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Politically Challenged

I do not know anything about politics, or The Law. (And I don’t really want to). Posts like this are not My Bag. (I leave all of that to Gramma Ev) But, since I am currently baffled, I must pose a question to you “The All Knowing Internet.” Um. Isn’t prostitution still illegal in these here parts (or really anywhere outside of Nevada)? Then, how come no one is in Jail for this?

Oh! That’s Right. Because the ‘JOHNS’ never get arrested for participating in this sort of illegal act. Only the women in the situation get carted off in handcuffs. Why IS that? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t something rather askew here? I am hoping someone can explain all of this to me, as I am completely ignorant when it comes to this subject matter. Here is my question(s):

Why it is illegal for a woman to be a prostitute, but it is not illegal for the men to use their services? And if it is illegal for the men to use their services shouldn’t they be arrested / heavily fined (rather than just publicly humiliated) when they are busted? Enlighten me please!

And why would someone pay $4,000 for sex?

I mean….Is her p*ssy lined with gold?


Or … We can just have a nice laugh at these:





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  • No lawyer here but as far as I know, solicitation is illegal in the US. That merits arrest to the individual (gender notwithstanding) that offers a reward of some value (money, etc) for those “services”. As with all cases involving high rollers and prominent public figures, the law bends in favor of the rich & powerful.

  • Jodi

    Yes it is…but I believe the whole case is based not focusing on the prostitution charges yet from bigger charges as money laundering, etc…that is how he got snagged. He was taking out cash at the bank. Over 10k and anything over a certain amount (5k I believe) the banks HAVE to report it to the feds. They were going to do this, and he changed his mind, alerting the teller. THe teller made a call to the fbi(i think the fbi) and then that is how the investigation started. With the thought he was laundering money….and it led them to the prostitution ring.
    To prosecute for prostitution you have to witness the exchange of money for sex OR have the girl/guy prostitute agree verbally for an exchange of money for sex….If they dont have that evidence then they cant charge them. Usually they get charged with a A lesser crime or a LARGER crime, pandering, tax evasion, etc etc. Spitzer is looking at the MANN act which in short is about trafficking people across state lines with the intent to pay for sex.
    Spitzer is an a$$…he knew these laws, he prosecuted people for the exact same thing. He just really thought he was above the law I assume.
    I think I answered that correct, if not I am sure I will be corrected * wink

  • Go Meleah! What a great question. I want to be enlightened too!

  • I’m pretty sure that when the “massage shops” get busted in town, the men end up getting busted as well. I think the Daily News actually put a bunch of the men on the front page once.
    That may or not may not be the only reason I don’t go to them weekly.

  • Meleah

    So hes not in jail because of the job he had?

    Yeah, it think its like 10 grand…and he was trying to be sneaky by taking out 9.5 grand. Hes a complete Jack Ass. I hope his wife bitch slaps him, and I really hope she LEAVES his ass.

    Seriously! WTF?

    HA HA HA you always make me laugh!

  • I would answer some of the questions for you, but, uh, I’d hate to be seen as an ‘expert’ on prostitution…it might give folks the wrong idea…and then my mom would cry saying how she raised be much better than that…


  • I wanna know how ANYONE is worth that kinda money?!?!?!? That almost negates the phrase…Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free. But I guess with rising gas prices and the old “supply and demand”, somebody’s gotta pay. heh

    Here in Indiana, they get arrested like Rog stated. Although its a misdemeanor and from what I hear a rather small fine. Small fine to coincide with small…oh nevermind!

  • Meleah

    Michael C:
    ha ha ha ha …..your mom…..ha ha ha ha ha

    I know right?

    His hooker is on the front page of The NY Post this morning (she is not even that hot) and she was making $100,000 A MONTH.

    $100,000.00 A MONTH. I think I am in the wrong business. Who needs heath benefits when you have money like that!!

    And you just KNOW she will get a book deal out of this too.

    Pisses. Me. Off.

  • That’s what I’M wondering?!?! What kind of sex is worth $4 grand?!?!?! Am I missing something here?!?!?

  • Amen sister! You are totally right. It’s a total double-standard.

  • Meleah

    Yeah Right. Is her p*ssy lined with gold? I mean really WTF.

    Its soooo annoying. And I cant with all HER publicity. Shes NOT EVEN PRETTY.

  • Probably because men have been making the laws since the beginning of time. “Ug, woman no drive wheel.”
    I thought the photo was of Prince as it was downloading.

  • Meleah

    It might BE Prince with Spitzers face photoshopped on to it. I know its the same old adage, but still. Not. Cool.

  • they might as well make it legal .. the lack of enforcement at least here is laughable..it’s a wonder they haven’t jumped on it so they could slap a tax on it..Everyone just turns a blind eye and don’t want to see what it does to young women..sorry I was ranting..

