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This blog is closed temporarily – due to severe illness.

However, I am doing my best to keep up with all of you while I am stuck bed-ridden for the next few days. Please keep in mind that I am currently ‘Heavily Medicated’ and therefore I cannot be held responsible for any less than coherent comments I may leave on Facebook and/or your Blogs!

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  • Good luck, and I hope the illness is short-lived. You have my best wishes going your way.

  • Oscar

    Good luck sweetie!

  • Terry Towery

    Crap. Feel better soon, Mel!

  • Marty Wombacher

    Rest up and get well soon, Meleah!

  • Hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you XX

  • Ron

    Feel better, my friend!

    {{{{ Meleah }}}}

    Your fans will be here awaiting you.


  • Get better soon Meleah! *hugs*

  • BK

    Hey, hope that you are feeling better soon. I wish for goodness in all areas of your life.

  • Oh, honey! I'm so sorry you're under the weather. Hope you feel better soon!

    You left a couple of comments for me today and I would never have guessed they were made under heavy medication!

  • I'm so sorry. Plenty of hot liquids. Brandy would be my preference. 😉

  • Brookeamanda

    Being sick SUCKS! Hope you're feeling better and blogging again soon:)

  • Oh my. Get well soon.

  • Ugh, I'm sorry! I hope you feel better soon. You should definitely write a “medicated” blog, though. I'm sure it would be fun to read after the fact. 🙂

  • Hope you're feeling better soon, but blogging heavily medicated could be fun. Sort of like drunk blogging.

  • ladyV

    hope your doctor's visit went well and he gave you drugs. i have to check FB for your update. take care!

  • I love your incoherent comments. Feel better soon chica !

  • Mikewj

    Best wishes as you recover. Lots of crap going around this late summer season. Seems unusual to me, but maybe I'm just forgetting.

  • Please blog while medicated! It will be such a fun read…I try not to post anything while drinking, but have been guilty in the past. Thankfully, my new resolve to have nothing to drink while under current workout program is still intact, but…

    Get well soon!

  • Silverneurotic

    Feel better!

  • dcr

    Take care of yourself. We'll be here when you get better.

  • I hope you feel better soon, your comments haven't been any different than they usually are so I wouldn't worry about it. Feel better.

  • I hope you get better soon!

  • Oh, I feel bad that I've been away for so long. Sending good health and quick recovery vibes your way.

  • Oh no no no no!!!!!! I am SO SORRY!!!!!! And you have been so excited about the holiday and family!!! 🙁 A sick side of me wants you to write a post heavily medicated, while the better side of me says, “RELAX! SLEEP! DRINK CHICKEN SOUP!” Hope you feel better SOON!

  • Teeni

    Feel better soon! Hugs!

  • Ooh, heavily medicated comments —- I want those!

  • Jules

    Hope you are feeling better now!!!

  • Lucy

    Oh My Gosh, get better soon and I am not picky you can leave incoherent comments anytime!!
    Virtual hugs!

  • Noemi

    Get well soon, Mel.

  • OMG, I hope you are feeling better by now! I have been following you on Facebook and haven't made it over here. Please feel better soon.

  • I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Take care, rest up and feel better soon!!!

  • Ron

    Hello, dear friend!

    Just wanted to stop by before I head into work, to say…”I hope you're feeling better!”

    ((( Meleah )))

    Have a great weekend…X

  • ladybanana

    Hoping you feel better really soon x

  • Get well soon!

  • agg79

    Come on chica, we can't have this site down for long. Too many people need your insite.

    Hope you get better quickly.


  • Awake In Rochester

    Someone as nice and as beautiful as you should not be in bed. Um, let me rephrase that. 😉 … I hope you feel better soon! BIG X

  • Thanks AIR!


  • Roshan

    I hope the illness is just temporary. I suffer from bronchitic asthma for the past 20 years or so and I can empathize. Get well soon Meleah.

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