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Still Sick, and Back to Work?

UM … okay, I went to bed last night at 930pm. I slept until 4pm today. That’s 19 hours of sleep in one clip. (and I am still tired.) I’ve slept like that all week. 19 hours, 12 hours, 17 hours. (in.a.row.) I’m just so weak, sick and tired.


Since today is my last day of rest (before I go back to the office and try working again) I will not clean, I will not do laundry, I will not feel bad for accomplishing NOT.A.SINGLE.FUCKING.THING. in 10 days.

(yeah right! I am currently plauged with guilt, for being incapable of doing anything, and pissed off for feeling like I have “wasted time” in bed. because g-d forbid, I lay still and get well. I am fucked up like that.)

I will drink tea, I will stay in bed and I will watch the SAG awards until I go back to sleep tonight (hopefully by 9-10pm).

How am I ever going to go back to the office? Handle the amount of work that awaits me? Although I am looking forward to showering, and dressing like a REAL human again. ( I am nervous that I won’t be able to do a GOOD JOB…when I return, because I still cant manage to be awake longer than two-three hours without needing a 17 hour “nap”.) I HAVE OVER 700 EMAILS TO ANSWER, and at least 7 accounts to bind. DON’T I NEED ONE FULL 24 HOUR SPAN (in.a.row) OF FEEILING HEALTHY BEFORE GOING BACK TO WORK AGAIN?

Nah. I’ll just rest tonight. Maybe going back into the office will make me feel better? At least I wont be depressed anymore, because I will be forced to be a productive person again.

By some miracle / or the grace of g-d, I have to feel better by 6am tomorrow morning.

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    i wish you luck.
    just dont forget that
    stress makes your disease worse.

    and please….for the love of god…


  • Drama Div@

    my day is okay but me… not okay
    so busy PMS’ing….

  • meleah rebeccah

    pms is the worst!

  • meleah rebeccah

    thanks for the luck
    now….how about a new immune system?

    i will read all labels from now on

    i just wish i wasnt so “fragile”

    i wish evey little thing didnt practically kill me, or at least knock me on my ass so i cant function

    im off to work my 1st day in a week… i will move / act / be “robotic” and get through as much as i can.

    i only have to hands right?

  • Anonymous

    Stopped by your blog the other day, sorry you have been so sick, I trust you are better by the time you are reading this, at least I hope so. My girls and DH were sick last week and I missed some work to stay home and take care of everyone, boy did my girls love all the extra attention! I however, am glad to be back to normal (and back in school!)

    Great job on the 4 a day thing!


  • meleah rebeccah

    HEY WOW… I figuered all the QNET peeps has abandoned the 4 a day girl (me)


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