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On Books, On DTD, And, On Snow

1. On Books:

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My very dear friend Dana, who some of you know as ‘Random Chick’ self-published her first book entitled, Stupid Poetry, Volume One.

Now, I am the first to admit, I could never write a poem [even if my very life depended on it] so it’s no surprise that I am in awe of her talent. However, after reading the book cover to cover, I was left wondering why she titled the book Stupid Poetry?

Funny? YES! Stupid? NO!

Seriously people, I found myself laughing out loud. A lot. Some of my favorites included her ‘Ode To Toilet Paper’, and the ‘Ode To Dirty Laundry.’ Dana has a gift for turning the mundane-every-day-bullshit into hilarious-limericks.

And therefore, I am going to suggest to all of you, my dear readers, to pick up your own copy of Stupid Poetry, Volume One simply by clicking here, or here!

*Have a good read, and a great laugh for the measly price of $6.00. I promise it just might be the best $6.00 you’ve ever spent!

2. On ‘Doing Things Differently’ Otherwise Know As D.T.D.

I am happy to announce ‘Week Two’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ has been going just as well [if not better than] ‘Week One.’

Hopefully I will have the time to write a follow up post this Saturday MONDAY – with the specific details regarding this week’s DTD Adventures.

3. On Snow

It’s enough already.



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  • total mess over here!

  • AngryMan

    I hope that we don't get too much more. A light dusting is fine, but our streets are too narrow for plows b/c a lot of people have to park on the street, so it gets hectic at times.

  • I hope that you miss the strom coming on Monday. We will miss it here. This winter is mild so far here, it's very odd.

  • More snow is coming!! Hopefully less than the last couple. …

  • “Ode To Toilet Paper” huh? I can see that. TP is a pretty important issue.

    And I'm totally with ya on the snow. It needs to go away.

  • Its been brutal over here too

  • Its been TERRIBLE here. One of The Worst Winters EVER.
    We are supposed to get 4-6 inches Mon-Tues. And I can handle THAT after all
    the damn snow we've been having!

  • I know. I cant take MUCH more of this!

  • Her poems are HILARIOUS

  • AngryMan

    At least you can use the bad weather to spend more time with your Mac.

  • For real. The snow is getting really old.

  • The snow was a bust up here thank goodness. Here's to doing things differently.

  • Agreed

  • thanks

  • I'll have to check it out!

    Keep it going girl!

    Really… and there's more on Monday I hear! Yikes!

  • NO!!!!! No more snow!!!

  • I'll have to check it out!

    Keep it going girl!

    Really… and there's more on Monday I hear! Yikes!

  • NO!!!!! No more snow!!!

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