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“Now offering us more ways to have that awkward first date than ever before”.

Ya’ll remember my ‘online-dating’ post  Irritated Being Single?

Well, if you thought that was interesting, may I suggest reading THIS post. Just how far are you willing to go when it comes to online dating?

[* shudder *]

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  • You rock, Melz. Thanks for the linky love. I couldn’t help but think of YOU when writing my article. lol

  • Meleah

    Dood, It was a KILLER article.

    I know exactly what part of your article was about moi. So will my regular readers!

  • Great article and so true, I’ve met people who have tried that stuff. some good but a lot of bad.

  • Meleah


    SO BAD! Very Very Bad.

    I wouldn’t try online dating EVER again. Not even for a FREE copy of the 6$00.00 PhotoShop program.

  • Lis

    I don’t know. I think I’ll still prefer to date the old fashioned way.

  • I totally agree with Leslie when she says…
    “It is simply impossible to tell from a head shot via web cam from miles away if that person can ring your bell physically or not, or if you will ring theirs.”

    Great article! And yes the part about you was VERY obvious 😉

  • Ah yes…all very good reasons why I’m staying happily single! 😉

  • Shudder is an understatement!

  • Pretty good article, thank for sharing it. I was mostly lucky in my online dating adventures, although I did have a quasi-stalker once.

  • Meleah


    Me too babe. Me too.


    You remember when I had to BAN that shady obsessive stalker cat!


    That makes TWO of us!


    Right! Gag.


    You are one of the VERY FEW. 🙂

  • I tried internet dating once.

    All the trouble I went to, to get a RECENT picture of me up there. Only to find that the pictures most people put up there are from 10 years and 100lbs ago.

    Not that I’m centered on the physical only, but come on. Starting off on a LIE is bad, no?

  • I’m so glad I don’t have to participate in online dating. So I’ll just put away that copy of Photoshop for another day. heh

  • I never had to do the online dating thing, but I have a friend who has, and so far she’s found nothing but losers. She keeps trying, though. I wish her luck, but I really doubt she’s going to find Mr. Right that way. Who knows, though. Stranger things have happened!

  • Ok what happened to the whole dating ritual and romancing stuff..I just be old fashioned or something…..what happened to .. dinner,drive in movies…:):)…and all that knda stuff…now you just text some one with “your hot”..doesn’t seem right to me…

  • Online dating sounds ok for a last resort. You never know what crazies are out there. I’d rather have a personal reference if possible, lol.

  • Hey Meleah, great article, you’ve just got to be careful who you date online I guess. People behind computers are normally not all they seem to say they are …

  • HollyGL

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: its all about a person’s essence. Which is impossible to fully gauge through the written word – or even a web cam. Gotta be face to face, in each other’s human physical space.

    I’m still convinced I’ll be minding my own business, living my life, when – for no apparent reason – I’ll look up from my meal; ’round a corner; or hear the words “excuse me, but…” and who will it be? Why him, of course. You know, the one, the only, HIM! What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic.

  • Meleah


    I hate when people FALSE adverstize about their AGE / WEIGHT.


    You are very lucky indeed. What copy of photoshop?


    Yep. Online dating = world of losers was my experience as well. But, like you said you never know. Some people have found each other that way, and even ended up married.


    Thats the way it ‘should be’ …If someone Text Messaged me “hot” I think I would shove bamboo up their fingernails in order to prevent that from ever happening again!


    Me too. Id rather MEET them in real life first. But. Its been an awfully long time since I have been on a date… this might be my ‘last resort’…… gag


    Toad-ily True.


    Oh Holly! I hope that DOES happen. For both of us.

  • OH BROTHER! I am so discouraged by the whole dating thing…I have given up. Next thing you know people will be having virtual marriages, never really meeting each other in person.

  • Being a 35 yr old Bachelor, I should be jumping at the internet dating thingy… but I have never had the courage… I guess I’ll have to stay single for a little longer…

    Thanks for sharing and have a nice evening 🙂

  • Online dating scares me. I was hopeless at dating in the pre-online days. If I had to date online now I’d be so useless I might as well join a convent and be done with it. LOL!

  • Meleah


    Me too. Ive been SINGLE for over 18 months. I dont even know where to begin.




    Me too. It is VERY SCARY. I tried it….I had some pretty AWFUL experiences.

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