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My Office Goes Green?

Or is this just an effort to for my office to save money? When I received this email, I started to get a little nervous.

1. As of Monday, March 24th Styrofoam cups will no longer be available (there will be stock for guests). Please bring your own mug/cup for coffee/water. If you forget, please help yourself to mugs that are downstairs in the kitchen and make them your own. We are all responsible for washing our own mug/cup; the cleaning people won’t wash any left in the sinks.

(This one is not that bad. And it’s probably better for the environment. Okay. I can get behind this one.)

2. Keep in mind that all personal mail and fedx going through the office must be paid in accounting.

(Good thing I don’t usually have to Fed-Ex anything. That sh*t is expensive.)

3. Spring cleaning. If you have any extra supplies on your desk (scissors, staplers, paper clips, pens, pencils, etc.) please bring them to XXXXX upfront.

(Extra supplies? People if we had ‘extra supplies’ we wouldn’t need to enforce all of these ‘cut backs’. Now would we?)

4. Sticky notes and legal pads will no longer be available. Please don’t throw out any used copy paper. Bring used copy paper to XXXXX and she will cut it up for scrap paper. Please help yourself to it.

(And this is one that makes me nervous. While I am sure this one is also better for the environment and I am ‘down’ with all things that will save the lives of trees…I cannot live without Sticky Notes. I mean, that’s how I keep track of which accounts I have to follow up on, and with what insurance company. I have The Worst Memory. What am I supposed to do? Scrap Paper does not stick to files. Thus, the need for Sticky Notes. And, I wont even have a Legal Pad to make a LIST of what I need to remember.)

5. All ordering of supplies will be approved by XXXXX in accounting.

Thanks Management.

I am guessing that making a list of the supplies I require on a Legal Pad that includes more Sticky Notes will not be approved.


These are NOT photos of my office.

(I found them on the net.)

However, now I have some pretty good ideas on how to implement some:


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  • Buy a massive A3 sized sticky note, Write ‘BRING BACK STICKYS’ on it and stick it to your computer screen, covering it up until they bring them back.
    That’s protesting the Ghandi Way!

  • Arv

    wow, nice measures… you know something we have been doing it here for sometime now but then again its down to the real awareness of the people rather than the management policies that is going to save trees.

    as for those sticky pads and legal pads, why dont you try the online version? if you dont use a computer at work then make use of a nice big diary which has a daily page with 2 sections for notes and reminders.

    am sure you will get used to these changes well enough. Take care. 🙂

  • I would hate to be the woman who gets the job of cutting used copy paper into scrapes. And if it’s used, what good is it anyway? How will you see what you’re writing? And do you have to see “D upfront” everytime you need a pen or pencil?! I agree with the whole going green thing, but when they see an increase in mistakes, because people forget things here and there, maybe they’ll give you back your post its. I’d be LOST without Lists!!

  • Sounds like a ‘trendy’ move from management to get into the Green Bandwagon. The Styrofoam products cut-off I can also back up, paper cups are better, more so if incorporated into an intra-office recycling program, along with all those sticky notes and used paper sheets (*after* feeding them thru a shredder!). Let’s revisit this 6 months down the line – am being overtly optimistic… see if the effort keeps up; I’d want to be surprised and find out it has maintained the startup momentum – there’s an old Mexican saying: Stallion start, Donkey stall.

  • Yeah, that last one is pretty bad, and I assume it will get cancelled when they realize that it costs more money to pay the salary of the person who will be cutting the paper (and presumably not doing her other duties) than to buy the darn sticky notes.

  • I’m all for the mugs. I’m always frustrated with the folks at work complaining about running out of cups. When the cops come into the office no one wants to refill the dispenser. They are all looking for someone else to do it. I should enforce the mug law.

    That sticky note thing… I don’t know about that one. Between the sticky notes and the pads something has to give. I have a feeling I’d bring my own or something. That is bonkers.

