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Painting, Paring Down, And My Book

I spent this weekend enjoying the time I have left in my house. The Best Friend came over on Friday night, with chef BrookeStone [insert angels singing] for an evening of pan seared halibut, haricot verde, over fresh garlic with patty pan squash and a spinach salad on the side drizzled in a homemade balsamic dressing. Followed by a movie. Oh My God. Blades Of Glory. Why didn’t anyone tell me about that movie earlier?

(My two new favorite lines: “Little Orphan Awesome” and “I’ll get inside your face.”)

Anyway, Saturday The Best Friend & I spent the day painting. After an expensive trip to Michael’s art supply store, we set up shop in my dining room:


Mind you, in all the time I have lived in this house (4 years) I have used my dining room table…maybe….3 times. I have been so consumed with keeping my house ‘perfect’ at all the times, I have never used my house to live in, or to its full capacity, or even really enjoy. It’s just been work to live here. I wont go into certain rooms or use them, that way I have less to clean. Its easier to maintain a room if you don’t really use it. Well, now that I am leaving my house, the constant urge / need to make and keep everything immaculate is starting to subside. I am actually taking full advantage of all my house has to offer. Including the dinning room table. Which, by the way, makes for the perfect place to paint.


I haven’t lifted a paintbrush in at least 4 years. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the task. My brother Adam, and his wife Traci are having a baby. The baby is due October 22nd. They asked ME to paint the fan blades in the baby’s room. Flattered, isn’t even the appropriate word. You have no idea how much it means to me to have been invited to be a part of creating the baby’s room.

Now, my usual painting style is abstract or psychedelic type of artwork, yanno… typical dead-head-ish. But, this is a baby. Not a teenager that recently discovered acid. So, I wanted to make something that was baby friendly, yet still complete with the undertones of Aunt Meleah. This way it can be personalized, instead of just being some sort of interior decoration.

Traci had given me three pillows so that I could get the color scheme and feel for the design and motif she is going for. But there are 4 fan blades. I decided to use 3 fan blades to match the 3 pillows. I think? I did a pretty good job of mastering the look:







(What do you think Adam & Traci? Do you love em?)

For the fourth and final blade, I am going to paint in the trademarked MELZ style. With Masons name painted out in my famous trippy fashion. That one blade will be my little personalized spin. I haven’t finished that one yet, so I will have to revise this post and add that picture when that blade is done.

(I hope you guys like them)

REVISED:  Here is the Last Blade:


Sunday, I woke up to my familiar need to clean and do laundry. I also decided to undergo the monumental task of pairing down. I had no idea how much crap I have been accumulating since I have lived here. My decision to start packing up was slammed short when I realized just how much shit I have to get rid of. I can’t even begin to do the closets or the laundry room, which I have been using like a garage. There is so much junk I need to throw out. At some point this week, I am have to go to The Home Depot to purchase the contractor sized garbage bags. You know those industrial kind? These little Hefty bags aren’t going to cut it. That way I can just toss out whatever is broken, or old, or of no use to anyone anymore. Then, I can get rid of all the things I don’t want or need.

Its going to be strange, cleaning out and packing my house. I had always imagined I would live here forever, or until I got married…or something like that.

Alas, I am at peace with moving on, and moving out. I almost cant wait to hurry up and get the fuck out of here already to start living without the bill /rent stress all over me.

Finally, after a wonderful weekend filled with heavenly foods, classic rock music, painting, and friends, I sat in my bubble bath and relaxed. Yes. I relaxed. In silence. In warm glowing candle light and bubbles. (the bathtub is another part of my house I never really used because its too gianormous to clean.) Wow. Why haven’t I been taking baths every Sunday night? It was so nice to be still. (um…oh, and…the tub stopped my back from feeling like it was on fire, as if someone punched me really hard. I think it was from all that painting and cleaning and lifting and throwing out things…man I feel old.)

This upcoming week is going to be very busy for me: finishing the blades, packing my house, getting rid of things I don’t want or need, going though all of my ‘stuff’, letting my landlord know that I am leaving, ect ect ect. (and work a full time job and take care of my son, and oh yeah…trying to finish chapter three….)

Yeah, thats right CHAPTER 2 is now posted. I posted it below Chapter One, rather than how a blog works. This way if someone new in the world happens to find it, the book reads in order, instead of reverse.)

Even though I am incredibly busy, I will be posting here, and reading and commenting. It will be like my own little game, “Lets see exactly how much I can accomplish in a single day without collapsing.”

I wish my weekend could’ve lasted longer, there is still so much I want, and need to do…but this whole having a day job thing gets in the way of all that!

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  • Lis

    I’m jealous of your mad painting skills! The giraffe is my favourite.

    Gonna go read chapter 2 now…

  • Those blades came out very well. I’ve never heard of painting fan blade before. It’s an interesting concept. I was thinking about doing a Disney Princess mural on the wall in my Girls’ room but the landlord would probably have a fit so I decided against it. Have a great monday!

  • You’ve been busy! I love you chica! Oh and hey, if you give stuff away to Goodwill instead of tossing it, and get a receipt for the gift, you get a big ass tax write off next year. Yanno, if you want…. 😉

  • Jodi

    OH MY! How absolutely beautiful! I love them! Mason is very lucky!
    and now I am off to read…….
    Peace Peace

  • They’re beautiful! You are woman of many talents Meleah! 🙂

  • Painted celing fan blades…..verrrrrrry cool! 🙂
    Take care,

  • The best friend


  • jon

    I’ve been enjoying it! Keep up the writing! 😀

  • You are amazingly talented – I have seen things in toy shops, baby gear stores that were nowhere near as good as those fan blades. What a fantastic idea! Good luck with your packing and clearing out – it is always a tiresome task. I am going to go and read the new chapter now. Looking forward to it.

