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NaBloPoMo | Day 23: Black Friday

I’m sorry y’all.

But you couldn’t PAY me to go shopping today.

I loathe shopping.

Even on a regular day.

And even on a Monday morning when the stores are basically empty.

But good luck to all of you out there who are willing to brave standing in those crazy line and fighting off the other crazies!



Tell me people…

Are you one of those Black Friday shoppers?

And if so – what kind of deals did you score?

And how bad were the lines?

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  • Rock Chef

    Black Friday does not happen over here, but we do have sales where people are crushed while trying to get THAT BARGAIN. I stay clear of those events.
    I enjoy shopping – I never get heated about it, I just observe the crazies. There are too many things going on for me to get angry over shopping, my anger is already taken up by other stuff.
    In my own small town,things are at their worst when we get snow. At the threat of snow, the old folks act like World War 3 is coming and stampede the supermarkets, creating shortages of basics like bread, milk, tea and sugar (hey, this is England!) that would not happen if everyone was sensible.
    So, enjoy your Black Friday, whatever you do!

  • I despise shopping of any kind, even grocery stores. I hate rubbing elbows with the general public and I think I’m developing a fear of getting sick from others whose air I’m breathing. I will hold my breath when I walk past a person. You just never know what kind of funk they’re putting out in the open. I know that probably makes me sound crazy, but I haven’t had a cold in years and do everything I can to avoid sickies, especially this time of year. So I’m gonna have to say No to the Black Friday madness. Over and out.

  • agg79

    I’ve done it a few times in the past, but not anymore. I will try to avoid the stores and ESPECIALLY THE MALL at all costs. I don’t care about that iPad that is 1/2 price or that leather jacket for 3/4 off. Nope. Not me. Not interested. Don’t care. Wait. They have a beer sale? Really? Wellll, maybe just for a few minutes.

    Not really interested in getting out today but I will try a strafing run on the local home depot for a few sale items. Planning to spend the day with the dogs and catching up on my favorite bloggers. Enjoy a quiet Friday far from the malls.

  • ” At the threat of snow, the old folks act like World War 3 is coming and stampede the supermarkets, creating shortages of basics like bread, milk, tea and sugar.”

    Oh yes. Same here.

    People be crazy.

  • OMG!

    Me too, Kathy.


    And with my immune system, I KNOW I would end up sick, in bed, for at least a week.
    And I just don’t have that kind of time.


  • Ah yes.

    Now THAT’S what I call a GOOD day!


  • Just watching the shoppers on video clips makes me scared. It reminds me of Oprah’s audience reactions when she gives them free stuff – total bonkers!! We don’t have anything like that over here.

  • Lucy

    Oh,my gosh I love that ecard too!! I have never done the Black Friday thing either and mostly because of my temperament. I do not handle such situations well. My closest friend loves Black Friday, and half the time she has all her shopping completed. She just likes all the fun of it. Oh, and I had a cousin go last year and he said he watched two guys fight over a television then they dropped it and security had to drag them into the office. What is the point?

  • HeSaidHisTelephoneNumberWas911

    Only once a few years ago, and NEVER again. Nothing out there is worth being on line, at 3AM, for hours, for anything. Not even Tony Bennett tickets 😉 Isn’t that what Al Gore created the internet for?

  • It’s total mayhem!

  • I know a lot of people who LOVE Black Friday and good for them.
    I just couldn’t handle it.
    No way.

  • Ahahahhahah!

  • Abby Normal

    Oh GOD no! Like you, I don’t even like to shop on any other colored day of the week. That’s my first world problem, so be it.

  • I am like you…I hate shopping on a regular day. There is no way I would want to fight the crowds for some “deal” that probably is available on line if I took the time to research it.

    Love that graphic. So true!!!

  • Lolz!


  • We don’t really have Black Friday here. To begin with, our Thanksgiving was last month. Way too early to start Christmas shopping. Some stores here have “Black Friday” sales, but nothing like what you guys have and it definitely doesn’t get as crazy. We reserve our craziness for Boxing Day. That’s when even I don’t brave the malls.

  • AMEN to all of that AND the cartoon! I just watched video of the trampling. The cursing. The fighting. The hurt child… I just can’t imagine. I think God must look down on us and shake his head!

  • Oh that must be bad, if you’re not willing to shoe shop!

  • Total insanity.

  • shadowrun300

    Yeah – I was NOT upset about having to work today. There’s no way I would have dared shopping. I’m like you. It’s not even fun on a regular day. And I actually get quite upset when I see how commercialized Christmas is getting to be, so I don’t want to feed the frenzy.
    I’m gonna have to go eventually though. **sigh**

  • Oh I agree 100% about NOT wanting to feed into the frenzy.

  • ladyV

    we went out to lunch yesterday and the waiter says, happy black friday. my brother said every friday is black friday for us. hahahhaha. nah, i’ll pass on the shopping too.


  • I’m so NOT a Black Friday shopper … normally. But I gave it a go this year by going along with Brad’s girlfriend. It was as insane as you always hear it is! People were CRAZY! Some lady tried to run me over with her cart. And stopping to browse the selection of $4 DVDs? Not happening. No browsing. You grab and run if you value your life.

  • Holy crap!!!!

  • I just couldn’t do it. Too many people!

  • Exactly.

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