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Thanksgiving 2011 – THE MOVIE

Okay, people!

I can’t even begin to tell you what a fantastic Thanksgiving I had.

So, instead, I’ll just show you.


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  • Rockin’ the house DOWN! You guys have the moves, that’s for sure. So how much does it cost to get into Club Hawthorne? And do you let just anybody in? Cuz I’m not sure I can complete with that.

    So awesome. Thanks for making that video and I’m glad you had such a great Thanksgiving, girl!

  • Thank you, Kathy!

    And EVERYONE is welcome UP IN HERE!


  • I watched this on Facebook. You are obviously all having lots of fun!  It reminds me of our family when we were all a bit younger 🙂

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Babs!

  • Lyndadesordi

    Omg!!! I can’t stop laughing!!! What a great video!!! Rick and Ron were just too funny!!! Your Mom looks fantastic! <3

  • Nice moves Meleah, loved the video – family get togethers rock 🙂

  • Awwwwww!

    Thanks Aunt Lynda!


  • We sure do laugh a lot.
    And dance a lot.


  • Silverneurotic

    That’s so funny, your family is awesome.

  • Thanks, Nik!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  • Ron



    OMG Meleah, this video was freakin’  faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!

    Okay, one of these days I HAVE to meet your family because I know that I would SO enjoy rocking out with them! You guys TRULY know how to have a good time!

    I HOWLED at you grabbing your crotch – bwhahahahahahahahaahahaha!

    You GO, girl!

    So glad to see that you and your family had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

    Thanks so much for sharing! LOVED it!


  • Ron…

    Oh, you just *have to* attend one of my Family Functions!


  • OMG! I literally just peed myself. I can’t dance for shit (as you know!) but can I still be adopted into the family? It looks like you all had SO much fun!!

  • Ron

    You bet!

    And I’ll even bring a bottle of wine!


  • We all need that after Thanksgiving dinner!  Looks like you guys had a blast.  Ours was much more sedate. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Now that is one kicking Thanksgiving party.  I can see where the dance genes run in that family.  I loved the way you busta move there, Mel.  Getting ready for next season’s Dancing with the Stars, I presume.  I especially love how you were dying in the corner.  

    Thanks for sharing the latest dance video from the Hawthorne posse.  

  • Ha ha ha! I loved it! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Hope the rest of the weekend is going great!

  • You already ARE adopted into my family, Nicky!

  • Yippppeeeeeeeeee!

  • We can get pretty out of hand!

  • Oh, but that’s half the fun!!!

  • My Uncle Rick & I were SO hysterical over my father.
    He was acting all serious ­ like he wanted to win he competition. Or like he was auditioning for Broadway.
    We could NOT even handle it.

  • Thanks, Marty!

  • Absolutely!

  • Fantastic!!!  Phi and I were grooving right along.  🙂  What fun.  

  • Yay! I’m glad even Phi liked it!

  • Jay

    Your family look SO much fun, Meleah!  And was that someone dancing on the table, near the beginning?  ROFL!!

    I’m glad to see you all enjoying yourselves so much.  😀

  • Thanks, Jay!
    And yes, that was someone dancing on the table!

  • How fun!  Everybody got into it, but that little girl with the long hair is like a human energizer bunny!  What a cool video!  

  • That’s Jordan. And she NEVER stops!

  • Lucy

    Oh, my God, I loved this, talk about fun, you guys looked like you had a blast!!

  • That was AMAZING! Your family sure knows how to dance! And I think I’m going to need a dance game for my Wii before the next family function!

  • Selma

    Pimp daddy in da house. He’s got all the moves. I loved the little girl with the long hair – she was a fantastic dancer. It always makes me happy to see what a beautiful family you have. You are all awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Give me a P! An A! A J-A-M-A J-E-A-N-S! what’s that spell? Pajama Jeans! Goooo team! Sorry, I couldn’t resist, Looks like a wonderful day. Happy Thanksgiving. 

  • xoxoxo

  • Terri ­ OMFG!!

    You totally NEED it!


  • Thanks, Selma.

    Her name is Jordan.
    And she NEVER stops!


  • HOLLA!!!!

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  • It looks like such a fun time.  By the way, you are a great dancer (although I’m not sure why you kept grabbing your crotch). Your family looks like a lot of fun.

  • Oh – HA!

    We were dancing to Michael Jackson’s “IM BAD” on the Wii.
    Those were the moves we were supposed to make!

  • Anonymous

    So, I have now watched this movie about 15 times (I have to keep sharing it), each time laughing so hard it hurts.  Your family is so much fun! I need to come live in your basement for a while : )

    And now I am off to the main page so I can have it ready the next time I need a good laugh. 🙂

  • Oh Mo!!

    Yes, please come to NJ and hang out with us!!


  • HA!!  That is awesome.  Your dad cracks me up.

    We probably need to get a game like that for large get-togethers.  We don’t have a Wii, but we have one of those X-Box Kinect things.  I’m sure they have something similar.

  • They DO have something for the XBOX.
    And you don’t even need to use the controller.

    And ­ I highly recommend getting your family to do this.
    So. Much. Fun.

  • Jules

    That looks like a ton of fun!!!!!

  • It sure IS!
    You & Mike need to get this for the XBOX!

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