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Opt Out Day & The New TSA Bumper Stickers

Okay people. There’s a lot of noise on the internet right now regarding this hot topic. Tomorrow, Wednesday November 24th 2010 is National Opt Out Day. It’s the day ordinary citizens stand up for their rights, liberty, and protest the federal government’s desire to virtually strip us naked or submit to an “enhanced pat down”. And yadda, yadda, yadda, everyone’s pissed. For more information please read the following blog post written by my dearest friend Leslie.

Read:Take A Stand For Real Airport Safety, Opt Out

*Personally? I would rather be SAFE than SORRY. But, that’s coming from someone who doesn’t leave her house very often – let alone fly on a plane.

Oh, and just for shits and giggles here are some suggestions for TSA ‘Bumper Stickers’ because with such a sensitive issue at hand, I think we all could use a little laughter.

[*disclaimer: I  did not make any of those up. And, I don’t know who did. Nonetheless, I found them to be hilarious. Thanks, Jim.]

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  • Silverneurotic

    Yeah…I don’t think I’m going to be flying anytime soon.

  • Lucy

    My mom,dad, husband and son are so glad they are flying today!!! People are stressed enough around the Holidays without adding to it. I hope no one decides to go all nuts and lose it over this and someone really gets hurt. I always thought the restrictions were getting out of hand but AMERICANS freaked when the planes were hi -jacked now that we are 9 years out people seem to be relaxing more. My personal belief, if terrorist want to attack they will figure out a way and Americans will bitch we didn’t do enough to stop them but hey let’s make everyone miserable on the most traveled day of the year because we certainly are not stressed enough (LOL)

  • That makes two of us, Nik!

  • I’ve never liked flying. And now I have even more of a reason to stay home!

  • So..you’d rather be blown up at 35,000 feet than get your tit felt for 30 seconds? Please.

    ..and the moment a plane gets blown up by a successful underwear bomber..or someone stuffs C4 in the crack of their ass…people are going to be asking, ‘how could we not stop this?’


    *gets off soap box

    *gets back on soap box because it’s easier to look down a woman’s shirt

    *I like soap boxes

  • Moog: You crack me up!

  • Ron

    OMG….I’m sitting here laughing my ass off at these bumper stickers; trying to figure out which one I like most!


    “We’ve handled more balls than Barney Frank.”

    Bwhahahahahahahhahahaa! Too funny!

    And this is WHY I hardly fly. If I can’t get somewhere by car, train, boat, or my legs…I don’t go.

    FAB post, Meleah! Loved it!


  • Thanks Ron.
    Everyone is so worked up about this I just needed to find something funny to
    lighten things up a bit!

  • Thanks for linking, Melz 🙂 The placebo screening techniques we use that don’t do a thing to keep us safe are a hot button topic, for sure!

  • Apparently!

  • Marty Wombacher

    Funny bumper stickers! I’ll be flying around Christmas, I’m going to ask how much they charge for a “happy ending.”

  • Ahahahahah! Good Luck!

  • Alex flies all the time. He’ll be taking 3 trips to Washington DC before Christmas. I don’t think the procedures are that big a deal for the occasional traveler,but when you fly all the time, Jeeze Louise!

  • Sadly I won’t be flying anytime soon. But knowing me I wouldn’t hesitate to drop it all off and make a spectacle of myself in my diver’s suit at the TSA’s checkpoint… see how far that gets me 🙂

  • Something stupid I would probably say while getting pat down: “…a little lower…lower…to the left….ahhhh….ya, that’s the spot….”

  • Selma

    No wonder I have a fear of flying. Sheesh.

  • Yeah, I can’t even imagine traveling as much a Alex.

  • That might be hilarious!

  • That? Would be AWESOME.

  • Ditto!

  • Anonymous

    i wish someone would pat me down. humph! how about we walk in naked and save them the trouble. that would feel weird and nasty.

  • Not groping grandma is NOT profiling, and this is NOT about safety … it is about Barney’s Frank grab 4 the beans!

  • ahahahahah! OMG Valerie, my blog header has been doing that for three years! Ahahahahhahh

  • 🙂

  • I am so glad I have no plans to go anywhere. This is going to make traveling even more miserable.

  • Anonymous

    get the freak out of here. i haven’t noticed and i always notice stuff like this. geeze. i’m going to stand in the corner now.

    3 years. for real. dang.

  • FOR REAL, Valerie! My header has been changing upon refreshing for three years!!!!

    *I am soooooooooo hysterical laughing right now*

  • I feel awful for anyone that has to travel during this holiday season.

  • Anonymous

    and i kept refreshing like it was a new toy going oooh, look, it did it again.


  • Titfortat


    What a joke. Like they couldnt blow up the bus. Are you ready for pat downs/screenings before you take the bus to work?

  • Anonymous

    Noithing like getting felt up in line at the airport to make me appreciate the joy of flying.
    I’m one of those that, if I get tagged for the “full body scan” will opt out for the “pat down” and will enjoy the extra attention it may garner. I am considering joining the TSA for my second career but I am worried about the qualifications/requirements. Is it based upon education, experience or is most of the training hands on?

  • Ahahahahah! Ahahahahhah! Oh, Agg!

  • Anonymous

    Toadally HILARIOUS! Read them aloud to the MoH and we both had a good laugh. I’m with you. Whatever it takes. Just get me on the plane.

  • For real! Just get me on the plane!

  • Awake In Rochester

    I was disappointed to hear on the news that not many people opted out. Only about 1%. Personally I wouldn’t want to be ex-rayed after having a CT-Scan that had maga rays.

  • I haven’t decided how I feel about it just yet.

  • Jules

    Yeah I don’t know why people are so upset over this… People will continue to bitch until the TSA finds someone with a weapon who was supposed to be on their flight. I would much rather be safe…

  • Id rather be safe too. I mean really!

  • Heh… if they want to see me naked, all I can say is… well… they’ll regret it. It’s not a pretty sight. I guess it doesn’t really bother me that much, though. I’d rather them do this than have someone sneak a bomb on a plane, but I can see why people are uncomfortable about it.

    If you want a laugh, check out this video to see just how effective those body scanners are:

  • Thanks, Mike!

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