  • FV

    So the buyer gets away with the satisfaction while the seller gets away with a few grand. ahhh free form economy. To answer your question Mel Mel I think that, it doesn’t matter if it is a woman or a man selling their bodies for sex, I’m sure there are men out there who sell their bodies for a high price just like women do. It may not catch the public’s attention but it does happen. whether prostitution is legal or illegal, the media tends to destroy lives including that of the former governor, right? so freaking what he is a horny little bastard who paid $$$$$ dollars to some 22 year old chick!?

  • This whole story is amazingly sad, and also a bit funny “here”. The lined with gold thing gave me quite a hearty laugh!! I have to agree …. 4000 dollars? Boggles the mind.
    I am not certain of the ramifications of this will be for this jerk, but I hope he goes to jail, looses his wife, and has no future. That would still not be enough.
    Nice work on the pimp outfit – it “fits” 🙂


  • Meleah

    They need to change something thats for sure

    hes a schmuck, and she gets to be famous and rich. Im pissed.

    Well lined with gold is the ONLY explanation I could think of. (glad it made you laugh.) As a matter of fact, I think I might have to add THAT LINE to the actual post! And the pimp suit KILLS me. he he he he

  • Like Jodi said, there’s no witness to prove whether he did the nasty or not so he’s only being publicly embarrassed and charged with the 1910 Mann Act ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mann_Act ).

    He would have been better off with a $20 blow job in my opinion.

    In Illinois guys caught soliciting sex from a prostitute lose their cars (so I hear).

  • Homer Simpson

    If you have some one film it and sell the movie you’re a porn star. Without the camera you’re a prostitute. Why the diffeence? To me that’s a more interesting question.

  • I don’t know all the details of this scandal. But I thought BOTH parties are arrested if caught in the act of selling or attempting to purchase sexual favors. At least on “Cops” that’s how it works. Otherwise anyone could accuse you of paying for sex without any way of proving it.

    Also, I don’t know why he or anyone else would pay $4000 for sex, but a person is WORTH whatever someone is willing to pay them in my opinion. So $4000 grand might be ridiculous to us, but bravo to her for getting someone to pay that much.

    LOL, and I imagine a p***y lined with gold would be cold and uncomfortable! 😛

  • Four grand for sex? I can’t even begin to imagine what that involved. Bet he claimed it as a tax deduction though. There were a couple of politicians busted recently in Australia who used their expense accounts to visit brothels, filing the charges under ‘Entertainment.’ And I agree, there definitely is a double standard when it comes to what is legal and what isn’t with regard to prostitution.

  • Meleah

    Hey you! Long time no see (over here). He would have been SMARTER to get a 20$ blowjob! “so you hear” ha ha ha ha

    That IS a good question.

    See. Thats what I am saying. This SHOULD be like an episode of cops! I guess I could give her a “kudos” for being able to charge an number that ridiculous…..but, No. and a p*ssy lined with gold might be ‘scratchy’ he he he he

    yes….4 Grand. WTF! Total double standard. this topic is giving me a headache.

  • There’s no real hard time they can give a guy for hiring a prostitute. I think it’s just a fine. What they are doing ( and as some pointed out here) is busting them on money laundering. That’s where the real jail time comes in. Also I don’t believe it’s illegal to hire an escort. It only becomes illegal when you offer sex for money. So I could in theory hire a girl for these high prices and have her “escort” me to a party or something. Unless they can actually PROVE the money was for sex they can’t do much.

    The people who ran the ring will be brought down over the money stuff too. It’s like when they busted the big time gangsters. Did they get them for murder? No, the usually got them over money stuff because there is a paper trail with that and tax evasion and all sorts of other crimes that are “white collar.”

    And just so you know Meleah, while this girl certainly was not worth 4 grand an hour, you and your blog are priceless.

  • Meleah


    And just so you know Meleah, while this girl certainly was not worth 4 grand an hour, you and your blog are priceless.”

    Now that was the NICEST thing ANYONE has said to me in a long time. xxoo Love you dood.

  • I know, it’s so unbelievable.
    I still don’t understand why he resigns over this. Prostitution is a necessity for some people, so what’s the big deal here? Why must he resign – this part I really don’t get it!

  • Meleah

    I dont understand ANY of this.

  • It’s very dumb. Here the often don’t charge the hookers either, rather they try to charge the pimps, and they make the “johns” go to ‘john school’ which is a workshop, often run by former hookers, who talk about how they really feel having to give blow jobs to idiots who wanna pay for it. Sounds good to me.

  • Meleah


    This topic is making my head spin.

    I cant with this anymore…and its ALL OVER MY TV.

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