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So after reading my comments yesterday… I wanted to make something clear.

When I said I was accepting donations, (for a hand held camcorder) I was thinking about my family members that HAVE camcorders and do not even use them. I was *hint *hinting they should possibly donate the un-used cameras to me, as I am 100% obsessed with filming my whole family 24/7, preserving memories, and providing entertainment for myself, my family and the internet.

Since I was unclear in my *hint *hint donations request, some of ya’ll brought up the subject of PAY PAL. (via comments and emails)

I have considered adding a PAY PAL button over in the side bar——>

But? Wouldn’t that be the same as “cyber-begging” or “pan-handling”

Is? that….. tacky?

Wouldn’t that be taking advantage of basic human kindness buy asking people to send their money? Even though that money will go towards helping ME, keep up this site, I’d be able to dedicate more time to writing even funnier and better posts for your reading pleasure and pay for the costly supplies, equipment, and the much needed bandwidth to help me continue to give YOU entertainment and laughter?

I know plenty of other bloggers that have PAY PAL buttons on their sites. They sell stuff like coffee mugs, t-shirts, or even some of their writing. They ask for donations to support the blog. I don’t find it offensive, but I feared people would find mine offensive.

I am not selling anything, which entitles me to a Pay Pal Button. (like “Momma Mia Mea Culpa” Tee-shirts ….but I could….. if I had a Pay Pal button to pay for the costs to make the shirts…that is, if you really wanted to sport a tee-shirt with my goofy logo and goofy face on it. Or, I could draw pictures, and paint furniture….if people wanted them, they could buy them with the Pay Pal button.)

Or, I could just have a Pay Pal button, so if people feel like they want to support my blog, and writing, or you can simply help pay for a book to teach me some proper grammar.

So? Maybe me, adding a Pay Pal button IS? a GOOD idea?

It sure would make getting me birthday and chris-ma-channukah gifts easier, ya’ll (including family) could just donate $ … (hahahahahahahahaaaa)

I’m taking a VOTE

It’s up to YOU guys…




in the comments section of this post.

(of course, if I win the mega millions tonight this will all be a moot point)

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  • Flint

    Hmm I kinda think paypal is a little like cyber panhandling. Now if you were to sell something, like perhaps some hot photos, then we might be in business.

    How are you Mealeah? Coming out to Cali soon?

  • Leslie

    Hello dear. I have a tip jar on Writer’s Well and on Story by Story because I post my writing there, and it says “if you enjoyed this please let me know”. I had one on Smoke Rings (it may be there now, I had to upload an old template when I upgraded to the new wordpress and broke my blog) but I took it down before because I was not paying for a blogger blog (when I had it there) and was not providing writing or anything – I was just blogging. Now that I pay for blog hosting I guess I could reinstate it permanently to cover the cost, but I’m “meh” on the idea.

    It’s up to you. Many people online frown on a Tip Jar for a blogger blog, because you aren’t paying to have it hosted, unless you provide a service.


    My vote is a YES for Pay Pal.

    You could have a little list on the side of your blog, & In addition to all the other merchandise, you could have photos of your crazy painted furniture that was being sold for thousands that you didnt ever care about before, & people can request you to do a peice for them based on a color and pattern scheme they could choose.You could start the letter writing business we’ve always dreamed about, & if and when you win the megamillionsyou could also yeben make the yebens into an actual cartoon and video game and start selling that with your papypal account too.

    If they preorder anything RIGHT THIS very minute they WILL NOT pay shipping and handling!

  • Anonymous


    I read your blog last night and I watched some of the U-Tubes…. NICE JOB!!! Evelyn is my idol!!!! I must meet her some day.

    Oh and I vote YES!!!!

    Merri (UW)

  • meleah rebeccah

    Evelyn RULZ… see why I need more / better cameras for bigger better movies!

    Glad you voted YES!

  • Anonymous

    Set up PAY PAL….couldn’t hurt. This could help you market your “Brand”. I like the idea of making shirts or other novelty items w/ your trademark identify on it…it’s catchy and should be in circulation. I would wear one of your shirts, but please spare me a goofy faced shirt of yours!!

