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Not Feeling It

I am not sick.

I am not depressed.

There is nothing wrong what so ever.

I am just not ‘feeling it’. I don’t feel like writing. I certainly don’t feel like working.


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  • me too….

  • I am telling you, it’s a seasonal thing. A lot of us are feeling the same way.

    Hang in there. Big hugs to you.

  • It’s called life. It’ll get better.

  • In my mind, It’s Monday, practically 2 degrees, and a Holiday for some people and not others….I’m with you, it’s a blahday.

  • definitely a thing going around. definitely.

  • Meleah


    I hate when I have NO MOTIVATION.


    All I want to do is sleep…..even after 13 hours in.a.row. I’m still tired. But that might have something to do with the fact that I slept IN A BATHTUB on Friday night. (Danny SNORES like a LAWNMOWER.)



    Chef Mom:

    Its a VERY Blah do-nothing day. I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING. It is about 2 degrees over here. My son is off from school for MLK day….and I am jealous since I had to come to work. At least the traffic wasn’t bad.


    Maybe the blah-blank-not-feeling-it-lazy-unmotivated-cant-think-straight-brain-fog-distracted-daydreaming’ is contagious!

  • Ah, ennui.

  • Meleah


    Ennui! That is THE PERFECT word for this syndrome.

  • That’s what she said. Wait…no she didn’t.

  • I hear ya 😉
    January blues……..

  • I get the blahs a lot during the winter.

  • Ear plugs.

  • Meleah


    You are always good for making me smile


    That MUST be it. You had a case of brain fog for awhile too.


    I guess its the winter blues, or the FREEZING weather…who knows.


    Ear Plugs? For what?

  • I feel so not myself late too, I guess it’s time to heed the advice in your mom’s email – time to hit the bar for some alcohol.

  • Been there. For a long time. Don’t force it. We wil be around.


  • Awwwww, at least the good thing about feeling like you do today, is that you know tomorrow will be better :). I would also like to add that even though you may not be feeling inspirational today, you are always an inspiration to others (especially me!).

    Big hugs (x10000000) ~ Graham 😉

  • Are you pregnant? haha j/k

  • Lee

    Would an award make you feel better about life? If so, stop on over and pick it up!

    Seriously, those overwhelming blahs are not a lot of fun. But I’m betting they’ll start fading as the temperature goes up.

  • Let’s just have a couple of beers and forget today tomorrow will be better…:):)

  • I have that same feeling. My post is one that I started weeks ago and just finished up for today. And actually, I am feeling kinda sick.

  • I feel the same. exact. way.
    I can fully dig it.

  • We will be here, waiting eagerly, when you begin “feeling it” again. In the meantime, take care of yourself.

  • I can sooo relate, just wait until it comes back, it will.

  • Hey, this place is for you, not us. As much as we love to hear your voice, you have to live for yourself. Go out and find your inspiration. Or not if you don’t want!

  • I’m feeling the same way. It’s almost like a feeling of anti-climax after the festive season and all. I also think that being ill affects your mood after you recover. Some doctors call it ‘post viral syndrome.’ I’m finally over my flu but am still dragging my feet. Take some time out and rest if you can. (((((((Hugs))))))

  • Meleah


    mmmm. liquor. My mom’s email was hysterical


    This is an awful feeling.


    That makes me feel awesome. 🙂




    Yippeee I love awards!


    Its a date.


    Feel Better 🙁 I hate being sick….and sometimes it does take a WEEK to write ONE post. *sigh*


    It must be contagious.


    Thank you


    Im waiting, but I have no patience for this!


    Ill be fine in a few days. (?) I just wish I had something to give ya’ll.


    What is it about THIS cold that will NOT go away? Man I hate when I have such a cloudy head

  • Darn I thought it was a long shot 🙂 Then I say it’s due to Global Warming.

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha…wait? Global Warming makes me brain dead? Then I guess I better stop shooting all my aerosol cans of hairspray everywhere!

  • Been there and will be there again. It happens. just go with the flow.

  • Meleah

    Im trying!

  • Oh my gosh, Mereb. I’ve been struggling for days to come up with ANYTHING interesting to write about. Not happening.

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