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Protected: Painfully. Single. Again.

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  • there is no way i’m going to be able to say this without sounding like a twit, but i’m celebrating the fact that you brought something unhealthy to a close. and now the place you’re in *now* will have an end. and then a new beginning. see? total twit, but i *mean* well. i’m sending good thoughts your way.

  • I’m glad you’re not going to take a blogging break, partly because I’d miss you terribly but mainly because I know how much writing can help. Good luck with salvaging a friendship, but sometimes too much baggage makes it nearly impossible. Personally, I need that clean break and distance right afterwards if there’s any hope of me staying friends with a guy. Damned boys are so confusing, lols.


  • I am so sorry. I am here if you need me. Hope you and Danny can still be friends. I am closing my eyes and imagining I am hugging you right now. Take care.

  • I wish I could give you a huge hug right now! I am so sorry to hear that it didn’t work out. I hope with all my heart that you and Danny can remain friends. I’m glad you opted not to take a blog break. We’re all here to support you and provide you with the encouragement that you need. Hang in there!

  • well … at least you have had sex in this decade… feel superior to me in that…. i love you!!!!!!

  • I am so sorry it did not work out, Meleah. You might need some distance from each other before you can determine if you will be able to keep the friendship alive.

    I am sending you lots of hugs and well wishes, and I am glad you will continue to blog.

  • I too am sending hugs. Relationships are great and really suck at the same time. (great title for a book – I may need to write it someday.) Take care of you – and I agree with a lot of the comments above – it is a great step forward to know when something isn’t right and to be able to walk away from it. It just means something better will come along…

  • Meleah


    Absolutely. I was not wiling to stay in an unhealthy relationship. But it was NOT an easy decision.

    I can honestly say that I tried my heart-felt-best to deal with the trust issues. I was wiling to do the work up to a certain point, but once my integrity as a professional was insulted, I was no longer wiling to spend another millisecond of my life defending, proving, being interrogated, or jumping through rings of fire, for someone that is not willing to let go of the past.


    Normally, I go CLEAN BREAK too. But he wasn’t JUST my boyfriend. He was my friend too, so that makes it a little tougher. I guess time will tell.


    Thank you honey. That helps!

    Chef Mom:

    You’re the best. Id take you up on that hug. And when I think about it, I cant NOT blog while this is going on. Why be in an isolated depression when I have so much support right here!


    HA HA HA Ha…..thanks for the laugh. A decade? really? Damn I thought I had a record when I hit 18 months!


    I know that we will need space if we will ever revisit the friendship. Im just disappointed.


    Its just hard because I know that Danny loves me….he just loves the WRONG VERSION of me. I am not ready for anything β€œnew” to come along just yet!

  • I already told you my thoughts off blog, and they still hold true. I know you are sad. Love you Melz.


  • That’s what we’re here for…to help you feel better. Different views and opinions and advice tend to open up the tunnel vision I get when I’m depressed. Blogging Helps! I’d send a hug from here, but that bitch called the NJTPK would crush it. I’ll send it via Rt. 130…..LOL πŸ™‚

  • Awwww sweetie…I’m so sorry…Hang in there, because sometimes what looks like the end of one thing is really only the beginning of something else. I know – it’s happened to me…

  • Meleah


    I know. I love you. Thank you for being here for me

    Chef Mom:

    Rt 130 ! Oh that is one of the GOOD highways! Thanks for the ((((hugs))) xxoo


    This blows. Thank you for the SUPPORT. You always know how to LIFT ME UP

  • I’m so sad πŸ™
    Love hurts and it sucks… and you will get through it despite yourself…

  • What if I said that everything happens for a reason? No help? Okay, how about if I tell you that you’re better off without him? He doesn’t know what he’s missing? Time heals all wounds?

    None of these are making you feel better?

    Well then, there’s always Vodka.

