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My Parents

While I am scraping my brain for the right words to finish a post with words…May I leave you with two pictures.


This, is what my mother would look like…If she were to audition for the movie: ConeHeads, part IV.



MY DAD (“Tony”)

This, is what my father looks like…When my mother makes him dress up and act like a Park Ranger.


(Please leave your “CAPTIONS” in the comments! Don’t hold back either!)

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  • Olly,

    THEY’RE A RIOT !!!

  • Dad: At least I’m not riding a broomstick pony…

    Mom: Ah Tang, the drink astronauts took to the moon.


    These pictures make your parents look like special needs people.
    I mean really, your dads grimace accompanied by his ridiculous hat….
    and your moms….
    well pammi just loks unsure about if she should even be exicited about whatever is happening..

    I am dying over these.

  • Meleah

    Dazd: Awesome!

    Jen / Olly (AND ALL OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS) these pictures are really for YOU guys (since you know them-IN REAL LIFE-and so well)

    My Mom is actually on a boat in MAINE (on vacation with my father) when the wind blew her hood like that, my father HAD TO take this picture. I HAD TO put it on the internet.

    My Dad (on vacation with my mom)is in some restaurant in MAINE and he HAD TO wear the hat. Yep. He’s really happy about it. He just wants to be back in VEIL where they think he is Tony Bennett

  • MOM: “At least my butt looks small…”

    DAD: Hey there it’s Yogi Bear!!

  • Yo Momma

    It’s so hard to be beautiful!!!!

    Mel: it’s spelled VAIL, Colorado

  • Meleah

    MOM: It wouldn’t be a post without SOMETHING misspelled.

    SomeGirl: I LOVE IT.

  • Bob

    why am i not surprised that my family is wacho’s

  • Meleah

    Hey! Uncle Bob! (these are the worst pictures ever taken of my parents! I love it!) They look so crazy. You love us!

  • Mom- I told the plastic surgeon that I only needed a chin lift.

    Dad – I’m ready to ride you like a cowboy on his buckin’ bronco. yeah baby. oh baby.

  • Meleah

    Micki: HA HA HA HA HA …. Thanks for the laugh! (My mom will LOVE THESE!)

  • FV

    Woody from toy story and a skydiver gone bad!!!

    Nice to meet you finally 😀


  • Great images. Let’s hope these do not come true for their sake. 🙂

  • Meleah

    FV! Yep! That’s MOM and DAD. xxoo

    Ricardo – Agreed!

  • No captions — just comments. Your parents are hilarious. Your mom’s headgear resembles that underwear I had to don for my curlers when I was little, and your dad….where’s his apron and vacuum? What’s the hat for? It’s kind of a Jethro Clampett hat, don’t you think? He needs suspenders. He’s such a very cute dad.

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