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I bring to you a Meme.  I was tagged by Roshan @ Awake & Dreaming.

Five Things You Were Doing 10 Years Ago?
Tending Bar & Swinging On Poles
Drinking Heavily & Abusing Drugs
Abandoning All Of My Personal Morals
Getting Sucked In And Sucked Under The Fantasy
Drowning In The Abyss

Five Things On My To-Do List Today?

Go To My IOP Class
Take My Medication
Check My Emails
Post This Blog
Read Your Blogs

Five Places I Have Traveled?

North Carolina
Dominican Republic

Five Snacks Or Treats I Enjoy?
Rice Crackers
Coffee Ice Cream
(and that’s about it…I don’t have too many snack ‘options’)

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?
Secure My Son’s Future
Buy My Home
Pay Off All Of My Parents Debt So They Can Retire And Live Stress Free & Comfortably Forever
Buy A Decent Car
Write All Day

Five Of My Bad Habits?
Talking Too Loud
Putting My Foot In My Mouth
Smoking Cigarettes
Obsessive Hair Twirling
Being Late All The Time

Five Places I Have Lived?
New Jersey
North Carolina

Five Jobs I’ve Had?

Mc Donald’s
Macy’s Domestic Department
Bath & Body Works
Insurance Agent

Five People I Tag (optional of course)

Breathe With Me
Chef Mom
Courtney Ryan
Hiding In Public
Sinner Viewer

Come On People. Tell Me In The Comments. What’s In Your Five?

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  • Your awake? I though that I was the only night Owl around. I just posted something too.

    You lived at all those places? Wow!

  • My Five would should and scare your readers. That was great. Have a great day.

  • Re: “Five Things On My To Do List Today?

    Post This Blog
    Read Your Blogs”

    Yeah… You’re a BLOG-A-HOLIC!

  • Jay

    Mmm … coffee ice cream! YUM!

    Wow, you’ve been a stripper and pole dancer? I’m going to check out that link, because I’m curious as to what that is actually like to do. It sounds kind of glamorous and a whole lot of No Fun At All at the same time.

    I can see how it wouldn’t be that great for your self-esteem …

    You’ve certainly travelled around, too – I think we need to hear more about the Dominican Republic. Oh – you have a link for that too! Excellent! 🙂

  • Meleah

    Yeah I sure have lived all over.
    I pre-wrote this at night so that it shows up before I am really awake.

    The Girl You DO Bring Home to Momma:
    Oh Come On! You can tell me!!

    Ricardo B:
    Yes I Am.

    You can click the link to the DR and see all the photos.
    You can click the link to that time in my life….but that’s just my two shitty rough drafts of chapter 1 & 2. REVISED edition to follow. Its way too much to explain in a little old comment. Thus needing to write it as a book!

  • Love the texture of your meme, of your past.

  • Interesting reading.. reminds me I was tagged for this one but I’m really having difficulty doing it..

  • The five great things I know about Meleah:
    1. You respond to every comment here – it brings me back every time.
    2. You visit my site, comment, and really add to the discussion.
    3. You speak from the heart.
    4. You are not afraid to be real in what you write.
    5. You are one awesome lady!

    That’s what’s in my five…

  • You are an amazing woman and I just love ya to death!

  • Ditto what Lance said!

  • Just when I thought I knew you… DAMN, Grrl! Okay, I’ll take this and run with it in my post tomorrow.


  • I’m in danger of snapping my neck, cause I’m agreeing with Lance & Employee No. 3699 & nodding my head profusely! What always shines through in this blog & her comments is that Meleah is an awesome lady with more character in her pinky finger than most people have in their entire body. She has spunk, she has zest, she has vigour, she is honest & sincere —–and you got to admit she is hot! I have suggested that she change her blog title to Momma Mia Hot Mamma!!

    Seriously Meleah, I love u! Thru & thru.

  • Wow. Is Lance single?!

  • I agree with Lance as well, all except #2 cause I don’t think you’ve visited me. Understnadable, tho – you’ve obviously got thousands of others that you visit & there’s only so much time in the day… 😉

  • Oh no!!! “UnderstNAdable”????? WTF is wrong with me???


  • Boy, when you get through this, you’ve got to work on that Five Favorite Treats list…is that why you are so damn skinny? I know, bad joke.

    I’ll be ready for your edits. Maybe that will put a fire under my ass too…


  • what are rice crackers?