    Robert Walsh

  • meleah rebeccah


    I knew you’d vote YES! Ha ha!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Leslie… I will call / email you later about this, after all, you will be the one installing it for me, IF I choose to have it! For the record, I really do want a DOT COM account for momma mia, which will cost money… as far as services provided… I mentioned the drawing / pianted furniture / and / or making tee’s… and there may be this letter writing thing, I will explain to you. Im a bit “meh” on the idea too… THUS the vote! I don’t know if this is a NO or a YES vote, so you will go in the UNDECIDED section of the tally!

  • meleah rebeccah

    wow.. Now I have soooo much to think about people!!

    Flint… I like the selling hot potatos idea! Easy and useful. and FUNNY as hell! No idea when Ill be in CA 🙁

  • meleah rebeccah

    so far:

    3 votes for YES
    0 votes for NO
    2 undecided

  • meleah rebeccah


    Yeah! That letter writing “thing” is sooo important! Too bad I can’t use what I did for you as a “show” for people.

    Show the poeple what I received in the RAW version of your email, and what I did to it and HOW I re-wrote it.

    Damn… maybe Shelia will let me USE the stuff I am going to write for her as an example?

    2 hours / 2 pages / $200.00

    And, I know…. all about the thousands of dollars I never collected from the Art Gallery that sold all my hand painted furniture. I was stoops back then.

    When I win the Mega Millions I will make sure the YEBENS are a real cartoon in real life.

  • Anonymous

    Yes to Pay Pal…UR

  • meleah rebeccah

    Thanks Uncle Rick (UR)

  • meleah rebeccah

    4 yes
    0 no
    2 undecided

  • Anonymous

    What does a hot potatoe go for these days? Does it include toppings?

  • Anonymous

    A T-shirt w/ your butt plastered on it would be perfect…..but only if it was a real imprint of it. I’m sure you’ve heard of “Finger Painting” for kids, why not make ass painting equally as popular for adults.

  • meleah rebeccah

    okay… so i need to provide a SERVICE to have a PAY PAL…

    Tee shirts?

    any ideas?


  • meleah rebeccah

    um…. N0000!!!

  • Anonymous

    here’s a START… for t-shirts:

    Custom T-Shirts
    Shirt Screen Printers –
    Design Online at CustomInk


  • Anonymous

    Hmmm. Well… Hmmmm.
    You could DEFINITELY sell Melz Merchandise — painted jeans, ties, wall hangings, stuff. And I do like the ‘tip jar’ idea, especially since you spend your cash on mac accessories instead of food. And as far as the cyber-begging, well, no one has to click the button if they don’t want to, right? Sooooooo — I vote YES to the PayPal button.

  • meleah rebeccah

    YES! MOMMY! Thank YOU!

  • Anonymous

    My vote is yes. You deserve it for all the work you put in to the site. I have first dibs on a “Vote for Evelyn” T-Shirt

    Jamie Hopkins

  • meleah rebeccah

    7 yes
    0 no
    2 undecided

  • meleah rebeccah


    I love the Vote for Ev t-shirt idea!

    That beats the hell out of the fingerpaint my ass to a t-shirt idea!

    You will get the FIRST one ever made!

  • Maya

    i vote yes…
    free money is always a good thing.

  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    Hiya MMMC;

    I still like the idea of the 5k running event. I can just see a bunch of people running with their flashlights on. HaHaHa

    In this PayPal ordeal, well then I guess I have to go with the majority. Democracy rules!!!!

    So when will I be getting an EV tshirt??? just make sure is not a pink color shirt Pleaseeeeeee!!!

  • meleah rebeccah

    do my eyes deceive me? MAYA actually commented?

    holy! shit! and hell yes!

    i love you!

  • meleah rebeccah

    9 yes
    o no
    2 undecided

    okay… well… looks like i am going to get a pay pal button, and make vote for ev teeeee shirts!


    lets see what else i can make / sell?

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    I say why the hell not…if people want to give you money, just take it with a smile! Actually…I’m just curious how much you’ll make!

    lauren (Q)

  • meleah rebeccah

    okay,,, thats

    11 YES

    0 NO

    2 undecided…

    okay, what if i DO agree to a few finger printed tee’s (a limited edition?)…. but the EV shirts are FIRST

  • Anonymous

    Hey cousin…..I think it is a good idea. Hey, it couldn’t hurt. So sorry to hear about great aunt Helen – what a life she led and what a wonderful, kind woman.

