My Week In Review – The Plague, My Birthday, Dating, Social Media, And Whosteen – Edition

I have no idea where I left off but I have so much to tell y’all!

First, I got sick.
Then I got sicker.
Like holy mother of GOD sickness.
And that shit would NOT go away.

Sadly, I spent my 44th birthday – alone, miserable, crying, and sick AF. In fact, I was so sick for two whole weeks, I was convinced I had ‘The Plague’ and I was actually going to die. Even my teeth, mouth, and hair hurt! I have not been THAT sick since the 90’s. Seriously.

After I finally recovered from the worst sickness ever – my parents treated me to a fabulous dinner at Peaking Pavilion where I stuffed my face until I almost exploded. And then they showered me with gifts like new pajamas and cozy sweats, which we all know are my favorite things in the world!


The following day I met up with one of my besticals, Claudia, and her daughter Jackie, at my local country club. We had one too many drinks and lots of laughs and then they surprised me with the best presents ever.


The day after that, I met up with my other bestical, Tiffany, to celebrate my birthday as well. After building HER website, and after running her professional Instagram & Facebook pages, she’s referring me to another friend and I have a meeting with them this Friday. Wish me luck! Oh and also, I met a wonderful man that evening. And then two days later I went on a great date with said wonderful man. But that’s all I am going to say about that, because I do NOT want to JINKS this!

And lastly, I’m not sure if it’s because I called in the reservation for TWENTY SEVEN PEOPLE, but the Broadway Comedy Club in NYC decided to use MY SON’S FACE on their official poster!!! AND I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT!!


And, I think that’s a wrap!
See you next week, folks.




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