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  • Wow. Scary stuff Meleah.

  • well honey,, they look like such a nice bunch of boys………LOL!!!!

  • Meleah

    Michael C:

    Um. Yeah.

    Now, I never ever read the news…I would have never known about any of this unless…one of my co-workers, as in current co-workers (as in-IN MY REAL OFFICE- IN MY REAL REGULAR-I WEAR CLOTHES NOW LIFE) saw these articles and forwarded the links to me.

    I have been all over the net Googling the names of a bunch of people I used to “work with”…seeing their faces, reading their names in print…is really stirring up A LOT of memories….


    Right? These are just some darling well behaved law abiding citizens.

  • Wow! Unbelievable! Michael said it–scary!

  • Wild.

  • Meleah




    I guess I should READ the PAPER every once in awhile.

  • cmk


  • Thank God you are out of there. I wouldn’t want to meet either of them in a dark alley, that’s for sure. I feel like you had a narrow escape!

  • Sheesh….unreal!

  • The best friend

    Wow. I don’t umm errr, “know nothin, about nothin.” I always knew something was wrong with “those people” when NOBODY ( from employees, to patrons ) would call an emergency medical response team that day “Pizza Joe” got stabbed. WOW! You know what Meleah, I’d really like to see this go to court tv & does anyone need singles?

  • The best friend

    just kidding. “I only have big bills.”

  • Wow…speechless for a few seconds. First, because all I can think is “THANK GOD YOU GOT OUT!” Second, because I know those places…..Forsgate C.C. was near one, and LOTS of guys/chefs/jackasses I worked with frequented one of them. Apparently, so did my Husband and the President of the company he worked for at the time. (News to me as of tonight…..) All those places in the article and lawsuit are SO familliar. I lived in shitsburg for a period of time….I mean Jamesburg. I have so much to say that is so similiar to your esperiences….the school, I almost took the dancing route, and did all the behind the scene, background “stuff” etc. I just don’t know if I can expose all that. Does it feel like a monkey off your back when you do?? You can’t even begin to know the RESPECT I have for you. I want you to know that. HUGE amount of respect. xxoo- Kell

  • I could not be happier you’re out and here to tell us your story, either! Because I always like to find the silver lining in every dirty puddle of oil, at least you’ve lived an interesting life full of book ideas 🙂 I would never wish anyone to go through what I can only imagine was such a scary lifestyle, but I know you are a stronger person for having had the courage to break out. Must feel surreal to see it in print!

  • That is some story (I popped into your other blog). Some scary people for sure.

  • Meleah


    You have NO IDEA! I cant. I cant. These were MY BOSSES. Real. NIce. Right?


    You wouldn’t want to meet them in a WELL LIT room with armed guards either.


    No. Very Real….and VERY fucked up.


    I laughed too when I read what Richie said to the FBI.

    But, HOLY SHIT.. I almost FORGOT about the night ‘Pizza Joe” was STABBED and left to bleed to death in the ‘managers’ office since NO ONE was allowed to call 911….Yeah, Um, THAT memory along with ‘stretcher chick’ the girl who really DID fall…. FROM THE ceiling, IS all coming back to me…..

    *cold sweats*

    Chef Mom:

    Wait? Are you kidding me with Jamesburg & Forsgate? Thats like in my BACK YARD.

    Yes. It is a ‘monkey off my back’ …its HARD as FUCK to write / talk / or even think about it…but by doing so, it takes the POWER away from it. Im sick of carrying around dirty secrets.


    Thank you.

    Yep – This is just so crazy / bazaar to me…. just when I am now fully settled into The Parents house, I have been planning to return to working on ‘THE BOOK’ in January, when all of a sudden these articles and links and news stories were sent to me.


    Thanks for reading.

  • Mel, I am a little confused by the last line…who was found in a trashcan with two black eyes?

  • Meleah you’re so lucky to have escaped when you did…. You’re book is going to be totally fascinating…. can’t wait for more!