  • Yeah I think they may be going a bit far with the sticky notes. Check to see if they are made from recycled paper and then make yourself a case!!!

  • Sounds like someone’s company is cutting costs…. 😉
    I used at least 30 sticky notes a day. Usually 15 of them are ones I just detach and place on my desk IN CASE I need them. Honestly, I think they are my security blanket while at work.

  • Meleah

    Lets see if that works.

    If I could use an online version of sticky notes I would…but I need TANGIBLE notes that I can take on and off of files. Its almost as necessary as oxygen.

    Chef Mom:
    I am all for recycled paper products but yeah, how BORING would it be to cut scrap paper? and how use-able will it be?

    So very ‘trendy’ of my office

    hahahahahahahaha I hope so.

    See…thats what I am saying. Im all about MUGS. No Problem. But c’mon.

    hmm…I dont think that will work, but I will try my best to argue Sticky Notes back into the office.

    Michael C:
    My office “Going Green” is a red herring. They are toad-ily cutting back. I know my boss and he could give a SH*T about the environment. (and since we are allowed to BUY / BRING our OWN STICKY NOTES… it has to be about the money). Except that I am NOT buying my own sticky notes. I will just have to ask the Insurance Companies that come for visits to the office to bring Sticky Notes as ‘presents’

  • Girl;

    Sending out my stock pile of sticky notes to you – the only good thing about being in sales and having a home office is I stock pile office supplies. Where do you want me to send them???

  • Sounds to me like your company is just being cheap. I would bring my own post-its and post them everywhere. See how they like that!

  • i would say the writing is on the wall? but no one seems to have a pen to write anything with…

  • LOL! What is the world coming too??? We have gone the same way at my company. I was amazed that an international company like the one I work for would be concerned about little bits of yellow paper… but quite clearly they are!!!! However, we are looking at introducing windmills in one of our fields, to generate a proportion of the power we use – so I suppose it does balance out a bit here.

    The thing that does amaze me is that we have also recently received a total ban on “Pocket food”, like gum and chocolate etc. So we are not allowed to bring tins of candy in on birthdays etc. Easter was quite boring in our company…lol!

    I totally agree with Mimzie, we should all bring post-it notes in and plaster the whole building with them…hehehehe

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    Big Hugs ~ Graham x

  • Meleah

    I am sooo sending you my OFFICE address. HAHAHA

    Now thats an IDEA….hmmm….

    I cant even. I mean I would be FINE with this if my office truly wanted to “GO GREEN” but the only GREEN they are looking out for is the MONEY.

    Hahahahah I know right!

  • “I am guessing that making a list of the supplies I require on a Legal Pad that includes more Sticky Notes will not be approved.”

    Where I used to work never had those; I ended up just bringing my own.

  • I work for a non-profit company and since I started, it’s been the standard to use scrap paper for jotting down notes during phone conversations with our customers. Of course, anything needing to be permanently on file goes in an online record afterwards. However, we are cutting back even more as well. I went to find a new legal pad today. I need one for taking notes in meetings. There were NONE in the supply room. it does make it hard to do your job well when you don’t have the necessary supplies.

  • This bring your own mug plan would not work for me, because I loose EVERYTHING. “Who stole my mug??” … oh probably Speedcat. That guy is a mess.
    Saving paper is OK, but extreme is extreme. My company is always looking to save a few cents here and there, oblivious to the fact that thousands are being wasted elsewhere. Sticky Notes??? Yup, I love em` too!

  • Meleah


    Its very hard to do my job without the necessary supplies. But I guess I will adapt at some point.

    I *heart* sticky notes. I just dont know what to do with out them

  • The best friend

    I’m guessing me sending you a gift basket of legal pads and sticky notes along with a cozy swivel chair is still not permitted. The fact that I can’t even send you a betterchair to solve that problem from years ago, is still weighing on me. Now you can’t have stickies. This is bizarre. Who approved that? Bog Boss signed off on that ridiculous request? I’m speechless and LOL at your last paragraph

  • The best friend

    last sentence i meant. sorry bunny.

