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Sick! Sick! Sick!

Because a really great name for this post was already created by one of my favorite bloggers Amalah titled “Its Snot you, Its Me”

RON (my dad) finally saw “the movie.” (Oh, and he hated it, because he says he thinks he looks FAT in the video. Like I said, NO ONE would appreciate this!) What.the.fuck.ever.

I’m sick of looking at that movie on the top of my page anyway.

Speaking of sick.

Yes, I did run around all weekend, like a lunatic. For some one who never leaves the house voluntarily, that may have taken a toll on me. I have a really LOW IMMUNE system to begin with (being malnourished and all.) The lack of sleep, taking on a video project I had no business attempting. WHEN I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITING. Then, trying to fit in the time to go to (and only given 30 minutes notice) to prepare for and dress for a formal cocktail party midday on Saturday, after pulling an all-nighter as if I was a college student under a thesis deadline….. has left me incapacitated.

My body has officially shut down.

Monday, I couldn’t even swallow as my throat was on FIRE. (not my house) Every part if my body that could dispense mucus, did. Runny Nose, Runny Eyes. My chest felt like a 400 lbs pound person sitting on me. Headache. Ears ringing. Whole nine. Sick.

My father was mad as hell at me, for not going to work, because I “played too much all weekend.” UM, NO, dood! I am FUH REALZ sick. Not even playin.’

I had to call out of work to go to my doctors office for an emergency visit, and some serious antibiotics. (3 times a day for 7 days) HI…. I am really sick, with Strep Throat (like an eight year old) and an Upper Respiratory infection.

Now I can’t GO BACK to work because of my contagious-ness…I will be out for at least THREE DAYS.

It’s now Tuesday and I feel WORSE than yesterday.

That being said, I am going back to bed.

Thanks to Jen for making THIS movie to make me feel better while I am dying over here:

CLICK FOR MOVIE HERE…. It is 6 seconds long

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, first let me say that you get me through the day. Because I cannot go to bed without checking to see what you have posted on mommamiameaculpa (hope I spelled it right) I don’t have to ever type it in cause it’s my new favorite site. I tried to post a comment when you put your amazing video up, (get over it pops, we all look fat in our older age, I’m currently on the south beach diet, but fuck, no alcohol for 2 weeks, in phase one! I’ve only broken that rule twice and I’ve been on it 4 days)! Think there’s hope for me????

    I in my anti computer ways, (look how long it took me to get a myspace page for cryin out loud) obviously did something wrong and you didn’t get my blog, comment, or whatever the fuck it is, ugh! I have only signed on tonight to send you an email. I haven’t the interest in changing my myspace page and pictures which I need to do cause I think everyone is about sick of it now and I’m in need of an upgrade. I just can’t find the fun in it all! Or maybe I’m allergic to the computer, actually another word for my allergies is called, LAZY!!

    I do check your site daily and I saw a picture of me, I was so touched. And I really want to add you to my top friends, and I don’t even have pics of my sister and nephew on my site, but oh the energy it takes to change it all. I’d rather do arm curls with my wine glass….pathetic, I know…sue me!

    My latest excuse is that I’m studying, and can’t play on the computer. I have my real estate exams coming up and I’m gonna ride that reason until the wheels fall off….translation, until I pass!

    I hadn’t signed in since 1/14 before today even though I check my page 4 times daily to see who has posted, LOL! Why would people since I can’t do the same? I’m like a my space lurker!

    But I HAD to send you a message and let you know that I feel you mama!! I don’t have the son, right now not even the stressful job, but I feel you non-theless and look forward to seeing how your day went. You inspire me in many ways. Don’t stop what you are doing! We gotta have a phone date! I know I know….you have a lot of close friends you don’t pick up the phone for, I feel you!!!! But we’ll set up a night to catch up, wine on both ends, and talk it out! We’ll keep it short, lord knows I don’t want to cut into your writing time becaus I love to read what you write. Need you to keep it up!

    Ciao Bella!

    Don’t even judge me on grammer and spelling, LOL!

  • meleah rebeccah

    oh my god!!! well I LOVE that you read me every day! THAT is THE BEST THING I EVER HEARD! I am a “favorite site!” HOLY SHIT!! I LOVE THAT!

    (and of course I love you!!!)

    BUT… I have been having problems from a lot of people emailing me that they have NOT BEEN able to comment…. either….so, they told me to, and now I have been COPY PASTING EMAILS.

    I’m gunna copy patse yours below!!

    NOW…. your supposed to drink! your in your twenties!! um, wait? you need a diet? yeah right! YOU ARE STUUUUUUNNNNING!!! (and arm curls with a wine glass are fine for excersice!!!)

    and yes… WEB PAGES are a LOT of FUCKING WORK!! You are not lazy!!

    thats a HELLZ YES to a PHONE call I will commit to make and KEEP

    and I will even MAIL THE picture I drew for you THIS WEEK!!!

    I SO LOVE YOU BACK! AND I WILL ALWAYS keep writing (even if I only entertain YOU!)

    (thanks to spell check and people always POINTING OUT MY MISTAKES) I suck at grammar and spelling too!!

    leslie says she is “meleah=type-o=fluent”


  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the cheesy way to respond to your blog, but it wont let me. Copy Paste thsi email?

    Anyways, you got me beat by a mile(s).

    I thought I was pathetic being allergic to grass, pollen, dust, christmas and work. Feel better. If you ever need to blow off steam, rant and rave I’ll listen. We all have our quirks I for instance run into burning buildings as people are running out. Whats up with that!!!!!



    little more

    Thats it, just a little bigger

    see wasnt that bad


  • meleah rebeccah

    WTF is up with my comments?

    THANKS DAN!! That was sweet and I did smile!!

  • Anonymous






  • meleah rebeccah

    MY BLOG “promo video” Its only 6 seconds long so far, but I am curious to see….What do ya think so far?

    Its’ a WORK in progress

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sara sunshine

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