  • I remember what that pain feels like. And you run around in circles trying to get away from it but because it’s centered in your gut, there’s no escape. So, you just carry it around until it eventually gets less heavy. I don’t know about men, but I do know that when women love, they do it at a cellular level, so when it’s over, we have to get it out of our bodies, as well as our heads.

    Anyway, blah blah blah. Just do a lot of new stuff. Go to museums or parks you’ve never been to before. Start creating a new personal history. Or, curl up in bed and drool a bit. We’re all hangin’ witcha.

  • Meleah


    This does suck.


    Ha ha ha ha…yes. And AMEN for Martinis.


    Well, I am going to the GYM tonight with my mom. Maybe running as fast as I can on the tread mill will do me some good. (not that my smoker lungs will be able to keep up) but hey…its better than running AWAY.

  • cmk


    Nothing else, just hugs.

  • Breaking up sucks! Sorry Meleah. When did you have time? Between work, blogging, and family. You are a super woman!

    Hope you can at least be friends even though it might be difficult right now. It’s kinda hard to be friends with someone you where just intimate with. But talking terms would be good if there’s anything left to say.

    Emotional baggage is a tough wall to crack. That has to come down before you guys can move on, but you already knew that. I hate break ups! Cheer up, you have us!

  • A big hug for you my sweet Meleah. Hey take it from a guy who has been heartbroken (yes at the moment as well) many times, it gets better.

    You rock, and don’t you forget it girl!


  • So I suppose you’ll be going back to calling me at 3am, begging me to email you pictures of myself dressed in a gladiator costume? Sweet.

  • Meleah


    You’re the best. Thank you.


    It does suck…and I am SUPERPWOMAN…Thank you!


    Thanks dood! I promise to try to get to that tagg/ meme from you this week / weekend!


    HA HA HA!!! Thanks for making me LAUGH OUT LOUD today. πŸ™‚

  • Hope that things are getting a bit better. I suggest going and getting a massage. Or at least thinking about getting a massage.

    big hugs

  • See if you can find a book called “How To Survive The Loss Of A love”. It’ll really help you bounce back.

  • I just knew I was going to click on that last link and read Alec’s name. I am sorry for the end of your dating relationship. I’m calling Alec fpr you now…but if Tina answers…well, I’ll get back to ya.

    Hang in there Meleah!

  • I don’t have any real words of wisdom for you, wish I did but I wanted to let you know I am thinking about you. Maybe this is the closure you never had with Danny and maybe that is truly what this is about. Sometimes that ending doesn’t come out the way we would have wanted but it is at least closure and you know you gave your best so no regrets. Hoping for you that some day, you can be friends at least.

  • Meleah

    Miss Burrows:

    Now thats a GREAT idea.

    Michael C:

    Ha ha ha ha….Thats my honey. If Tina answers? Ill be sofa king jealous. Can you even believe my ‘husband’ and my IDOL are on the SAME show…. πŸ™‚


    Thank you. I think you might be on to something. I am very hopeful we will remain friends.

  • Dam I was hoping that link led to my picture…:):).. hang in there young lady I hope things work out for the best what ever that might be…

  • I’m so sorry that it didn’t work out, that you’re hurting and feeling alone. Hugs, hugs, hugs!

    OH! I KNOW! You can have my husband! No really! Take him. Please???? No? (Ok, I hope you didn’t think that was in poor taste because it was meant to make you laugh. But really…. if you want him….. the offer stands!)

  • Sorry things are rough right now. I did read yesterday of a breakthrough cure for Crohn’s that just has to make it through the FDA.

  • No words, just *hug*

  • Meleah


    awww… thats just my ‘husband’….Thanks for the sweet words.


    That was funny…and it did make me laugh…THANK YOU!


    Really? Can you please send me the linkage on that so I can check it out? Ill run it by Poppa Sye! (ha ha ha)….


    I love you. xxoo

  • I wanna hug you forever…

    “…he just loves the WRONG VERSION of me.”….You’re in the right place, Mel…it’s a fucking painful place, but right.

