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Saying Good Bye To K.H. (my condo) & Prepping My Mother’s House. Part One.

And…. guess who got a BRAND NEW, over priced, totally worth every penny, shiny, sleek, toad-ily-super-awesome digital camera? ME! whee.

Okay, so, I have completely abused my new camera. And the people in my life. 300+ photos in a 24 hour period. Yes. Let’s just say, I have been practicing:

how-to-work-this-new-state-of-the-art-complex-no-batteries-required electronical device. I am only trying to learn / use all of these incredibly groovy features. At the expense of others. But, I am proud to announce that I am IN LOVE with my new camera. My family? And the people around me? Not so much.

Over the weekend, feeling 100% better, I was required to undertake the monumental task of helping organize / clean / prep my mothers house for my impending arrival. (a.k.a.=manual labor.) If you’d like to see photos of my father, son, Poppa Sye, and me, in action, sweating, and, lifting heavy objects, while breaking things, click here.

The only way I was able to get out of moving MORE ‘stuff’ was:

The Need For Medical Attention. (Mac CLEAR version)

The Need For Medical Attention (Virb BLURRY version)


After having my condo officially ‘listed by a realtor for sale / rent’, I decided to take ten thousand 96 pictures of my house. Before it is all packed up. I want to preserve the memories of living here. It will probably be really.very.boring. for you, to take a virtual tour of my house. (Unless you want to know where I live(d), and slept, and ate).

The Move‘ is still very surreal to me. Yet, I am forging ahead nonetheless. I just never imagined I would need to take photos or say good bye to this house.

On the flip side, I really loved knowing that I could AFFORD my new camera, and the new, bigger, more gi-normous, pocket book (possible airline carry one) I bought.

Next weekend, my shopping spree will be well spent at…The Apple Store. (stop hating).

At least, I am moving into a house that resembles living inside of a Pottery Barn catalog (except nicer. and homier. but way messier.)

Lets take a look at some side by side comparisons:

My Super Clean, You Can See Your Own Reflection, On The Table, In The Living Room & Perfect Pillow Placement Along With Evenly Separated Suede Brush Marks On The Sofa:



My Mothers Not So Clean And Where The F*ck IS The Living Room Table And What EXACTLY Is The Story With Your Pillows / Random Unmatching Blanket?


Um. Yeah. Where are those cleaning people you promised to deliver? Hmmm.

This state of disorganization is going to take some getting used to.

I guess I can always stay locked up in my perfectly neat bedroom. Right?

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  • I loved this post. I have many thoughts, let me see if I can write them down.

    First of all, yay for the camera! I am enjoying mine immensely, and judging by the amount of pics you took, so are you.

    I loved seeing the pics of the cleanup/prep, and reading the captions, as well as the video. The video made me smile.

    I am sorry you do have to move. I am glad you are moving with family who love you. Your condo was really nice. I wish my house looked that clean/organized. Mine looks more like your mom’s house.

    And last, a big hug, and wishes that you continue to get better.

  • jodi

    I chuckled at the ‘plastic man pic” and all I could think of to go with your caption, well we have to look at the bennies of Mr Plastic Man…He can never argue, he will sit and watch WHATEVER movie you want, Really wont have any issue with food, cant leave his socks tucked in the couch cushions(no legs), and he cant dump you…I mean I am sure there are more…

  • The best friend

    THATS WHERE I WILL BE. In the locked up neat bedroom, with my mac. Mainly cause thats the only place I am allowed to be. But I would be there even if I wasnt instructed to do so. Speaking of the said locked up bedroom, whens the official move in?

  • You worked hard this weekend girl. Take the day off…tell them I said it was ok. heh

  • Since having kids my home looks like that second picture there. *sigh* I am embarrassed to invite people over. It doesn’t help that my boyfriend is a total slob ether.

  • The best friend

    I am still laughing at the woman no longer in charge of buying bandaids.

  • yo momma

    is nothing sacred????

  • Meleah


    New cameras RULE. That video will forever make me laugh. The music at the end. My Father, “who bought these bad-aids”… I was laughing so hard when constructing this. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the hugs. I do feel better.


