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One Issue Resolved, And A New Problem Arises. Oh, And An Important Question.

Okay. People.

I finally figured out what’s been stopping me from posting regularly.

Since I started this blog almost four years ago, I’ve never really thought too much about censoring anything I write.

Sure, I have had to omit certain things out of respect for other people. I’ve definitely changed names to protect the not-so innocent. And there was that one time, long ago in a far away galaxy, when I almost got fired from my job, for writing about work.

But for the most part, I’ve been known to share way too much information. I’ve posted quite a few things [and lots of photos] most people would find embarrassing. Clearly, I have no problem being open and brutally honest. And quite frankly, I have no shame.

[Oh elusive dignity, wherefore art thou?]

But, I would also like to believe that is the very reason I have made so many personal and close friendships with you fine people.

I guess it takes a little nerve, a slice of crazy, and a healthy dose of narcissism to lay your whole life out here on the world-wide-web for everyone to see. And that works for me.

I like who I am. And I like what I do. And, doggonit, people like me.

[Wait a second. I just sounded almost exactly like this guy. Great. Just when was trying to find MY OWN VOICE again!]

Anyway, like I was saying [or trying to say] is that what may work for me, does not always work for everyone.
And I respect that.

Which brings me to the point.

The real reason I haven’t posted lately is because I know ‘The New Man’ I am dating is not exactly used to having his life publicized. It’s not that he is shy, not by any stretch of the imagination. He also has no issues whatsoever when it comes to sharing everything with me. However, I don’t think he is quite ready to have particulars surrounding the intimacy of our relationships broadcast across The Internet or splashed on Blog Pages.  At least not yet.

So while I would love to sit here and regale you with tales of ‘All Things Romantic’ and possibly even bore to you to death with incessant gushing, I’ve decided to table that subject temporarily.


Rest. Assured.

I am not going to change the way I am, or the way I write this blog.


Of course, now that I figured out what I was holding back [and moreover why I was holding back] my so-called annoying case of writer’s block has been lifted.

Issue. Resolved.

The latest problem I am facing?

I’ve been sitting here [for several hours] trying to conjure up new ideas from the bottom of the topic barrel. However, since I’ve been spending most of my time with him? Sadly, I don’t have much else to write about.

I haven’t even been home over the last few weeks, long enough for me to scrape together anything about my father. And we all know that man is constantly providing a plethora of blog ideas, topics, and serious raw material to work with.

Alas, I simply cannot continue to drive myself any crazier, while searching for a fabulous new way on how to spin the story of my bedroom curtains into a ‘riveting read’!

Instead, I will just say, “Happy 35th Birthday To Me.”


Since I will be thirty-five years old.


[Thursday. October 8th.]

[Oh, by the way, does anyone know if that age qualifies me as a ‘Cougar’ now? Because if that IS the case? I’d rather turn 34. Again. And maybe even for the next few years.]

PS: I promise to start paying attention to the little things in life again, so next week I should have an actual story to share with ya’ll.

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  • Ah, the old Meleah is back. Ya had me worried there for a minute. Thought you were going soft on us. I figured things were just backed up and you just needed to relax and let things flow naturally.

    I can see your dilemma with not wanting to pass along stories about the new guy. One one hand you have so much you want to share, but on the other, you respect his privacy and don’t want to mess up a good deal. I have people in my life that I could share a few stories with you that would make you blush, but I don’t feel it is right for me to out them on the net without their knowledge or approval. So, you are 110% right in keeping him off the Meleah radar. Besides, I think that there are many more interesting stories to come from the Life According to Meleah.

    And Happy Birthday! 35? I’d don’t know if I would label you as a Cougar. You’re still a young hottie in my book. Now if you started dating guys who just got out of high school, you might qualify. I hope you celebrate your birthday with all of the pomp and dignity it deserves (Party On!).

  • Tis all good lady. I’d rather know that you’re seriously happy than have something to read. 🙂 XOXO

    Happy Birthday to you! 35 does not qualifiy you as a Cougar unless the guy you’re dating is between 18 and 21ish. Its a sliding scale that we’re working a formula out for. I hope tomorrow is super special happy day for you!

