know that a Certain Bald Guy feels BAD.

    But the fact that I am SICK…. THAT IS NOT HIS FAULT. Certain Bald Guy warned me that he was sick and that maybe I should have been more careful. However….I could NOT control myself in his presence. BTW….toad-ily worth it.

    Meleah will explain the severity of her LACK OF immune system to Certain Bald Guy. But please feel free to chime in and add your concerns MOMMY.

    Meleah has just begun to explain to the Certain Bald Guy the depths of her medical issues, including the leaky ass syndrome. Danny was ALREADY A witness to a minor food allergy reaction this past Friday night.

    Meleah wants to go back to bed….But she has to get ready for a doctors appointment.

  • You will at least try to listen to our first broadcast, won’t you? It won’t be the same without you there. You need to get better quickly so you can grace the airwaves with your presence.

  • Danny

    I guess I have a new nicname..:)

  • Meleah


    I will do my best. I promise. I feel TERRIBLE. I could not have gotten sick at a worse time.


    This is NOT your fault. And yeah…. You need a NEW Nick-Name.

    Michael C:

    Me too. Me too. I have to go to a pulmonary doctor this afternoon. Hopefully I will get great medications and better SOON.


    xxoo 🙂


    Hey…did you know my mom calls me that? Thanks for the well wishes. xxoo


    My new fabulous BOYFRIEND did NOT get me sick…although he was SICK when I saw him this last weekend. BUT I KNOW BETTER. I know that I have NO Immune system, and I took my chances. He thought he just had a cold. Turns out its bronchitis.


    I hope so! This SUCKS.


    My moms comment is pretty damn funny. You will be fine on the Radio show without me.


    HA HA HA …(dont make me laugh…it hurts my chest too much!)





    Chef Mom:

    Thats in my office too. I guess Im glad to be home sick with THIS. I have had enough stomach issues to last a LIFE TIME.


    I know you have this shit too. AWFUL. Just awful. I hope YOU feel better too xxoo xxoo




    Thank you. Me too.


    WOW! I havent seen you in a LONG TIME. Welcome back !! xxoo

  • Don’t you KNOW that’s how germs are spread?!? During cold & flu season, you MUST frequently wash your tongue! Silly girl…..

  • Well, heck, if you’re going to get sick, you might as well have fun doing it. Am I right, or am I right?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • I love the pictures!! Details, Details! it looks to me like you had a FANTSTIC weekend:) YEA!!!

  • Dang, Girl! Hope you feel better FAST!

  • yo momma

    to CBG the causer of illness in my child’s body —
    since it really isn’t your fault, i promise i won’t be more than ‘a little bit scary’ when i explain the immune system rules. see you this wkend — do you know you live AROUND THE CORNER from her broham’s event!!!

  • Danny

    to yo momma:the event is about 100 yards from by back door.(seriously)
    looking forword to seeing everyone again.Its way over due…

  • Two shots of Jack Daniels with hot water ..call me in the morning….get well soon young lady..:)

  • Well, if you’re going to get sick, at least have fun doing it.

  • Meleah


    LOL. I love you


    Damn skippy

    Chef Mom:

    Oh the details will be revealed VERY shortly. Now that I am heavily medicated and highly caffinated I have the URGE to write The Reunion Post!!

    I hope that by later tonight I will be able to make it around blogsville…I miss my people!


    Thanks. Me too.

    Mommy & Danny:

    I love that the two of you are chatting it up…ya’ll need to exchange email addresses. I cant wait for this upcoming weekend, Danny’s going to get to see almost everyone!!


    Now thats a medication I can LIVE with! xxoo


    I sure as hell did!

  • olly

    I hate when that happens(LOL)!
    Get some rest SweetCheeks.

  • Meleah

    I got my antibiotics today…started them tonight.

    Thanks Olly.

  • We all had that here in my family!!!! Get lots of rest and orange juice! 🙂

  • Please get well soon. Hope your breathing isn’t too bad with the bronchitis – that can be stressful. Thinking of you!

  • FV

    My dear Mel,

    Get some rest and let everyone else worry about life. You need to gather your strenght back so get some rest please.
    I suffer from Bronchital Asthma so I know all about bronchitis, I get them at least 2 times a year,. You will be fine hun, but you have to listen to yourself and really take care of your body.

    Anything you need, just ask!



  • Meleah


    I guess this is really going around. I wish I could drink OJ. Food Allergies+Ulcer+OJ=Big Fat No. (which blows!)


    I HATE being sick. HATE. I hate being so cloudy headed, that I cant even think. Im too tired to function, but too awake to sleep….ANNOYING.


    Thank you so much!!

  • Get well soon, it sucks being sick!

  • I love you too! Mmmmmm-wah! (Washing tongue off now!)

    Let me know if you need any support babe…that’s what I’m here for! Hope you are back in the SCHWING of things SOON! 🙂

  • Meleah


    Thank you. Yes It does. I hate the BRAIN FOG the worst.



    SCHWING….hahahaha (hacking up a lung from laughing)

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