    ON A BETTER NOTE……ADAM AND TRACY ARE PREGNANT!!!!! O.K., so why didn’t I get a phone call or text from you or your mother???? Your both in deep shit now, lol.

    Love you cuz,
    Shell oxoxox

  • smoke_eater

    Go for it, nothing wrong with it. If you need T-shirts made let me know I make them on the side, Ill do it for you at cost!!!!!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Shelly! SHIT! OMG…Shoot me

    I am an asshole for not texting / emailing / IM-ing…But YES… Adam & Traci BABY!!!

    Oh god! IM AN AUNT

    but, I have mentioned before this is the only way I communicate anymore!
    (the blog holds all news!)

    I miss you and, When? am I gunna meet that wife of yours? Oh right, I would probably have to CALL someone, or EMAIL someone. the old fashioned way!


  • meleah rebeccah

    13 YES

    0 NO



  • meleah rebeccah


    THERE YOU ARE! I have missed YOU!

    welcome back!

    and DOOD? seriously? the tee shirts?


    I have a FEW that I need

    The VOTE FOR EVELYN… I’d want her face on the front with a kick ass slogan, and on the BACK all the addresses o her YOU TUBE movies? Or something like that. at least the URL for the politics movie

    and apparently I need a finger-paint style imprint of my ass on the BACK of a MOMMA MIA SLOGAN front.

    We can chat about the details later!

    THIS WOULD BE GREAT, and FUNNY as hell!

  • Drama Div@

    go ahead.. just add the button!

  • meleah rebeccah

    DRAMA… You are NOW going on my BLOGROLL

    love that! DIG you!

  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    Are we allowed to vote twice, it’s only 9:56 and the dateline is tonight midnight for the final count right???

    I think of it this way, I haven’t check my lottery numbers but if I win it all rest assure there will be some serious ass kicking, Eve tshirts and long sleeve shirts with reflective materials for the October run 🙂

    Gotta luv the Matriarch, that’s all for now Meleah!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    I vote “tacky”. Hey, I have two kids in college, and, next year, that number will increase to three!!! My house needs siding that I can’t afford along with other necessary stuff. So, if anybody could benefit from a Pay Pal, I think it would be me!!!!

    Please make your tax deductible donations to “Help the Hopelessly Middle-Aged Suburban White Boy”……………


  • meleah rebeccah


    That’s ONE BIG FAT NO! The first and ONLY NO I have had yet!

  • meleah rebeccah

    15 YES
    1 NO
    2 Undecided

  • Anonymous

    Well I would definatly vote a yes…especially if you are going to share your emminant riches with me!


  • meleah rebeccah


    ha ha ha

    you can buy a VOTE for EV tee shirt….(thats RICH right there)

    Or , maybe one of the other Tee shirt ideas which was a Momma Mia logo on the front of a tee and my ass imprinted (fingerpaint style) on the back….

    16 yes
    1 NO
    2 undecided

  • Anonymous

    Let us not forget…you have NO ass!

    How bout hittin some squats to put a little junk in the trunk before you immortalize it!


  • meleah rebeccah

    I love you dawson. I love you

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm! In an age where everyone is asking for money, and we have little idea where it ends up, I see nothing wrong with cyber-begging… Especially… as your goal is a limited, reasonably valued object… It’s not like your funding breast implants. Also, you are performing a service for your family in recording the life and times of Evelyn (grandmother)… It’s for a good cause… Besides, Ron owes you as you were a huge pain in the ass about a certain account… Harassing the shit out of me to lower the premium… In fact, everyone owes you as you probably performed a huge public service in reducing Ron’s tension level when you got the revised quote… Ron is probably intolerable at home… Go print up, “I survived a Ron Colonna tantrum” tee-shirt. Brian Dawson

    PS.. It’s not like your in everyone’s face. If they want to give let em give!

  • meleah rebeccah

    final vote

    17 YES

    1 NO


    Its going ON people

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