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Rubber Bands

Do you see this? All these dangling wads of rubber bands, on all the doors in my house!

Yeah, well,I didn’t. I didn’t notice this until, it was too late.

My son asked me, “Mommy, why do we have all these rubber bands on the doors of our house?” I had no answer. “Umm…? Huh?” I didn’t even know how they got there. I was dumbfounded. Why? Are there all these rubber bands wadded up in knots clinging to my door handles? And just who put them there?

It took a few days of consciously paying attention to every single one of my actions to figure out what was happening.

When I am at work, managing my marketing files, in order to prevent all the paperwork from exploding out of the sides, I wrap them with rubber bands.

See how neat? And Pretty?

When I need to re-open that file, I take the rubber band off the file, and wrap it on my wrist.

Apparently, I leave the rubber bands on my wrist when switching or changing files. Unconsciously, I end up leaving them on my wrist until I get home.

When I come home from work, still functioning in the robotic office state of mind, moving and thinking mechanically, totally unaware of my actions, I have a get unready system of calculated movements to undo the day and prep for the night:

get changed in to pajamas
wash my face
remove rubber band from wrist
put rubber band on door handle
turn on living room lights
bring work clothes to laundry room
tell JCH to do his homework
start dinner
check emails
finish cooking dinner
serve / eat dinner
check JCH homework
write post
watch TV.

I didn’t even realize that ‘remove rubber band from wrist – put rubber band on door handle’ was part of my nightly sequence until I was AT WORK.

There I was at work today, needing a rubber band for a new file I had just finished working on, when I reached in the box to grab one, and it was empty. The gigantic over sized box-o-rubber-bands were E-M-P-T-Y.

What? Where are all the rubber bands?

I looked at my wrist and saw one single rubber band on my arm, when all the pieces came together in my head. OH SHIT! They are in my house. On my doors! That’s why all those rubber bands are in my house. I am bringing them there! I busted out laughing at my desk, staring at my own arm, looking like a crazy person to any passer-buyer.

Sorry office, I seem to have stolen an entire box of rubber bands, ONE AT A TIME. I will try to pay more attention to the removal of rubber bands from any part of my body before leaving at the end of the day. If there is a sudden shortage in rubber bands, rest assured I have a life long supply at home, which I will return upon request!

In the meantime, I had to go to the office supply closet and obtain a new box. Wonder how long it will be before THESE end up in my house?

PS….. Women Readers!

Wow! Yesterdays post generated comments from WOMEN! Nice! That rarely happens. For some reason, I seem to have a higher male than female ratio when it comes to readers. hmm… looking into why that is?

Love me some women up in here! If you are a girl / woman reading here? Please let me know!

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  • Michael

    Surely this is a mystery worthy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!!!

  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    Well I guess I now know who to ask when I need rubber bands!!

    Do you deliver???



  • Anonymous

    Stop putting the bands on youer wrist…it’ll cut off your circulation!


  • Anonymous

    You the Hottest elastic band thief i’ve ever know. BAD GIRL YOU!


  • Anonymous

    yo momma’s a girl . . .

  • meleah rebeccah


    Michael: RIGHT!

    FV: Nah yo! these bands are MINE!

    OLLY: I guess I look OKAY for a cleptomaniac

    JACK: Really?

  • Anonymous

    think your rubber band story is excellent ..Have seen your door nob with the bands so fully understand the rational. just think if you ever need to tie something down or somebody comes running knocking on your door saying…help..I need some rubber bands…it is an emergency..you out of all the people in your building will come to the rescue.

    love you.. BFNC xoxo

  • Drama Div@

    sometimes – if i have a bad hair day, i’ll use rubber band to tie my hair… but it just too painful to take it out…

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