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Tagged Results (part two)

Thanks to W for Wonder for the tag. I have to list 5-10 songs that have impacted my life, and the reason why. Then tag 5 other people.

Hmm…(this one was a lot harder than I thought it would be.)

1. Can You Hear Me Knocking – Rolling Stones: I have so many good memories that surround the Rolling Stones. But this song in particular reminds of me an old best friend I had during my adolescent years, who is no longer a part of my life. But I miss him dearly. One day, I will write a post all about him.
2. Vienna & She’s Always A Woman To MeBilly Joel: My mother dedicated both of these songs to me on my 17th birthday. I had been missing in action for quite some time, and when I was finally settled somewhere long enough for her to mail me something, she sent me this CD. Enclosed was a letter specifying those two songs, because the lyrics so adequately described me.
3. You So Vain – Carly Simon: because I am.
4. Take Me As I Am – Mary J. Blidge: because you should, it’s my theme song. Here’s my video.
5. Cold Play – Fix You: Because it makes me cry. Every time.
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon and Garfunkle: because it is my song dedicated to my little brother Adam, and because it was Tom Galup’s song to me. (Tom Galup is the same man referenced in song number one in this list).
7. He’s Gone – The Grateful Dead: well, every.single. dead song means so much to me, (having been on tour) so I just picked one.
8. What Is This Thing Called Love: Gwyneth Paltrow: the song is a 40’s throw back, and I love that. Plus it is in the movie Infamous, which is about my favorite writer ever. Truman Capote. (and I made this movie myself, Three Men and A Chandelier, with this song).
9. Summertime – Janis Joplin: (VIDEO BONUS) because that was the song my mother sang to me as my lullaby when I was a baby.
10. Music – Madonna : I have been a Madonna fan since I was in 4th grade, my first albumn ever was Material Girl.
11. Anything RAP or HIP HOP…well, almost anything. (because sometimes, a girl needs a little ghetto in her life)

There are soooo many more, I could probably do a list of 100 songs, at least but, I already broke the rules when I threw in number 11!

And again, I don’t know which of my blogging friends hasn’t already been tagged by this, since I have seen this one around. So, if you haven’t already been tagged, consider yourself tagged by me. Just link back and let me know you.

*speaking of reminiscing, do any of ya’ll remember the game show in the 70’s MATCH GAME?

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  • Great list! “She’s always a woman” and “Bridge over troubled water” are two of my favourite songs. I love Billy Joel and the lyrics to that song are beautiful. Also, Art Garfunkel’s voice couldn’t be sweeter.
    I can’t watch the videos atm so I’ll try again later.
    Take care and thanks for playing 😉

  • I was in a workshop with Billy Joel a while back. I remember it because someone asked about, I’ll just say something specific in, his personal life. I remember it as him telling the guy to go fuck himself, but I think that’s my memory because that’s one of my favorite phrases. It might of been mind your own fucking business. Either way, it was funny as hell.

    Take Me As I Am: I’d never heard that song before, but I’ve heard some of Mary J. Blidge’s stuff. Good song.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is cute when she tries to sing, but after a while I kind of wish she would stop.

    I can’t listen to Summertime anymore. I dated someone that sang a version of this that made me cry. Mainly because I had to listen to it. I left town shortly afterward.

  • I love “Vienna”. The Stranger was such a great album. …or was it on 52nd Street. Either way, great song!

    “Fix You” is amazing too. Powerful.

    Great job!

  • Meleah

    Wonder: I am so glad you tagged me for this!

    Greg: You are soooo fucking funny. I cant stand it. “I can’t listen to Summertime anymore. I dated someone that sang a version of this that made me cry. Mainly because I had to listen to it. I left town shortly afterward.” I am D-Y-I-N-G. Left town…. HA HA HA HA….

    Holly: Thanks doll!

  • I love Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Diamonds on the souls of her shoes’ … actually I love all their songs…

  • Meleah

    RANDOM: mee too…. (I am so un-cool)

  • FV


    You are totally COOL!!!! hey anyone who listens to the rolling stones and or Janis is one cool individual.


  • Dan

    Amazing how much I missed when I havent been around in awhile. Prob not the right post to comment, but what the hell. Congrats on the new site and hope Ev items are doing well for you. Im finially caught up with the damn house so I can devote more time to reading more oyur posts


  • Meleah

    Aww… DAN! You can comment on any post! (glad to see you’re still here!) Missed you!

    FV: yes, yes…yes I am cool. very. cool.

  • Hey never knew Gwyneth Paltrow could sing! Wonder when she will cut an album with Cold Play 🙂

  • Oh I love Madonna too!!
    I have mimicked her every move and chameleon change!!!

    I would love to do this meme, but fear it would take me through days and weeks and almost into a year. Music is such an important part of my life and so integral to who I am, I fear I could never condense it to 10.
    But I think I will give it a try!!
    Great list!


  • Meleah

    Oh Minx!: It would be WONDERFUL if you did this meme. It is HARD to do … (most of us have broken or bent the rules) since music is so powerful! looking forward to seeing it!

  • Hey there. You visited my blog a while back …so I’m returning the favor. I loved your movie to the Ms. Blige track….Admiring your camera confidence….I need to be tranquilized for any pictures ‘cuz I’m not doing it willingly!

  • My earliest memory of a favorite song is Yellow Submarine. I was three years old when the song was released and I think it formed for the rest of my life.

  • Meleah

    Micki: The Beatles are currently shaping my son’s life!

  • FV

    Did anyone said BEATLES????

    I was camping one day with my brother and my parents, and suddenly I heard Lucy in the sky with diamonds and OM freaking Gawdd. I almost dropped dead. What a song!!! (totally psychidelic) but nevertheless it is a great song. From then on I started to listen to the BEATLES, they are my fav and going to see Paul in concert 4 times in the last 6 years just made my life much happier. If anyone has a chance to see Paul in concert by all means do so. He is one hell of a singer and he still sings those high notes like the golden days.
    I hope he goes on tour again soon!

  • Loz

    Thanks for playing Mel. You know what I find amazing about these lists is that despite the fact that people are thousands of miles apart, music can unify the world.

  • There sure is a ho-lotta tagging going on. Great list of songs — You’re so vain is a favorite. Am I vain. Sheesh — if you could see me now. Three am — still haven’t been to bed. Ugh.

  • Meleah

    LOZ: Hey! Nice to “meet you” THANKS for starting such a COOL Music Tag. (and I was lucky enough to participate!)

    I see you like the same bloggers as I do, I will have to spend some time on your pages to get to know you better!

    Kellypea.. yes, I am all memed / tagged OUT (for awhile)

  • Meleah

    Some Girl: Thank you, it was really HARD to make a VIDEO of myself, and who says I WASN’T tranquilized in those pictures!

    (glad you dropped by)

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