  • Meleah


    It was the owner of The Bar’s girlfriend. She filed a lawsuit against him….and she was WINNING in court, then, suddenly died ‘accidentally’ in a trash can.

    “Comare”= prononced: Goo-Mad, as in the Italian ‘other woman’ or girlfriend on the side


    As soon as the holidays are OVER I am spending every weekend dedicated to writing that damn book!

  • Wow, that is definitely big news! I so can relate, my mother sent me some newspaper stories recently. Turns out a kid I used to babysit when I was 18, is now a mass murderer in our home town! he burned and buried at least 5 people whose remains were found in his back yard. It is creepy knowing you were around these people isn’t it?

  • HOOOO-LEEEE Shit! I’m so glad you did get out!

  • me.olly

    Someone is watching over you that’s for sure.

    That is one seedy underworld and most certainly not a hotbed of mental health. I too am glad you are on the right path Mel.Verrrrrrry Glad.


  • Lis

    Wow. That’s some crazy stuff.

  • glad you got out…..having seen the seedier side of society myself (you run into them in the trucking business)…they only use you and then dump you when your nolonger needed…

  • That’s got to send a chill up your spine like when I read about my very first boyfriend going to prison because he tried to kill someone.

    I read the two chapters of the story you have up and while I was never in the industry myself my best friend back when I was in my early twenties became a dancer and then an escort and I met a lot of girls in the sex industry during that time.

    I think it can easily wear down on your moral compass and make what would have disgusted you seem completely normal after awhile. I was around crazy sh*t so much that none of it phased me anymore. I backed off and ended the friendship after awhile because it became too toxic for me.

    I’m happy you broke away from that lifestyle. I am proud of you! 🙂

  • The best friend

    “i guess i have to change my gravatar”

  • Scary stuff. Glad you got out when they did. Not that i’ll probably ever talk about it on my humor blog, but as I once mentioned, my father was a bent-as-they-come cop, and several folks did not…er…make their court appointments against him.

    He finally went down on a flight from prosecution charge and resisting arrest over child support payments. Not a nice fella, but one of the most charming sociopaths you ever could meet.


  • er… make that got out when YOU did, btw.

  • WHoa!

  • Thank god you got out when you did. Pretty scary!

  • Zhu

    Ouch. I’m sure you’re happy! You apparently made the right decision (although I have to read the whole story, I’m new here!)

  • Meleah


    Its totally weird and crazy creepy !!


    Meeee toooo


    Agreed. xxoo


    I know!!


    There’s a huge chapter (not posted) about how the line fades from reality to fantasy and how you BECOME the toxic you used to be so scared of. The whole thing is just so damn disturbing to me. Im glad I made it out ALIVE…let alone a normal functional member of society!

    Thats WAY creepy about your ex! *shivers*


    Ugh. You must have some very interesting stories..with a father like that.

    I knew what you meant in your first comment 🙂

    Ms Schmitty:

    I know. I was freaked out for DAYS after I read all this. (there are so many more links and stories and charges and accusations)…. discovering all this information led me down a long afternoon (ok… ok….two days) of googling and reminiscing.


    Hell yeah.



  • OMG!
    What you said (you made it out alive, and now a normal functional member of the society) is something I’ll include in my Christmas Thanksgiving this year.

  • Meleah

    xxoo RMH xxoo

  • Dang. I’m sure you are counting your blessings!

  • Meleah

    Damn Skippy

  • When they throw around charges like “Terroristic Threats,” there’s going to be some problems. Looks like their bad karma finally caught up to them. Hopefully, this will be the closest you have to get to any of it.

  • Meleah

    Terroristic Threats is the probably the LEAST of their concerns.

    Um… I think being under investigation and charged with federal crimes by the FBI (or yanno serving 5-10 years in prison) may be a little higher up on the ‘shit to worry about’ list.

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