    Isn’t my new man HOT?! Too bad he is missing the LOWER half of his body.


    December 1st. We can be locked up in my NEAT bedroom with our matching Macs.


    I would except that I missed a WHOLE week of work last week. Ugh. My neck is killing me from all that lifting!


    I have OCD thats the only reason my house is THAT clean.


    Me too. I can’t stop watching it, or laughing.


    Nope. Nothing is sacred.Well…. maybe some things… but not your messy table!

  • I shall be praying for you, my dear. And your dad’s finger! (THAT video was priceless!!!)

  • Oh man. I’m not a neat freak and I’m stressed on your behalf knowing hat you are 🙂 and other stuff… xoxo

  • Meleah


    Glad you liked it. My dad is HILARIOUS. When I do lie there there will be plenty of material for new videos


    xxoo 🙂 xxoo 🙂

  • When reality sets in… and it will… the staying locked in your perfectly neat room is a good idea! For everyone’s sake 😉

  • Guess I don’t need to say “have fun with your new camera” since you already are! I wish they came with something you could download into your brain and just KNOW all the cool features without having to learn them.

    Your house looks lovely and clean, such a great feeling. I need to go home and clean my immediately, this post just got me in the mood 🙂

  • Meleah


    I know. Reality is already starting to set in. I am on the edge of a panic attack 24 / 7 but thats another post entirely.


    Im having tons of fun with this camera!! My house is only this clean because I truly have OCD. and THAT is another entirely different post.

  • jodi

    tee hee…

  • girl from the looks of those two living room pix.. i better be the one that moves in with your mom!!!!! you are gonna neat freak her to death!!!!!

  • As one who also loves her camera more than one should rightfully love a non-human object, I fully understand your camera love.

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mel. I think you might be the new cleaning woman your mother referred to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • I like the human punching bag thing you have there. Your place was spotless. Everything in such perfect order. Your like that TV character Monk.

  • Meleah


    I know. I know. Its bad. I am obsessed with CLEAN.


    I have become addicted hard core. I REALLY LOVE MY NEW CAMERA.

    Laurie Ann:

    Um. No. Her house is so huge it would take me all day every day to clean that..I’d have to quit my day job…HA..Then again, I’d rather clean her house all day then be in the office.


    Thats my new man. You just wait and see. When I move in to mom dads the only place I can smoke is in the garage, and thats where plastic man lives. I am going to be spending ALOT of time with him. Plan on seeing him in many more photos.

  • LOL! I saw you waving around the Newports. The good think is that when you’re upset about something you can punch him out and he’ll like it.

  • More best wishes on your move. I know how trying it can be, so you are awesome, awesome, awesome to focus on cool things like the camera. Keep up the positive thinking, girl. I think it will take you far.

  • Meleah


    I love my newports! Oooh, yes! Thats another BONUS for plastic man as “my man” !!


    Im doing my best. The camera is a GREAT distraction / positive energy that deflects the sadness of moving. Thanks for the support!

  • Love the new camera. Loved the brush marks on the suede couch. LOL! Now that is neat! Also love the cool coffee table. I understand your sadness about moving – it is so hard to say goodbye to a place you’ve loved but this move doesn’t mean you’ll never get a place of your own again. Look at it as a time to recharge your batteries. It’ll all work out in the end, I just know it.

  • Meleah


    I LOVE my new camera TOO!

    See, I really am OCD with those brush marks!

    I know it will all be okay and GREAT in the end, I am truly EXCITED to move, yet I am very anxious…..

  • Woo Hoo on the new camera. It’s scary how organized your house is. Really. You better not make yourself crazy trying to get your mom’s place as organized. Just go shopping.

    And I get the sadness connected with moving. We lived in our last house 11 years and had so many wonderful memories connected with it. I still have trouble driving by it because I’m worried they changed something so much it wouldn’t be the same. Oh well, right?

  • Meleah


    Yes, I am loving the new camera. And No. I will not attempt to make my mothers house look like mine. I will just keep MY ROOM all OCD clean.

    Im really sad to leave my house. I have sooo many good memories here, but, what can I do? I just have to go with the flow. Oh well is Right.

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