  • beth

    I don’t think you hit cougar status until you are my age (around 45) so no worries. Happy that you are happy. I am working on that. Hope to resurface soon….

  • Ned

    I can completely and totally relate to what you’re saying here (except for the cougar part). Not to be too depressing, but the whole privacy concern was a major factor in my ending my blog. After all, I’m not going to go around airing my dirty laundry, and that accounts for pretty much 90% of what’s on my mind. The result was a dishonest attempt to portray my life in a favorable light.

    You’re not a cougar until you’re over 40, in my opinion, and are dating much younger guys. This is known as being a dirty old man when it’s done by guys.

    I could go on for a while about the various terms people apply to themselves, but let’s just say it’s a game that I don’t see much value in playing.

  • Good to hear you are resolving your writer’s block. You are definitely not old enough for cougar status, even if you were with a young guy. At 35, you are quite young; I celebrated 36 years of marriage a few months ago, and I don’t feel real old. Hope you have a good birthday.

  • A cougar??? Now that makes me laugh a bit, as you are still a spring chicken. I think to be a “true” cougar you must be dating a fellow 2 decades younger, so unless your new man is 15, you should be safe. Ha haaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday from Speedy 😉

  • Happy Birthday! And no, you are nowhere near being a cougar yet. I think you have to be 50 to qualify as a cougar. (Just guessing.) Enjoy your time with your new man. And if I know you at all, I know you’ll be back to regular blogging in no time.

  • cmk

    Don’t have a clue how old a ‘cougar’ is. I’m just a woman who ‘has a very inappropriate crush on a hockey player who happens to be younger than her youngest child–only by a couple of weeks, though’–and I will leave it at that. 😉

    Even though I remember your birthday last year, I didn’t realize it came two days after our anniversary! You, my dear, are just a baby: we just celebrated number 36 yesterday. Hope you have a very good day tomorrow. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Happy Birthday Meleah! It’s good to see you back and as strong as ever! With regards to the new man in your life, you don’t have to tell us anything yet – keeping on building that relationship, and then a time will come when you can regale us with stories of all things romantic!!
    Oh, and I wouldn’t call you a cougar – unless the new man is 17? ;o)

  • Happy Birthday! If you’re a cougar, then I’m a cougar who needs a cane.

    I can completely understand what you’re saying. I rarely write about my husband because he’s not as open as I am. It’s a fine line sometimes, but I completely respect his feelings.

  • Happy 35th Birthday darling Meleah. You no Cougar = You hot sexy babe!

    I’m glad that you are so up front about your life but yeah it is wise to hold back on the details of a person you are dating if it is a little sensitive. No issues, I’m sure you’ll have other things that you can entertain us with. Expecting you to dish out more comical stuff soon.

  • dcr

    Happy Birthday. And, according to Wikipedia, you have to be over 40 to qualify as a cougar.

    “However, I don’t think he is quite ready to have particulars surrounding the intimacy of our relationships broadcast across The Internet or splashed on Blog Pages. At least not yet.”

    And therein you’ve identified why I would never date a blogger. Probably. Not that any blogger would want to date me, but that’s beside the point. And the clincher is the “At least not yet.” Yeah. Um, no.

    Bedroom curtains? I have half a curtain up on one of my bedroom windows. The things are so hard to get on the curtain rod that I quit after getting the one side on. Don’t feel like doing it tonight either. Maybe tomorrow night. Maybe not. I should take a picture first. I like my half curtain. It’s growing on me.

    I thought there was something else I was going to mention, but I’ve completely forgotten it now, save for the fact that I remember there being something else I was going to mention.

  • Bee

    Happy Birthday!! I think you have a few more years before you’re a cougar. Maybe another 20. ;o)

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST MELEAH. I am so glad everything is going well for you. You really deserve it. And you are definitely not a cougar. It’s not until the 40s, I think.

    I know what you mean about keeping certain things private. It’s a good idea.

