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NaBloPoMo | Day 8: Hurricane Sandy – Part Two

When we woke up Tuesday morning all any one wanted was a cup of caffeine. Luckily my mother has one of those French Press machines and we made our coffee, Dexter Style.

Once we were awake and functional, my son and I decided to take a ride, in our pajamas, in search of a WiFi connection. We also wanted survey the damage in our area, and we needed to charge our cell phones, just in case the service was magically restored.

Of course, most of the roads were closed and no traffic lights were operational, which made traveling not only difficult but also dangerous.


[*We quickly turned the car around and went back home.]


Later that afternoon, suffering from Internet withdrawl, and practically foaming at the mouth, my next-door neighbor, Ira, took pity on me. And y’all can thank him for providing his iPad and Audi WiFi access so that I could quickly update my Facebook status.

Okay people – I’m alive. However, I’m posting this from my neighbors iPad, and from the parking lot of some abandoned building, inside my neighbors car, because this is the only available Internet access.  New Jersey is a total disaster area. We have no power, no landlines, no cell phone service, no Internet, and we’re basically cut off from the outside world. I’m going to tough it out for one more night in NJ & then I’m going to try to get to PA tomorrow (if the roads are safe enough to travel) and hopefully I will be able to communicate with y’all sooner than later. I love & miss everyone so very much!

On the way back home Ira asked, “Have you ever had a car with Internet access?”

I rolled my eyes and laughed, “Please. I’ve never even had a car with power windows.”

[*Like a crack head – hitting the pipe – desperate for that really good high.]


That evening, my parents managed to whip together one of the greatest meals, ever. Mostly because we had to cook whatever we had in the freezer and refrigerator before it spoiled, and also because we thought it would be fun to host a dinner party.

And we were right.

And even though my mom accidentally spilled an entire container of crushed red pepper into the sauté pan, we were able to skip right to the part where we started laughing instead of yelling.

And that’s when the real fun began.


[*My son JCH, Our Neighbors: Barbara & Ira, My Father & My Mother]


My mother and father lovingly prepared linguine pasta with sautéed shrimp, covered in a garlic, onion, artichoke, and Le Sueur pea, red sauce. While Barbara and Ira graced us with some hot sausage and fresh spinach leaves. We also had Italian bread with spiced Olive Oil. And everything was sprinkled with Parmesan-Reggiano grated cheese.


[*Who cares about food allergies, if I end up in the hospital at least we will have electricity and Internet.]


But you can’t serve that kind of meal without breaking out the really expensive wine.

And that’s just what my mother did, when she opened up three bottles of the 2001 Gold Medal Napa Red Zinfandel.



We ate.

We drank.

We laughed.

We shared funny stories.

And enjoyed drunken debauchery.










And a good time was had by all.


If you’re ever in a blackout, these are people to hang out with.


PS: Stay tuned for Part Three and the Final Conclusion.
I’m sure you’re all sick of my stories by now. It’s almost over. I promise.

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  • agg79

    Again, great saga. Sounded like the fist day of the End of the world/Zombie Apocalypse/Armageddon/Night of the Living Dead sort of story. I laughed at your search form some bandwidth and your fix for a facebook update. And those freezer dump meals can be rather interesting – something that would make Gordon Ramsay throw in his spatula. Can’t wait for the next part of the saga “Escape from New Jersey” staring Meleah aka “Snake Plissken”.

  • I hope other families had this much fun with the power out. Your family (and neighbors) are so awesome. That is funny about using the Audi as your Internet source. I am seriously going to take that into consideration on future car purchases.

  • BAAbAHAhaHahAHHAhah!!

    Thank you, Agg!


  • Me too!! I seriously need an ADULT car next. And I am totes getting a car WITH Internet!

  • whenpigsfly

    Even though it was a disaster, you all looked like you ended up having an amazing time. There’s nothing like having to come together in tough times to bring out the best in people. So glad you are okay. Love the photos. Just keep nipping at the wine and hanging in there.

