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Tagged Results (part one)

By Bowrag. I am supposed to list 8 ‘unknown’ facts about me, and then tag 8 people. So, here goes. Some of items on this list you guys may or may not already know…

1. I am loud. I don’t know why, and I can’t seem to control it. I wish I could speak quieter. I have tried to communicate in all kinds of different tones, but, my voice is about 5 times the volume of a normal person. I guess I need a lot more to practice? I think I am so loud because I am hard of hearing, but of course I haven’t had that checked out.
2. I am very forgetful. If I don’t write it down I will not remember it. (That includes all birthdays, and anniversaries).
3. I followed the Grateful Dead on tour during the ages 16-17.
4. I have Crohn’s disease. I use at least one whole roll of TP a day, along with a box of babywipes.
5. I drive too fast. But I have gotten much better. I have reduced the number of points on my drivers license from 21 points down to 7.
6. When I was 12 – I was sent to Carrier Foundation. There is a long story which informs my stay at the hospital, but I am not getting into that right now.
7. When I was 13 – I was sent to a private boarding school, Cascade, in Whitmore CA. (This was a “special” school. A school that outsiders might consider a cult) I graduated a year early. (there are no links or internet information about the school since it has been shut down / closed / sold).
8. I have three tattoos; one of which was homemade and I HATE it, another one was homemade but I LOVE it, and the last tattoo is the reason I will never drink tequila again.

Now, I don’t know which of my blogging friends hasn’t already been tagged by this, since I have seen this one around. So, if you haven’t already been tagged, consider yourself tagged by me. Just link back and let me know you decided to play along!

* I am working on W for Wonders music meme, but that one takes a little more thought and a lot more detail to finish! should be up by tomorrow!*

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  • FV

    mmmmm Let’s see….

    My birthday is August 12th ( not too shabby for an old guy to remember his birthday right?)

    I have one tatoo, not many have seen it not many will..(its a running man tattoo).

    When I was 6 I burned my parents bed and mom released her anger in more ways than one. when I was 13 I got into my very first fight, it was the first time I broke someone elses nose. (no charges were placed upon me). That’s it Mel., I can go on but that will take for me to write another blog which I won’t be doing until after my Triathlon in 4 weeks.


  • Good stuff… What are the homemade tats? You must elabortate.

  • Meleah

    Bowrag: oh man…. okay, alright. Well, I have a homemade peace sign on my left forearm. That’s the one I HATE. it was done, by me, while on LSD in the parking lot of a DEAD show at the age of 16.

    (nothing makes me more self conscious on a daily basis than the presence and rather noticeable location of this tattoo on my arm.. I usually wear bad-aids over it during the summer months to conceal its existance, but then I get alot of questions like, “what happened to your arm”)

    I have another homemade tattoo, it is a small less obvious, butterfly on the inside of my left ankle ( I love THIS one, because it was done, my be, while living in NC with my old teenage best friend -who I will also referenced to into the soon to be posted music meme)

    and the tequila tattoo, well, that one I might keep a secret, or take to my grave. (THE SHAME!) just trust me when I say it is BAD and very, very, very EMBARRASSING.

    FV: Thanks for sharing.

  • what do you have exit only tattooed on your ass?????

  • FV

    How bad can a tattoo be??? even if its in a place which you won’t want to mention.

    share Meleah, share 😀


  • I feel cheated. I already knew at least 3 of those facts, so you’ll have to send me 3 more. Thanks.

    Other than bodily damage, I don’t have any tattoos or non-natural marks. I don’t even wear jewelry, not even a watch. I carried a pocket watch around occasionally like a train conductor, until I switched to cell phones.

  • 🙂 You finished the butterfly? Sweet. You started that one in my apartment in Santa Barbara.

  • Meleah

    Paisley: no not THAT bad, but it is located on my right butt cheek

    FV: No.Way.

    Leslie: yes! I did! (and that is the one I love cuz the memories of US that are involved)

    Greg: damn you. and okay. hmm…

    1. I shave my arm hair (I am really anti-body hair)

    2. I once broke up with a guy because he had too much body hair (see, I am really anti-body hair)

    3. I was in two car accidents in two days in a row.

  • So you’re looking for the Mr. Clean type (the guy from the household cleaner bottle)? That should put a pep in the step of balding men everywhere. Burn victims also tend not to have very much body hair. So you’re more an Uncle Fester than a Cousin It type, huh?

  • Meleah

    Greg: UM. NO! not that extreme…. but I can’t with “ape people”. I just cant!

    (I am not that big of a fan of baldies either, you have to be able to pull that look off, like Woody Harrleson, or Bruce Willis) 🙂

  • LOL…my daugter tells me if I spoke in a more normal tone she actually might listen to me. yeah right!

  • Meleah

    Dawn: 🙂 teenagers….ugh!

  • I am fascinated by the “horrendous tattoo”…!! Please share..
    Tequila really is the Devil.

    My friend Caroline has Crohn’s disease..It is a horrid thing isn’t it…she is often out of action.

    I also drive too fast – and am often consumed with road rage – that’s when I’m loud, with my trusty horn!!


  • Meleah

    MINX: I will only divulge this answer, for you (and our girly crushes) oh fine!

    I have a tattoo on my right butt cheek, that I received in TiJauanna Mexico, at the age of 17 years old. It is 3 feathers that have since been lasered (in the middle of tattoo removal process) so all the color from the feathers have been lifted, leaving only the outline, and then, scribbled across the feathers is this horrific statement:

    “Little Miss Nasty”

    Like I said, why I will NEVER drink tequila again. EVER. I have not had a drop in 15 years!

    Crohn’s knocks me on my ass OFTEN. Some days, I can’t go to work, or leave the bathroom at all. It’s fucking annoying. (and I am always starving, because sometimes I am too scared to eat, so if I don’t eat, I wont have to go though one of the CD episodes that are the WORST.) and that’s just the beginning. I should probably write a post about it, but who really wants to hear about THAT.

    and driving fast is SUCH an aphrodisiac.

  • Oh dear…Little Miss Nasty…
    you poor poor darling.
    I bet that can’t be lasered off quick enough!!!

    Funnily enough, my 17 year old arrived home after a night on the plonk with a tattoo of Zytar (a little known character from Futurama) on his own right butt cheek…

    Tequila is nasty stuff isn’t it!!
    It has been responisble for some of my most truly horrendous episodes.

    Yes, like you, poor Caroline is often in the doldrums with her Crohns. She is such a fashionista and is always up for a laugh but it has come in the way of many a plan we’ve made. When an attack strikes it knocks her over. It is vicious and debilitating.
    I feel so bad for both of you. xx

    However, I get the impression it doesn’t stop you from much, Meleah!!
    You have a vibrant and indomitable spirit, darling, that is deliciously devilish and daring!!

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