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Philadelphia Blogger Meet Up – 2012

Last weekend I had an absolute blast meeting up with fellow bloggers and long time friends: Kathy, Valerie, and Ron. In fact, it was pretty totes amazeballs. We shared a lot of laughs, wonderful conversation, a lot of love, and some really great food. Getting together definitely added a new dimension to our relationship. And I can’t wait to do it again.

But rather than bore you with still photographs, or a write a bullet-point filled post covering the highlights of the day, I created this little video montage for your viewing pleasure.


PS: If you ever get the opportunity to meet with online friends in person, you must try it.  I’ve done this several times now and I’ve always been utterly delighted.

PPS: Ron’s take on the day’s events can be found by clicking HERE!

* Have you ever met online friends – in real life?

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  • Oh that would be LOVELY!

  • I wouldn’t think you were a Super Stalker if you showed up on MY doorstep!

  • Where did you folks meetup? Trader Joe’s? I’m always shocked to learn how normal most of the bloggers I know online are when we meet in real life.

  • We met up at the Reading Terminal Market.
    And, yes, they were all very normal.
    With the exception of me, of course.

  • ~G

    Hey Mel, ~G (Gina) here.

    I know I’ve been gone for some time, but I’m back. My blog domain was stolen (long story) so I had to create a new one. I have to start all over again. I just hope my “followers” come back.

    It’s awesome that you guys get together, and I swear I’ll be out there someday. Life just keeps getting in the way.

    Anywho, come by sometime. The new place is exactly like the old place but the domain is different by a letter. I haven’t posted anything yet, but I’m getting there. I just wanted to pop in and say I miss you and I miss the blogosphere.

    We’ll talk soon.


  • HOLY SHIT!!!


    Damn girl. I’ve missed you!
    Welcome back!



  • That’s sofa king awesome! yes, I’ve met one of my Internet buddies and it was amazing! 🙂

  • Abbigayle Rashae

    Found you through Link Referral!

    Mind checking out my blog, reviewing it, and publicly following if you like it?
    I’ve also got a giveaway that ends tomorrow night(:

    Best wishes,
    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  • whenpigsfly

    Just stopping by from Ron’s site. It looks like you all had a blast. I met up with Ron last fall finally when I was in Philly. It was so fantastic. Every time I feel like not blogging anymore, I think of all the great connections I’ve made. I guess I’ll have to keep writing and connecting.

  • Yes, it was!!b


  • Isn’t Ron EXACTLY how you imagined he would be? I loved that about him. And also, yes, please keep writing!

  • I absolutely LOVE your videos. LOVE them! Awesome song and that chick (dude?) dancin’ with the cane made the video. Well, besides the four of you 🙂 Fantastic job!

  • Aww!!
    Thank you, Kelly!

    And I cannot tell you how happy I am that YOU updated your blog!

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