  • All right, here it goes:

    10 Years Ago: 1. Raising two little girls 2. Abusing drugs also 3. Living in Maryland 4. Working for a company I hated 5. Missing my family

    Five Things to do on my list today: 1. Be productive at work 2. Stop sending impulsive emails starting right now 3. Read my favorite blogs 4. Try not to kill my husband 5. Watch the Phillies game

    Traveled: 1. Jamaica 2. Pittsburgh 3. Maryland 4. Georgia 5. York, PA

    Snacks I enjoy: 1. BBQ chips 2. anything chocolate 3. cookies 4. jolly ranchers 5. gum

    If I were a billionaire: 1. divorce my husband 2. Payoff my house and my sisters and mom’s houses 3. Quit my job 4. Move away were no one knows me 5. Volunteer to worthy causes

    Bad Habits: 1. Smoking pot and cigaraettes 2. Sending impluse emails 3. Cursing like a truck driver 4. Staying married 5. biting my nails

    Lived: 1. Pennsylvania 2. New Jersey 3. Maryland 4. Georgia

    that’s it, I cleaned up a bit for ya, Meleah.

  • cmk

    10 years ago:
    1. getting along reasonably well with my family
    2. enjoying my youngest just starting high school
    3. superintendent of our church Sunday school
    4. learning to be a grandmother
    5. obsessing over the coming holidays

    5 things on my to do list:
    1. watch the Red Wings game tonight
    2. go shopping
    3. clean up the house–as I do every day
    4. change the bedding
    5. bide my time doing whatever till the game starts–it’s a west coast game, so it starts late

    5 places I have traveled:
    1. South Carolina
    2. Florida
    3. Las Vegas
    4. Chicago
    5. Minneapolis/St Paul

    5 snacks I enjoy:
    1. junk food
    2. junk food
    3. junk food
    4. junk food
    5. chocolate

    5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
    1. give to favorite charities
    2. secure my children’s and grandchildren’s futures
    3. insist on my hubby retiring–like I would HAVE to insist
    4. buy my dream home
    5. buy the vehicles I want–including a ’72, black Sting Ray

    5 of my bad habits:
    1. junk food
    2. bad sleeping habits
    3. talking hockey to people that JUST DON’T CARE
    4. drinking too much Coke
    5. not exercising

    5 places I have lived:
    1, 2, and 3: three towns within 5 miles of each other
    4. Charleston, South Carolina
    5. the town I live now–have been here for 30+ years

    5 jobs I’ve had:
    1. teacher’s aid to mentally and emotionally handicapped
    2. dental assistant
    3. teacher’s aid to reading teacher
    4. wife
    5. mother

    There you go–my life in a nutshell. Not much to look at, but it has been pretty good. 🙂

  • Meleah

    Thank You.

    Lady Banana:
    It’s not that hard!
    C’mon. you can do it!

    Okay. You Rule.
    I don’t even know what to say!
    I cannot thank you enough for those kind words.
    They really brought tears to my eyes.

    I love you back.

    Employee No3699:
    Why thank you. I do my best.
    I’m glad to know my ‘blogging community’ feels this way about me.
    This is so flattering and overwhelming.
    And MADE MY DAY.

    Sweet. Thanks lova.

    Awwww….Thank you.
    Your making me *BLUSH* over here!

    Momo Fali:
    I don’t know. I wish. But, I doubt it.
    All the good ones are taken!
    (but lets find out just to be sure….)

    I promise to get over to your site.
    Ive been crazy busy these last few days.

    Random Chick:
    I really need your help.
    This weekend come hell or high water I am finishing the re-write of chpt1, based on your notes/grammar. I cant wait for you to see the ‘finished product’

    Heather One Shot:
    Crackers made out of rice.
    They are available @ Wholefoods & Wegmans.
    They are not as awful as rice cakes. Those are just nasty.

    The Girl You Do Bring Home to Momma:
    You did it.
    And see…. that was NOT so scary.
    Oh “impulsive emails” can be funny.

    So I’m guessing you like junk food?

  • See – I’m back! You do that – bring be back…

    And…I am married (happily)…

    Your welcome Meleah – and I really, deep down, meant every word…continue to be awesome!

  • cmk

    Hey, if you SAW me you would KNOW how much I like junk food. 😉

  • You’ve come a long way in 10 years! It’s a great achievement, you should be proud of yourself.

