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Okay really quick… is anyone watching THIS? 30rock…

Okay really quick… is anyone watching THIS? 30rock? Because, it is HYSTERICAL!! Maybe b/c I am biased / blinded by my obsession for Alec Baldwin, but that t.v. show is funnnnny…….and his lines / and his delivery are on point. People can say it’s the writing, and I am sure 85% is the writing, but the delivery…the classic, perfect, DELIVERY is what kills me. If, Alec Baldwin, isn’t a smug, egotistical “asshole” in “real life,” than he’s an even better actor. He is PERFECT… and HOT AS EVER (flaws and all)

Now, on to some thing real. The “book.”

When I finished a phone conversation with my male BFF, I was given the inspiration / drive to drown in the pages I started, and float, once again, in the unwritten. I was given the highest compliment on this excerpt:


Well, my toughest critic, and the person whose opinion I hold in the highest regard, simply paid me a compliment on the crashing / intersection of the two worlds that co-existed, finally, after MONTHS, I am re-inspired to write. Maybe I don’t suck.

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