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Good lord, things have been terribly busy in my little corner of the world. I have so much to write about, and I have so much to share with ya’ll. BUT, in the interest of keeping this blog post on the shorter side, I am just going to give you the ‘Major Highlights’.

Anyone following me on Facebook probably already knows what I am about to say, but for those of you who are not following me, and for those of you who may have missed any of my ‘Status Updates’, let’s just re-cap.

Shall we?

[Don’t worry Mooooog35, I will NOT be writing in the Third Person, even though it would be a hellovalot easier for me to do so!]

Okay people, I don’t even know where to begin, or where I left off since I’ve visited blogville? Hmmm… Let’s see.

Since my boyfriend Sonny was in his car accident, he genuinely feels as if he has had a black cloud following him. And, I can’t even begin to disagree with him. Seriously, almost everything that could go wrong? Has in fact – gone wrong. Lately, it seems as if one thing after another has just been going downhill.

First off? We ran into some issues with the condo.

We were SUPPOSED to move into our condo together this past Saturday. Sadly, that did not happen. Apparently, the landlord was unable to evict the current tenant. And by current tenant, I mean the single woman living inside the condo that hasn’t paid rent in months. After some sort of litigation ordeal it seems as if the condo will in fact be available for us to move in to on January 1st. And while we were both gravely disappointed, it will be nice to start the ‘New Year’, in our ‘New Home’ together.

Secondly, Sonny’s injuries from the car accident are worse than he anticipated.

Now, I could tell you the story about how Sonny and I traveled to ‘Three Different Doctors Appointments’ all in ‘The Same Day’, and how when we finally arrived at ‘The Last Doctors Appointment’, which also happened to be ‘The Furthest Away Geographically’, and ‘The Most Important Doctor’s Appointment’. Of course once we checked in at the front desk, things fell apart. The Very Doctor we needed to see? Was NOT even IN his office. So we basically drove all the way out ‘to-the-middle-of-nowhere’ only to RESCHEDULE the appointment for the next morning. *sigh*

According to the ‘The Furthest Away and Most Important Doctor’ Otherwise Known As ‘The Orthopedic’, Sonny has a ‘Slap Tear’ in the Labrum of his Right Shoulder Joint AND his Right Rotator Cuff is Ripped. Both of these injuries WILL require Arthroscopic Surgery. Sonny will be out of work, and unable to drive for the next 4-8 weeks depending on how quickly they can schedule him for the surgery. [Meanwhile, Sonny will continue with his Physical Therapy 3x’s a week.]

Speaking of Doctors Visits and Physical Therapy Appointments, I cannot even begin to explain to ya’ll just how many doctor’s offices and waiting rooms I’ve sat in over the last three weeks. Moreover, I can’t figure out why they don’t provide more comfortable seating. One would think with a waiting room full of INJURED people comfy chairs would be on the top of the list. Yes?

Fortunately, while I have been subject to the confines of countless doctors offices, my shiny new iPhone [also known as The Best Present Ever from The Boyfriend Ever] provides me with hours of entertainment and I get to spend plenty of time on Facebook.

Oh, yeah, and, I can even play my favorite online game ‘Bejeweled Blitz’ to my hearts content. Ever since the iPhone developed the perfect app to play this game via Facebook style? I’ve been in heaven! There is just one problem. When I play that game in the waiting room, I play with the volume on Mute. I am pretty sure the other people waiting appreciate my consideration. But, I gotta tell ya’ll, my favorite game is just not the same without the reassuring sounds of the gaming announcer telling me that I am ‘Awesome’ every. five. seconds. I never realized how much his Darth-Vaderesque voice boosts my self-confidence. Of course for those of you who don’t play this game I’m sure you have NO IDEA what I am talking about – and I think I’ve also digressed…..

Where was I?

Oh right, updating you on my life.

Thridly, because of all of these doctors visits, and the schlepping back and forth between ‘My House’ to ‘Sonny’s House’, and packing overnight bags, and living out of suitcases, I just can’t seem to get myself on a NORMAL schedule, or in line with any sort of routine.

So, I am asking ya’ll to bear with me, and just have a little more patience with me until I finally move and get settled in. Also, with the holidays coming up, the pending surgery, and packing for The Move, I will only be able to post new blogs and subsequently comment on your blogs – sporadically.

I am positive once we move, and once Sonny fully recovers things will return to a normal state and I will be able to write, blog, Facebook, read, and maybe even EXERCISE on a regular basis.

I never thought I was the type of person that would long for the stability of consistency. But apparently – I am!

And that about wraps up what’s been going on over here. But stay tuned for a REAL story that you may even find HUMOROUS involving Thanksgiving, Poppa Sye, and how my parents got grounded.

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  • BK

    Sorry to hear about the condo. Then again, it saves you the trouble to have to decorate it for Christmas? And you get to start thing on the a New Year? Alright, I’m just trying to focus on the positive side. All this should pass.

    What I am more concern is about Sonny. Hope he will be able to get his surgery soon and really be on the road to recovery. It certainly is not a good experience for either one of you. Good to hear that at least you have you iPhone with you. Do you think an earphone would help to increase your confident in playing your favorite game? 🙂

    I hope that you will find peace in the hectic ‘routine’ that you are going through now. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend to you and Sonny.

  • Meleah

    Aw!! You are totally super cool for expressing your concern for my man. He will be fine [eventually] but he is a little [JUSTIFIABLY] nervous since he has never had any kind of surgery before. Its’ also been very taxing for him to be out of work, and unable to drive, however, I am doing my best to stay focused on the positive things too, and I have TRULY enjoyed taking care of him.