  • I know just the girl for you when you’re ready. Until then, know that we love you.

  • olly

    You are very much loved my dear.
    I am extreamly proud of you and most supportive of your Journey Mel.
    Always !

  • FV


    hiya hon :). I’m sorry to hear about your break up, still I’m very proud of you for doing your best, you didn’t give up nor I think you ever will.
    Tis the time to heal that broken heart, it will take some time and let me assure you we are all here for you.

    I went through the same thing back in January, Lori broke me in pieces but I moved forward and in time Lori and I began to talk and today we have rekindled our friendship which is more important to me than having her as my GF.
    Who knows what will happen in the future, either way I’m here for you

  • Meleah


    Oh thank g-d you are here with me through this….


    I wont give up ever.


    Toad-ily bogus


    I might just take you up on that offer…if THE GIRL you are referring to is YOU (wink wink) xxoo

  • I made you a blog post to cheer you up πŸ™‚

  • Oh no! I was hoping (not really) to hear you got in a wreck on the NJTPK, got kicked out of your house, were in a natural disaster, because each of those things can be seen as just plain awful.

    It’s these times when you know it’s good for you, but don’t necessarily want to admit that it’s for the best that are the hardest. So, here’s clinking martinis to this passing in whatever time you need to feel whole again. It will come.

  • Meleah


    I cant wait to see it… You are the BESTEST EVER ever!… πŸ™‚


    lol @ the fake tragedies, and yes please someone make me a stiff martini!

  • Lee

    I’m not sure what I can add to what all of your fans/friends/supporters have already written. I sympathize with you and can relate having gone through a divorce after 24 years with my first wife. All I can say is that the hurt eventually dulls.

    I know that eventually you’ll find the right man to spend your life with. Chances are it will happen when you’re not really looking. In the meantime, relish your friends who love you and lean on all this support you’ve got going.

  • Meleah


    I am so lucky that I have this wonderful circle of friends, I dont know how I would get through this with out all of you. xxoo

    Thank you!

  • Being single sucks more than words can describe… and it doesn’t get any easier. Meleah, I know it is little consolation at the moment, but you have lots and lots of blogging friends that really care about you, including one guy sat here in England. With a little pond between us, the best I can do is send you a cyber hug and warm wishes… and just remember, if ever you fancy a cup of afternoon tea, you know where I am…lol!

    Keep up that gorgeous smile, you deserve to be happy!

    Graham xox

  • Meleah


    I know how much being single really sucks

    My blogging community (including you) ROCKS.

    Thank you so much for your excellent comment. That made my day so much better!


  • Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry! Everyone else has already said it so much better than I ever could, but I hope you know how wonderful I think you are, and how truly lucky any man would be to have you. Hope your heart feels better soon.

  • I’m so sorry, Meleah. …and I understand. Its like these loves of ours are in these time capsules in our hearts, and are buried deep and preserved in pristine condition. …but what we don’t really (want to) think about is the fact that time has indeed moved on, and we’re completely different people. Sure, there may be some aspects of who we are that remain true to who we once were, but for the most part we now bear very little resemblence to that prior self. Which is a good thing in a lot of ways.

    Man, this plural “we” thing is a little annoying, isnt’ it. πŸ™‚

    If you ask me, this was something you had to experience to be able to fully move on. There will be no more “what ifs” clouding the sky of possibility when the right guy comes along. Love you. xoxo

  • I’m sorry to hear this sweetie! You’re such a great person…I’m sure good things will come your way. πŸ™‚

    We’re all here for you!

  • Meleah


    Thanks honey. Hearing things like THAT makes me feel a million times better.

    Drowsey :

    I am so lucky to have all of you. Thanks for you kind words. It really helps.


    Once again your eternal optimism gives me something to hold on to during these dark moments. I love you. xxoo

  • oh, meleah…I’m so sorry. I had high hopes that things were going well…*sigh* Hugs to you.

  • Meleah


    This SUCKS.

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