My Week In Review – The Nothing Happened & Women’s Issues – Edition

Monday, I cleaned, I laundered, I changed the sheets, and I took out the trash. And then I felt like SHIT. My stomach started acting up but I couldn’t tell if it was from stress, or a something I had eaten the day before, or a virus. But lets just say I spent the rest of the day and that whole night running to the bathroom.

Tuesday, I felt drained. LITERALLY. I was dehydrated and exhausted. My therapy appointment was cancelled, so I took a hot shower and dragged myself into the living room sofa to re-watch Season Three of Better Call Saul on #Netflix. And I forgot just how much I love that show. Cannot wait for Season Four to premiere on August 6th.

Wednesday, I went to see my life-saving doctor, Mr. Gendy. He had to recheck on me because of the emergency steroid injection I needed last week. And then I had a REALLY good lunch with my mother who made me feel a million times better. Sometimes, no one can ‘fix you’ quite like your own mother.

Thursday, I stayed in bed, bleeding to death, and suffering from THE WORST CRAMPS EVER. Eight extra-strength Advil, and one nap later, my best friend, Tiffany, came over to color my hair. She also had two other clients come over, and we proceeded to enjoy a Girls Night In / Hair Party with a few cocktails and a WHOLE LOT of laughter.

Friday, my period was even worse. It felt like a jackhammer inside my uterus. And and IDTV Crime Scene in my pants. I laid fetal position, hugging a king sized pillow, praying to the gods above to make it GO AWAY.

Saturday, I slept in. And then I went to CVS to pick up my prescriptions and a gallon of milk. And then I spent the rest of the day/night STILL dealing with crippling cramps, while worrying, stressing, and panicking – in a full-blown anxiety attack. #notgoodtimes

Sunday, I slept in again. Because seriously, I had no reason to get out of bed. And then I ordered groceries. And then I wrote this boring blog post.


And that’s a wrap.
See you next week, folks.
HOPEFULLY something GOOD will happen.
And HOPEFULLY I’ll actually have SOMETHING positive to post about.


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