    Good idea about the headphones! I am TOTALLY using them when we go to the next doctors appointment! Thanks for that!

  • That condo thing sucks but at least like you said, you guys will be starting the new year together 😀

    And here’s praying Sonny will get all well soon 😀

  • Hey in the whole sense of things, everything is ok. Think about it. I can recall a year ago you were in much worse turmoil. I’ so happy for ya. Even thought you have the “usual” mishaps, they’re not as bad as things HAVE been, eh?
    I hope Sonny recovers and gets back in shape – (he will)

    I got the Driod phone and find myself fiddling with it myself all day. LOL ADDICTING!

    I havn’t had one apartment or home that there wasn’t an issue during closing or applying. If it doesn’t work, Theres PLENTY available.

    I don’t Tweet and my mug is to ugly for Facebook. LOL So thanks for the update!

  • Moooooog is so happy you did not write in 3rd person because it irks the shit out of moooooog and you don’t want to piss moooooog off.

    See what moooooog did there?

    Moooooog is genius.

  • Oh my! Other than the accident, it sounds pretty much like it’s been here lately, with all the hospital appointments and stuff. I’m sorry to hear about the condo, but I’m a firm believer in the fact that the timing is all important. For whatever reason, it was not right for you now. January 1st is a great day for moving in 🙂

  • Meleah

    Thank you so much! Im sure we will be fine!

    Now THAT is very true. I do have MUCH to be grateful for and happy about. It’s just a few minor set backs and once we get through them we can continue our lives. Its just annoying living in limbo!

    Yes, you are a genius. And HILARIOUS.
    But be careful that third person shit is contagious.
    You’ll see!

    Exactly! Everything happens for a reason right?
    I know YOU know what I’ve been dealing with going on all these crazy appts! Im glad that YOU are feeling better these days!

  • Keep both your chins up girl…the cloud will descend!

  • Damn, girl. You guys look like you fell into a whole pile of problems/bad luck. I am sorry to hear that the condo deal got hosed up, but at least you can still move in by next month (I hope). Just gives you more time to plan the place together. I feel some of Sonny’s pain/misery. I was forturnate not to have to have surgery to repair (missed it by a hair), but I still feel my dislocated shoulder on occasion. It takes a while to mend a busted wing like that, so Sonny needs to take time to let it heal. In the meantime, he needs to listen to the advice of his doctors and Nurse Meleah and take it easy. Gives you time to work on your bedside manner…

    Take heart! Life’s full of ups and downs and you guys are at the bottom of the roller coaster right now. Things will change/improve and you’ll be on top in no time. All this bad juju is just making the trip more memorable.

    Good luck…

  • Good luck to Sonny; I have known people who had that type of surgery, and it can sometimes take months of physical therapy to completely heal from it. I hope he heals fast.
    Best wishes for you two moving in together in January. Hope you both have good holidays.

  • Meleah

    Heather OSB
    hey girl! I’ve missed you!! Thanks and I will do my best up stay positive

    Things can only go UP from here right? Sonny and I have a joke that we are ridding ourselves of all bad karma BEFORE we move in together!

    Bob G
    thank you

  • Thanks for all the updates. As sucky as the condo delay is I love the idea of starting the New Year off together.. There are lots of fun ways to ring in the new year ::wink wink::

    I hope that he recovers soon and 100% it is very scary but he is here with you and that is the most important thing. He is blessed to have you and your support and strength!

  • Jay

    Oh, yeah, that sucks. As you know, I’ve had rotator cuff surgery and I’m scheduled to have the other one done, but at least there was no ‘slap tear’ in my scapula – whatever the heck that is! Poor Sonny.

    Sorry about the condo. At least you’ll be able to have a leisured Christmas and start the New Year in your new place! Hope it all goes well from hereon in!

  • Hey Meleah, sorry I’ve been out of touch. I’m working on a new website and a bunch of other stuff. Wow, what a year you’ve had! Sorry to hear about Sonny’s accident, the doctor woes and the condo problems, but it sounds like things will be good for you in 2010. Have a great holiday season! I’ll check in here more regularly, I promise!

  • I’m sorry to hear Sonny has to have surgery. I hope he’s not in too much pain.

    That’s a bummer about the condo, but at least it’ll be ready for the new year. Can’t wait to hear the story about your parents getting grounded!

  • Sounds hectic, but you’re dealing well and all is not bust with the condo. Just a slight delay. We’ll be here…

  • Meleah

    Cathy WMDA:
    Aw, and I am JUST as blessed to HAVE HIM in my life.

    I’ve been out of touch and crazed busy too!
    No worries. Im excited to see the NEW sites you’ve been working on!
    I think things will calm down after The Move too!

    Oh that’s right, I remember when YOU had rotator cuff surgery. I cant believe you still have to get the OTHER one done now too. UGH!

    He is in pain, but in a weird way, he’s getting USED to the pain. I know he will feel better when the surgery is OVER and he can recover IN OUR HOUSE!

    Well, now I am glad we didn’t move on Saturday! It was a snowy miserable mess outside!

  • wow talk about it coming from all sides here’s sending you good Karma and a reversal of all that has plagued you…

    Dorothy from grammology

  • So, I am immediately googling “Bejeweled Blitz”.

    So sorry about everything! But it seems like you’re handling it really well, chica. Good luck!

  • Meleah

    Yes please!
    I’ll take some of that GOOD Karma you’re talking about!

    That game? Totally addictive.
    You can play it on facebook, not like we don’t already spend too much time over there!

  • In spite of the fact that things don’t seem to be going your way, or going Sonny’s way… you still sound happy. And that makes me happy. I hope his surgery goes well, he heals quickly and you get the condo issues all figured out soon!

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