  • Meleah


    Im jealous of your mad drawing skills! Thanks for reading and commenting on the book! you are the best.


    Thanks! They were fun to make. I had never thought of painting fan blades either, but thats what they asked for, thats what they wanted, and thats what they got! I used to paint murals on all the walls in all of my apartments, I just painted over them when I moved out.


    Good Call. Always looking out. I have been CRAZY BUSY, and just wait to hear what went down today. I miss the INTERNET….sooo much….*sigh* I’m hitting all my favorite blogger sites tonight and all damn day tomorrow (since I am probably fired, since I called out AGAIN today….but I am NOT sick. I called out for GOOD NEWS) anyway…. love you too. xxoo

    The Best Friend -Jennifer

    Yeah I know, but I never listen to you. You know that.


    Thank you so much for the book compliment. Much appreciated.


    Awww…that was soooo sweet. Thank you. Thank you even more for the comment over on the book site.


    Thank you Thank you 🙂 You are the cutest. (I know how much you like being called that via cre8 buzz ha ha ha ha)


    I try. I try.


    Yeah, they are pretty cool. Thanks!

  • Best to your brother and his wife and the new arrival. I’m glad you’re making peace withe this huge change in your life and uhpoe one day you wind up in an even bigger and better house with more rooms then you know what to do with.

  • Best to your brother and his wife and the new arrival. I’m glad you’re making peace with this huge change in your life and hope one day you wind up in an even bigger and better house with more rooms then you know what to do with.

  • You are a superwoman. You can paint, cook, write, clean… you are doing very well my friend 🙂
    And you deserve to have more bubble baths!

  • Meleah


    Yeah, I am getting there. But just WAIT till tomorrow for some BIG NEWS.


    I think your right! I am super woman!! I do need more bubble baths! Thank you!

  • My God, we ARE twins!!!! I watched Blades of Glory for the first time 2 weeks ago!!!! I LOVED IT. And I swear to you that was before I saw the scene that had Jenna Fischer from the Office in lingerie. Really, I mean I’m swearing on my ‘more cowbell’ t-shirt here!!!!!!

  • You are so artistic! Those panels are beautiful. It’s like something you’d see in a store. Amazing.

    And I gotta agree – there is nothing better than taking a bubble bath. Candles. A magazine even. Maybe a glass of wine. It’s such a simple thing to do yet it is so relaxing and indulgent.

  • Meleah

    ADAM AND TRACI could not comment as they were IN LABOR, but they saw the blades and THEY LOVE them…. wheee!

  • Meleah

    Michael C:

    Yeay! But why are we just finding this movie now? Damn! Do you know how many times I could have used the line ” SEX TORNADO ON ICE ” had I watched this movie earlier!

  • Damn those day jobs! Good for you for taking time to relax and treat yourself. And, last but not least, Blades of Glory is freakin’ AWESOME!!! I love that movie so much. Tell me you’ve seen Talladega Nights. If you haven’t, you need to.

  • Oh you are too much!!
    What a brilliant job you have done! Such talent wrapped up in such a lovely package! I am most impressed!

    Isn’t it dreadful how we only really appreciate something when we are preparing to lose it. We never use the good china, we stave off using something for fear of spoiling it, we don’t take luxurious baths in decadent tubs for fear we may have to clean it. It is sad.
    We have all been guilty.
    Oh, there is much to be said for living each day as if it were our last!
    We always regret the things we didn’t do…

    So glad to hear you are enjoying the life of a bon vivant after so long.
    You certainly deserve it!
    The food sounds divine!

    Bon Appetit!


  • Meleah


    I know right!….These day jobs ruin all the fun and suck all the creativity out of me! Dood Blades Of Glory Rules….and Hell Yes… I saw Talladega Nights with my son. We run all over the house quoting that movie.


    First, thank you for the compliment.

    Second, that is so true. I havent allowed myself many simple pleasures and beauties of my life… and I am tried of ‘saving’ all my nice ‘stuff’ instead of USING it and ENJOYING it. I have this beautiful cigarette case and stunning crystal ashtrays I never used either…its high time I bask in the pleasures and really treating myself.

    And the food….was un-beeeee-leeeee-vable.

  • Good luck on your move Meleah. If I were near by I’d help you. It’s what happens when you have a truck. All of a sudden you have a lot of friends 🙂

  • I know? I feel like we need to make up for lost time now!!!!
    Except, I haven’t found an appropriate time for Sex Tornado on ice yet. I’m working diligently on it though

  • Meleah


    I am pretty sure we are hiring MOVERS. I am NOT carrying all my shit down 4 flights of stairs! But thank you for the offer to help! ….I am sure I will be posting my drama during the move, and chasing my father with my camera for some candid photos of heavy lifting.

    Michael C:

    I have NO DOUBT in my mind that YOU will find the perfect time and place to work that line into a conversation. 🙂

  • I love those fan blades! Also read chapter 2 and I can’t wait for more!

  • Meleah

    Thank you so much Courtney! I am already working on Chapter Three!!

  • HollyGL

    Those blades are fabulous, Mereb! I know how difficult moving can be on various levels. Just keep in mind all of the positives as best you can. …and know I’m only an email away if you need moral support. 🙂

  • Great work. Yeah blades of glory was awesome 🙂

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