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Thanksgiving O6 with Poppa Sye

Well…I suck at making movies (for now) but, THIS IS THE FIRST ONE I EVER MADE… MANY apologies for the REALLY bad editing…Since I have no I dea “how to” edit…(yet) also, there is one “scene” when the movie was still running and I didn’t know…I ment to cut the clip but it kept recording…so,there will be BLACK screen with commentary ONLY…(there is very poor sound quality, especailly during the blacked out scene) but I do say, “I will keep this family togther even if I have to do it over the internet.” The black screen is up for a few moments, but then the movie returns…anyway this movie is for MY FAMILY (especailly my MOM and DAD who are AWAY in FLA and CANT SEE US today… well, now you guys CAN see US. I LOVE YOU!!!PS: clearly I am not dressed / made up for a video apperance, but… who cares…

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  • Anonymous

    OLLY has sent you a link to a weblog:

    That’s too funny Game’s on i’ll double back later
    your a good egg mel and sye’s not the least bit shy either hey!!!


    Dear Readers,

    Please capitalize Syes name, as he is of utmost importance.

    Thank you,
    Anyone that knows and loves Sye

    Also I would like to say that this video was great, I enjoyed JCH commenting on Syes ordering drama, and Syes monologue.


    You were adorable too.

  • meleah rebeccah

    thank you both! happy holidays

  • Anonymous

    I saw your ‘film’ and gave it 2 thumbs up. Very, very sweet and pretty entertaining,


  • Anonymous

    What a scream – you’re all growed up and I can hear you too! What a long way we’ve come since chasing new guys down as they peeping tommed the girls dorms. (Did the admin ever decide to put some friggin drapes up? Sheesh!) This was so cool to get to hear and see you! You son is a chip off the old block if I do say so myself! He’s got your eye roll down pat!

    As a woman who will only cook if 10 or more people are coming over, you are my total hero! Next year I too will spend the holiday in a diner! Much better than being trapped in Santa Rosa with my born again christian brother and a room full of my aunt’s unhappily married 40 something friends. I think my head will explode if I have to explain one more time that I’m happily single at 35, that I’m having a blast, that I don’t want to get married and have kids and settle down into the hell they call every day life. On the upside, the wine was excellent…


  • meleah rebeccah

    Oh Monica!! ….AGREED! 32 and HAPPILY single, and hell yes bring on the DINER.

    JCH is JUST like me (scary!) he looks like his father and acts just like me… oh boy, people are in trouble when he grows up!

    I MISS YOU!!

    and good wine helps ALL!!

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