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One In A Million

Thanks to Dawn @ Twisted Sister for this award. She is truly One In A Million.


I have been touched by so many of you here that it is almost impossible for me to choose whom to pass this along to. After some careful consideration, I would like to extend this award onto the following recipients:

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  • You are so gorgeous. Thank you. And definitely one in a million. Of that there is no doubt. ((((Hugs))))

  • Thanks!! I’m glad you thought of me! And congrats to you as well!

  • Lis

    Congrats on getting another awesome award. The graphic for this one is pretty funny.

  • Jodi

    Awwwww Thank you! You truly deserve it! You ARE one in a million in my book!
    TY TY

  • Thanks!! You are one in a million too! xoxo

  • You are the bomb my dear – thank you!!!!!!

  • cmk

    And again I get to blush! Thank you so very much–and back at ya, my dear!

  • Lee

    Thanks, Meleah. And congrats on getting the award from Dawn. I’m constantly in awe of the great people, like you, that I have been getting to know since I started blogging. It’s great.

  • Meleah

    I absolutely love every single ONE of you.

    (Lee: isnt blogging amazing?)

  • Thanks darling! That means according to census results, there are only 1.5 of me roaming around the island of Manhattan! (I’ll keep my eye out for a pair of legs wandering aimlessly and send my regards)

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