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research (because I am that vain)

Okay okay….

First I want to THANK YOU all for so many NICE things you had to say to me when I was feeling all BAD and DOWN, and being too hard on myself.

Now, one of the suggestions was to STOP posting THESE kinds of pictures (see below)

(my normal stressed, worried, sad, expression)

and to START posting more pictures of me smiling….


so, here they are.

(some I am FAKING / FORCING a smile) but others I am really smiling becasue I started laughing when I realized how stupid I was being).

Please comment and let me know which are better…. OR, if I should forgo any pictures of me all togther until I am not as sick as I am, and add some poundage back to my BIAFRIN (less the belly) shaped body.

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