  • Thank you so much.

    Things have been crazy.
    However alcohol is awesome.
    And luckily, so is my family.

    I really only lost it and flipped out ONCE during this whole nightmare. And I’m calling that a win!


  • Way to turn a nightmare into a night of fun! You have the best family and friends in the world!

  • Ron

    Meleah, I know this was a HUGE and utterly INSANE challenge for you and your family to go through, but in writing this post you showed us how when people come together in support and love….you can STILL have a great time!

    Faaaaaaaaaaabulous photos, girl! Especially the candlelight feast!

    Bravo to you, your family and Barbara and Ira!


  • Fragrant Liar

    Meleah, so glad to hear you’re alive and doing well, especially with such great people. Big hugs to you all, and I’m hoping you all get some real relief and normalcy back soon. Although, looks like you’re having more fun now . . . 😉

  • I concur!


  • Thank you, Ron.

    We really did make the best of it – with what we had to work with.
    And the alcohol helped!


  • Thank you, daaaaaaaling!

  • Ron

    You sure did!

    Btw, I loved this….

    “[*Like a crack head – hitting the pipe – desperate for that really good high.]”

    Bwhahahahahahahaha! Isn’t horrible without an Internet connection? I’m the same way!


  • So brutal!

    When Ira said, “it’s time to go back home,” – I almost DIED.
    I begged for FIVE MORE MINUTES of Internet!

  • Ron



  • Wow! I think I’ve caught up now. Great stories…you just can’t make this stuff up. I can only imagine what it must be like to go through a storm like that. But through it all, though, you managed to find the funny (and weird) in everything, faced fierce competition and shared an array of emotions. Thanks!

  • Abby Normal

    Wow. Makes me want a disaster to strike! I keep a couple of really nice boxes of wine around for just such occassions. And Audi WiFi?? Who knew?
    And thanks for stopping over at my place. I’ve seen ya around, nice to meetcha!

  • Why thank you, Linda!

  • YAY!

    So nice to meet you too.

    I see we also have some mutual friends like Terri, Shadow & Agg!


  • kellypea

    One ginormous lemon into lemonade. You guys are amazing. Truly. Love the candles, the meal and the wine, of course. BooYah! 😀

  • HA!

    Booyah rules. I don’t care if none of the cool kids say it anymore!


  • Lucy

    Wow, I remember the status post and what a way to hunker down and deal with the worst storm ever. That meal looked awesome!!

  • murrbrewster

    I’m curious. How long do you think it would take you to get over the yips from not having internet? Because it’s a bad sign, isn’t it. I can do three days myself but then I’m all over it. I don’t think we are well people. Not entirely.

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  • It was truly delicious!

  • I lasted three days, and then I couldn’t handle it any more.
    I needed the internet so badly, I left the state of NJ and went to PA!

  • HeSaidHisTelephoneNumberWas911

    I can not imagine what its like to be with you without cellphone/internet service for any period of time. And I could never be sick of your stories.

  • HA!

    Well, I wasn’t very pleasant.
    But mostly, I was drunk, so that helped.

  • “SICK OF” your stories? Are you kidding? I LOVE your stories. Your family knows how to make the best of things. You guys had fun in the aftermath of a hurricane! If I were ever in a disaster situation, I would hope to be surrounded by people like your family.

  • Awwwwww!! Thank you, Terri!

  • ladyV

    looks like you guys had so much fun. if i had to be stuck in the dark, i’d wanna be at your place.

    seriously the dude has wifi in his car. heck i can live in a car with wifi.

  • Oh I want to live in his car too. It’s nicer than my house!

    And the next time we get slammed with a hurricane, you’re MORE than WELCOME to stay with us, Val!


  • This is one of the best posts ever. I love your family. A car with its own WiFi? Sounds like a dream….

  • I know, right? It’s amazing!

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