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Olga Goes To Corporate America

Well, sort of. That is, if you consider my office ‘Corporate America.’

Olga was very upset that I had I left her at home (alone) to go to work on Wednesday and Thursday. So, by Friday morning (suffering from a serious case of cabin fever) she politely asked if she could come to the office with me. I tried to warn her how boring the day would be, stuck in a cubical, marketing and rating insurance all day, but she didn’t believe me. Off to work we went.

The ‘Take A Traveling Bra To Work Day’ went a little something like this:

Olga, so excited to be out of the house, decided to immerse herself immediately. She settled right into the comfy leather chair prepared to do a hard day’s work.

Then she tried rating some insurance. (BTW: Olga is one hellova fast typist).

But, when Olga realized just how tedious entering the same information into twelve million different companies, she quickly lost interest. (Can you blame her? I think not.)

I must not have been paying attention, because Olga managed to wander off. When I found her, she was entertained by making photocopies of herself. Good times.

Around 11am, we went outside for a smoke break. But it was a little rainy, so I let her have my umbrella. I don’t want her catching a cold.

During the afternoon, I became engrossed with fielding one too many phone calls. That’s when Olga wandered off again. And this time, she scored.

I later came to find out…during her 2nd disappearing act; Olga had gone ‘office hopping’ (as opposed to ‘bar hopping’).

First, she stopped by a fellow co-worker in the marketing department and sipped on some Whiskey. I mean it was FRIDAY. After acquiring a nice buzz, she headed down the hallway to hang with one of the bosses, where she did some shots…of Sambuca.

Unfortunately, I think Olga might have had one too many, or maybe it was the bad combination of Whiskey & Buca because when I finally found her, she wasn’t feeling too well. Poor thing. If it was any consolation, I told her that my office makes me sick too. I made her some coffee to help sober her up and get the nasty taste out of her mouth.

On the drive home, while doing battle with traffic on the NJTPK, Olga confessed her total distain for the office environment. I agreed. Wholeheartedly.

Olga will be resting up for the next few days. I need her in tip top shape for New Years Eve.

I have also taken a solemn vow, only to serve her Top-Shelf alcohol at our party, in order to prevent any future hangovers.

* I think it will be a long time before Olga feels the desire to visit another office. *

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  • you and that camera… a lethal combination!!!!!!

  • Man that Olga really gets around. I wonder where she’ll be for New Years.

  • You and Olga are a great combo…I had a good chuckle throughout the adventure…..the photocopy thing slayed me…I have learned you have to keep an eye on a Bra at all times.. lest they wander off and get into trouble..Heaven knows what kind of hi-jinks she would get into if she ever visited me in Canada…as someone has to keep an eye on me as well…


  • That is so funny. I love her pictures!!! What a great “support” much have been throughout the day! b-dum-bump. LOL!!

  • HollyGL

    Oh my God, Mereb! That was hilarious. Great job!!

  • Wow! Olga really gets around, doesn’t she? Girl should learn to hold her liquor a little better though. Sounds like it goes right through her! ;o)

  • Oh.My.Gaawd!!! Me thinks I need to stop drinking! First that nasty Rum Punch episode in Aruba and now THIS!….Arrgggg – could it be that I’m loosing CONTROL? Meleah – Puhleeez, keep an eye on me & don’t let me overdo it on New Years!

    THANKS for exposing me to Corporate America! And thanks for the GREAT POST!!!


  • Meleah


    Ha ha ha..I cant stop!


    I have her for New Years. Stay Tuned!


    I love Olga. She is so much fun. Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂 I think you and Olga would have a wonderful time.

    Chef Mom:

    Having Olga made the day at work a lot more fun than usual. Thats for sure.


    ha ha ha ha ha ha


    I dont think it was the alcohol… I think it was the combination, and the fact that she was stuck in an office. I often get SICK at work!


    Oh New Years Eve will be a wonderful time. I promise not to loose sight of her that night, and I promise to moderate her alcohol intake! 🙂

  • cmk

    I am so happy Olga got to experience corporate America. We ALL need to get out of our comfort zones every once in a while and do new things. That is what allows us to grow–not that Olga needs to get any bigger, but… 🙂

    (That was some funny stuff. Thanks for the laugh.)

  • I’ve added my 2 cents over on my blog! 🙂

  • Looks like you and Olga are having fun…eventho you’re at work! 🙂

  • I worry about you – alot…

  • Meleah


    So funny. And I wish she cod go to work with me every day! 🙂


    I cried laughing when I read your version! xxoo


    Hellz yeah. We are having a BLAST


    What? why?

  • Laugh? I nearly wet myself!!!! Not only are you a genius with words and with a camera, but you can certainly keep a bra occupied too…lol! Thanks for making us laugh!!!! ~ Graham 😀

  • Lee

    Olga: If you ever get to the point where you want help with your little problem let me know. I can help you get the help you need. But it has to start with you admitting you have a problem.

    Hey, being addicted to photocopiers is a disease. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed because of a sickness!!

  • Thanks for the offer Lee….my OCD (Obsessive Copying Disorder) has been getting a little out of hand lately….but ….I’m just….not ready….to give it up yet!!!!

  • I feel your pain, Olga. Been there. Nothing like hugging a cold commode when you’re hungover.

  • Naughty Olga taking photocopies! Good thing your boss didn’t see!

  • Olga for President!

  • Meleah


    Ha ha ha. Glad you enjoyed this post!


    Copy machine addiction is one of the least talked about addictions. Thanks for offering your services.



    Mrs Schmitty:

    True. Thankfully, he was away on vacation!



  • Now THERE’S a GREAT idea Selma!

  • Meleah

    HA HA HA HA HA……That would be awesome.

  • Hilarious! I read Olga’s version first. How cool that you got to visit. I wanna visit, but she lives near me. Who the hell needs more freaking palm trees.

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  • What a riot! I had no idea that Olga was such a party girl! Looks like you need to keep tabs on her 24/7 next time.

  • Meleah

    I love you!


    Welcome to the world of the TRAVELING BRA!



  • Meleah … YOU are a doll!

    I added all the links at Doctor Shoals, and am adding this post to my Speedcat Hollydale Version of the same post (in two places)


  • Meleah

    whooo hooo!

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