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My posts around here have been seriously lacking. …

My posts around here have been seriously lacking. I know. My site looks like advertising for dummies, gone bad. Sorry! I have become my own spam. Not cool. Since I have been so consumed with building the Everyone Needs a Little Evelyn store, and building the Everyone Needs a Little Evelyn blog page, I have neglected the hell out of this blog. But for the few links / posts demanding you CLICK HERE and READ THIS, and BUY THAT.

wow, that is really annoying.

I have also been very pre-occupied with obsessing over Alec Baldwin, its not that often I get to see so much of him in one week. mmmmmm.

Then there is the watching TV and writing articles for the 451 Press watching sitcoms blog, so I haven’t been able to do much else. I have nothing of interest to write about. I haven’t even taken pictures of anything or anyone lately. I feel so disconnected to the rest of the world! All I have done for the past week is: go to work, watch TV, and immortalize Evelyn on the internet.

My son has reminded me that I may want to, “get a life” … One that is “outside of the computer and blogosphere, ya, know, like a member of society?” Maybe even try, “Talking to people, that talk back …out loud.”

Oh! Sure! I remember doing that.

So fine, tonight I am actually going out. As in, leaving my house. As in, with real clothes on. As in, with make up on my face, and styled hair. But, no, it is not a date. I have a cancer fund raiser to attend with my girlfriend Patty. I wonder? If this event holds promise for laughs and new video footage. And maybe? I will meet a man. One that I am sure to alarm immediately when my all of my video camera’s and equipment keeps getting shoved into his face. At least it will be nice to be around people again, and not in the sweat pants uniform I have been sporting the last few days.

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    Have fun Mel! Wish I was with you! Wish WE were TOGETHER!! Damn that Patty!! boohoo.

  • Leslie

    Sounds like a nice night out, chica. I am loving your blog on 451, so glad you’re there. 🙂



  • meleah rebeccah

    Jen, I know you miss me, I will see you soon.

    Leslie, Thank you so much for hooking me Up with 451 press. I would never be there without all your help and support! I love it there too! (and i love you!)

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