    10 years ago I had a full time job with full benefits. I wasn’t that much into debt. I didn’t have depression issues. I was closer to my family. Meleah, I’m going in the wrong direction!!! I’ve been slowly losing ground ever since my father died & I’ve had depression issues. It’s dragged my whole life down. I didn’t realize how much until this Meme. Wow! Ain’t that a kick in the head? ;o(

  • Meleah

    I knew you were married!
    Still, thank you so much for your words.

    Aw, honey!
    I bet you are NOT as HALF as bad as YOU think you are.

    I’m not all roses and peaches over here honey.
    but this meme was good for me to see how much my life has changed/improved.

  • dcr

    I don’t know about anyone else, but Lincoln is on my fives.

  • The things you would do if you were a billionaire… pretty much everything I would do!! God it’d be great if I could write ALL the time!!

  • Your history and life changes mirror my own quite a bit … cept` for the hair twirling.

  • Meleah

    Ha ha ha
    That was a GREAT answer

    Yes. Thats my DREAM


    Somehow I can imagine you hair twirling.

  • You had me at number one – Tending Bar & Swinging On Poles 🙂

  • Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
    Met my husband
    Moved out of my parents house
    Used to dye my hair
    Was in a hurry to grow up

    Five things on my to do list today:
    Organize the hall closet
    Time to dust the living room
    Keep up with the two groups I started on twitter moms
    Read my friends blogs

    Five Places I have traveled:

    Five Snacks or Treats I enjoy:
    Anything Chocolate

    Five Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:
    Also secure my son’s future.
    Pay off my house
    Never work again
    Travel the world
    Buy my mom a house, always told her I would but sadly have not been able to.

    Five of my Bad Habits:
    Bitting my nails
    Also Twirling my hair
    Also being late for everything
    Over thinking things
    Putting ketchup on my refried beans. lol!

    Five Jobs I’ve had:
    Manager at Sprint
    Currently working on my third job, working at a bank.

    This was fun!

  • Meleah

    Gee. What a surprise!
    just kidding

    You are awesome for playing along.
    *we have some bad habits!*
    I am SOOO glad I *met* you on Twitter & Twitter Moms!

  • Five Things You Were Doing 10 Years Ago?
    Preparing for my DREADED 10 yr high school reunion
    Living sober
    Going thru a very bad break up
    …and that was the beginning of things looking up!!!

    Five Places I’ve Been?
    New Zealand

    Five of my bad habits?
    Swearing like a sailor
    Talks too much/too loud
    Piles of papers EVERYWHERE

    Five things I like to snack on?
    Wasabi Peas
    Gummi Bears
    Gummin Cola Bottles

    Five Places I’ve Lived?

    Five Jobs I’ve Had?
    USAF (Air Defense Controller)
    Cake Designer
    Waitress at Strip Club
    Mortgage Biz

    Not sure about the Billionaire question or the To Do list…Hmmm, perhaps there is a correlation there…No to do list, no money.

    Great post

  • Roshan has tagged me too so I guess I’d better get around to doing it. I also agree with Lance. You are always very welcoming and just so kind and supportive. I think you make all your readers feel that each one of us is important to you. And that is a wonderful thing. Thank you, hon. You are the best!

  • I still don’t know what a “meme” is. Do I want one? Should I be offended that I haven’t gotten one? 🙂

  • Meleah

    Wow. Thank you for playing,
    You’ve visited some KICK ASS places.
    And, you’ve had some cool jobs!
    Are you a full-time WRITER now?

    Oh cool. I cant wait to see your answers!
    “I think you make all your readers feel that each one of us is important to you.”
    Thats because YOU ALL ARE!

    Dave Q:
    A meme is a series of questions that one bloggers starts and passes on by tagging other bloggers to answer them. No need to be offended if you’ve never been asked to participate in one.

    In fact, I tag you now.

    Simply answer all of these questions on YOUR blog, with a link by to my blog as to why you are doing this meme.

  • I love reading this one when other people do it. Hate doing it myself. I’ve lived a sheltered live and find it hard to come up with 5 things for most of those questions.

  • Whaaattttt? Sue me then 🙂 We do have this in common – Putting My Foot In My Mouth, lol

  • Meleah

    Really? Maybe we can come up with different questions for you?


    xxoo xxoo
    I was just playin’ with you.

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