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One of the many reasons I love my father so much…

One of the many reasons I love my father so much.

In his quest to help keep his daughter from smoking for YEARS, he can’t be happier that I have finally decided to give it a shot. So, aside from posting warning signs, he went out to the store to pick me up some lollipops.

When they didn’t have lollipops in a bag for sale, did he go to another store? Search for another place that would have a bag of lollipops? No! Instead, my father bargained with the cashier to buy the WHOLE BOX that was on the counter.

“Look, you don’t understand! My daughter just quit smoking for the first time, (like it was life and death situation) I have to get her lollipops! (as if it were a REAL emergency) What can I do to get you to sell me this whole box right now? (like a car sales man)”

(can you people start to see why I am sooo spoiled and why sometimes I think the world really does revolve around me! Who else would do that for me…. No one but MY DADDY!!)

Okay, so I will have better lungs and bad teeth to look forward to in my near future!

Good thing I am so into the “brush your teeth” to help stop smoking!

Have a Lollipop, Brush my teeth, Have a Lollipop, Brush my teeth…

Do you see another Obsessive Compulsive Disorder on the horizon?

THANK YOU DADDY …… I love you!

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  • Anonymous

    so u are really doing the quiting..ugh…hang in there sweetie..and you know the offer to come to visit is always open anytime you want….

    Uncle Bob

  • Michael

    You’re doing well! Kudos! I was having a conversation with the guy that shares my office and he had quit about four years ago. He is onboard with that QuitNet network but something cool he mentioned was QuitNet actually totaled from your profile how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked since the quit date. Think about it!!!! That’s progress!

  • Anonymous

    Meleah, I was told by a firend of mine who was bored to look up my name as there are alot of things that pop up on Google. I found you. I am also Meleah, 33years anda libra. I thought that was pretty cool so I thought that I would write you a little note. If you want send me an e-mail.

  • meleah rebeccah


    (yeah I have like 5 pages of my name MELEAH REBECCAH on google)

    BUT….How can I send you an EMAIL?

    I dont have your email address!

    I would LOVE TO chat!!

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