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ONE more day…

I always need one more day… just one more day, to fit in all the things I want and need to do. Friday, after a full day work in the 9-5 life, I came home to clean the house and took care of all the chores. Saturday, was well spent with my family. Good food, great laughs, and funny commentaries by Evelyn (She clears up any confusion and stops all debates, as to who is the biggest whore in Hollywood these days).


By Sunday, I was so sick and so exhausted. I slept until 2pm, woke up with a head cold and fever. I took a handful of OTC sinus, cold, flu, cough medications, and I went back to bed at 8pm, slept until Monday.

Now that I feel mildly better (and I use the term “feel better” loosely) I was not able to dedicate the 8 hours I planned on Sunday to writing. If I had one more day, to be home… one extra day…. I would be able to clean do all my damn chores, see and spend time with my family / friends, get in the sleep I need AND have time to write. I need a 4 day weekend every weekend or I am never going to finish writing this book! *sigh* How can I take off on MONDAY’S? hmmm……?
I think when my “vacation time” renews…I will use that time WISELY.

(I will ONLY use my new vacation time for when either Justin or I am sick, and for writing…instead of taking an actual VACATION. Just an idea… My vacation last year was hell anyway. It was a wasted week in the BAHAMMAS.)

PS… Has anyone, other than me, ever watched THIS movie? Small Time Crooks…(If you are ever contemplating robbing a bank, maybe you should consider baking cookies instead. Watch the movie!)

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  • Leslie

    Awww, and we were so psyched to see you, too…. 😉

  • meleah rebeccah

    please that week in the bahamas with shan was a WASTE of time OFF last year… not gunna make THAT mistake AGAIN!!

    Its writing, sick days and YOU for VACATION time!!!

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