    Enjoy your birthday and your new love X0X0X0X0

  • Happy birthday, Meleah!!!!!! 35 is a great age – but UNFORTUNATELY you can’t Coug me – I’m 38. The Cougar is not in the age of the Cougar, it’s in the age of the Prey. 🙂


    *SoLow picks up dashed hopes from off of the rocks…*

    Why are we all in “writers’ block mode”?? Fortunately I found it in myself to post up one this morning, but what used to be (almost) daily has relegated itself to (hopefully) monthly. WTF??????

    Nice to see you!!!

  • You can write about my sheer awesomeness.

    That should carry you into 2012.

    You’re welcome.

    Oh..and Happy Pre-Birthday.


  • Hey, it’s your birthday? Cool 😀 Happy birthday to you 😀

    And if you noticed, my posts have been quite few and far between too, I seemed to have lost all ideas on what to post!

  • Ingrid

    I’d say you have at least another 5 years, although a woman is only a cougar if she preys on much younger men.

  • Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday, virtual daughter, Happy Birthday to You!!

    Hmmm…sounds like life is interesting for you. I guess I’ll have to spend some time getting caught up.

    No, 35 doesn”t qualify you as a ‘Couger’ unless you’re new boyfriend is only 15 years old. And you can always avoid that label if you start dating older men. Too bad I’m not available… 🙂

  • Awww, happy belated, hon!!! I hope your birthday weekend is awesome… mine’s next week. Woot Libras!

  • {relief} the real M is back!


    Do all the birthday traditions a 34 year old would do…way more fun for you!

  • Happy Birthday!!!! And its just a number doll…beauty has no age limits!


  • Well hello there! I see you are dating again, he better treat you better than that last bozo. It is good to keep the intimate details from us her on the blogosphere- for a while at least.

    35? really? I don’t mind being a cougar the only problem is I haven’t found any cubs yet….still looking..still looking.

  • Oh I missed your birthday! Hope you had a great day! 35? That’s no age, though you are now in your ‘prime’ so make the very most of it 😉

  • Ha ha.. Age alone is not enough qualification for cougar and never label yourself as such. Everyone deserves to be happy. 🙂

  • Amy

    Happy belated birthday! I’m so sorry I missed it!

  • Don’t sweat not having topics. It happens. You may be in the “topic regrouping phase.” I just made that up by the way. But basically, you are going through all sorts of experiences that will add up to great blog posts down the road.

    HAPPY 35th!!!

  • I SO get that… where IS that line between his stuff and your stuff…

  • LOL! Oh, I’m so glad you figured out what your block was being caused by! Now we can move on and get more regular updates from you again! 🙂 Hmmm – maybe you want some help from your readers on topics to post about? I’ve got an idea – what was one favorite childhood song that you are almost too embarrassed to admit to now. How old were you and why do you think you liked the song?

    BTW – Sooo happy for you regarding your new love interest. I’m sure he will be happy to know how you are respecting his privacy and we don’t mind. We are, of course, always happy to hear anything that you are willing to tell us because we are nosy like that, but the most important thing is the respect in the relationship and that you are happy! 🙂 Hugs to you!

  • Holy crap – all that yapping and I forgot to say “Happy Belated Birthday.” I am sorry I’m late but it was also a member of my family’s birthday so I was celebrating your birthday without even knowing it! LOL! Hope you have a wonderful year, Meleah! 🙂

  • Sorry I’m late – Happy Birthday – Just one more person I’m older than 🙂 I love the way you write and New Guy is none of our business. I’m just glad your happy 🙂

  • I’m sorry I missed your birthday! I am finally catching up. Glad you are having sucha wonderful time with the new beau.

  • I am glad to hear that you are, in a way, ‘protecting’ your relationship with this gentleman. I think it says something, not only about your respect for the relationship, but also your respect for him too.

    I sometimes read another blog in which, though the author writes wonderfully, also has put their spouse in the limelight with all the details and brutal honesty. I know the spouse doesn’t like it… one bit, though it continues.
    I don’t know if there’s any connection or not, but the two are now having serious marital struggles.

    I am glad to hear you’re enjoying this gentleman and relationship! 🙂

    I also want to wish you a Happy Birthday!


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  • Meleah

    Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH everyone!

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