Monday: I spent the day engulfed with ‘Social Media’ projects for my friends new retail business. Which, apparently, is my new normal. And it was awesome!

Later that evening, I decided to say, “goodbye,” to the totally super hot guy who may or may not be thirty years old. Mostly because, he really IS only thirty-years-old and we literally had nothing to talk about. Like, dude – you don’t know the movies Forrest Gump or Almost Famous? Have you heard of the bands The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin? Forget about President Ronald Reagan, do you at least know George H.W. Bush Senior? How about Bill Clinton? Have you ever had a flip-phone or ANY non-touch-screen device? HOW ABOUT A LANDLINE? Is the word, “beeper” remotely familiar to you? Can you at least tell time on an analog clock? And lastly, have you ever watched the television shows Breaking Bad or Shameless? NO?  While the attention and the affection, from said thirty-year-old, was an AMAZING ego-boost; he’s closer to my son’s age than my age. And that just felt creepy! But thanks, totally-super-hot-thirty-year-old-guy, for the massive boost in self-confidence! #MeleahGotHerGrooveBack #PeaceOut

Tuesday: I spent yet another day engulfed with ‘Social Media’ projects for my friends new retail business. And somehow, I managed to get more “likes” on Facebook, and more “followers” on Instagram – than I ever did for my own blog, which I’ve had for THIRTEEN years – in only TWO WEEKS!

Wednesday: Once again, I assaulted ‘Social Media’ for my friends new store. This is like THE BEST “job” I’ve ever had! And I’m loving every second of it.

 Thursday: I took the day off from all things Social Media. I enjoyed the beautiful weather, sipping coffee outside, with my computer, and writing. My son borrowed my truck to start moving his stuff to his new apartment in Brooklyn and I CAN’T EVEN TALK ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW. #allthefeels

Friday: I unloaded my peapod home delivered groceries and spent the rest of the day/night on the phone with BlueHost and WordPress trying to learn/figure-out the best design/layout for my friends new retail business store. And since I have NO IDEA what the f*ck I’m doing – if anyone reading this blog with web-design skills and wants to help a sista out please email or facebook message me! Thanks in advance!



Y’all have come to know Amy The Bartender, commonly referred to as ATB, over the past TEN YEARS on this very blog! But just in case you need a refresher course, click HERE to read a few of the many funny stories I’ve written about her!

Anywho … Amy invited me to her annual summer BBQ, which would have been awesome enough. However, since most of her closest friends and family were already there?

Like, officially, MARRIED!!

And I have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER for two people in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!!


Sunday: I slept in! And then I wrote this blog post.

And that’s a wrap.
See you next week, folks!


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