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Still Here.

Still home. Stuck home. Still can’t leave. Sigh….

My father asked me to please call my doctor and verify that I was able to return to work. This day (today) being the 7th day since the itchy-spots took over my body. My doctor said that it would be wise for me to stay home until Monday to play it safe.

Cmon! Are you kidding me? I cant stand being in the house for this many days….alone! I have never wanted to see another human being in all my life!

So, here I am, home, further wallowing in anxiety about my return to my office being postponed until Monday.

I have cleaned the house, done all the laundry and dishes. I have written a million posts. I have finished / submitted my test article for another freelance writer position. I have read a good book. I did all the work I could for the office from home.

And now…. I am running out of ideas as to what to do with myself!

I wonder? If I can at least get in my car and go for a long drive….with all of the windows down and my music turned up. I wont get out of my car or go anywhere public…I have to get out of my house. I am loosing my mind.

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  • TV? Netflix? I know it’s lame, but at least Alec Baldwin will be there with you 🙂

  • You have been home alone all damn week and haven’t CALLED me? Hello??? I’m always here in the daytime, chica. 😉 Call or email or IM anytime…

  • Meleah

    Mother Hen: mmmmmmmmm.. Alec, good call ( Thats what I need, some Alec!)

    Leslie: I am sooo fucking depressed.

  • if you havent already…. “get in your car and drive!!!!!!”

    it cant possibly hurt… adn i think you’ll feel a lot better


    hi monkey.

  • xoxoxoxoxoxox HUGS xoxoxoxoxo

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