  • Meleah

    Oh Please! PLEASE!!! Please!! Send me baskets full of legal pads and sticky notes.

    Giant, Over-Sized, Obnoxious, Gift Baskets !!


    That will be soooo funny !!!!

  • Lee

    The next step will be the e-mail that tells you they will no longer be putting toilet paper in the restroom and you have to bring your own. I’m starting to think we work for the same company, because we have a lot of the same rules.

  • lol @ your sticky note withdrawal! Well, most places I’ve worked have these rules. Sticky notes are for the rich people, LOL.

  • i would buy one of those stinky bottles of rubber cement and cement all of my home made scratch paper notes to what ever it is you need them on… eventually they will get sick of picking it off of their fingers…..

  • Great idea! NO WORKER IN AMERICA SHOULD EVER HAVE TO BUY OR PROVIDE THEIR OWN STICKY NOTES! Now, let’s see a Presidential candidate have the stress balls to push that platform!!!!!!

  • Meleah

    well, I already bring my own baby wipes.

    Another reason I need to win the lottery. so I can afford sticky notes!!

    Right? Ill just cement glue the scrap paper to my files….then maybe Ill get sticky notes back

    Michael c:
    For REAL!

  • Ahhhhh OMG, they must have seen me stealing all the sticky notes and making them into a sexy “attire” and wearing it to work!

  • cmk

    I would curl up and die without sticky notes OR legal pads! And I’M a stay-at-home! I feel for you.

  • Meleah

    Damn You!

    See. I really do need them. I cant imagine my work life without them. I use them at home too, but really, I need them in my office.

  • Hello Meleah, by some coincidence, I had suggested that the middle & upper level team at my office (which will be 60 people atleast) not use the cups (its thick paper and not styrofoam) that facilities provide for coffee, tea or water, but that we each bring our cups and use those. I thought it might be fun and colourful as well. They are thinking about it.

    As for sticky notes, we don’t tend to use them. My team of 12 has one sticky note pad that we took in December….only 4 have been used till yesterday! But as for legal note pads – I live on them. I have 4 that I carry in my satchel and I need them for different things so I can’t afford not to have them around. The notes that my team lead and I made have been so helpful for me to take care of stuff during her absence.

    Wow, that is almost a blog post entry of its own, eh?

  • Good luck with you book. You are very brave for recounting your experiences and alerting other vulnerable young women about what awaits them in Satan’s lair. It is truly a demand-side problem, and until the mankind’s spiritual vacuum is addressed, white-slavery will continue unabated.

    Stay strong sister!

  • I used to order the bright multiple colored stick note pads. I took advantage!! And when I quit I totally took everything with me. Do I feel bad? Nope!

    But I agree with you and everyone else: Stickies are a must!

  • I’m all for going green, but you have to be practical, and able to function.

    I like your revenge pics.

  • Meleah

    Legal Pads and Sticky notes are essential.

    Thanks. I guess I can count on you to Buy The Book when its finished?

    Toad-ily a must

    Awake In Rochester:
    Me too. I laughed my ass off when I found those pictures!

  • Hmmm….I see there’s no mention of having to drink cheaper booze….THANK GAWD!!!!

  • No Sticky Notes?!!! That’s torture! Great for the environment, but torture!

  • I’m so surprised Michael hasn’t said it so I will – it’s not easy being green. Hehe.

    Cost-cutting measures like that are just ridiculous. I have to bring my own pens to work which is fine but it annoys me because I am doing THEIR work with MY pens. Stickies are invaluable for keeping track of things and I think it is very short-sighted of your management to get rid of them. You wonder who comes up with these ideas in the first place. They seem so impractical.

  • Your company is not “going green”, they’re hoarding green- as in dollar bills. The cheap bastards will lose more in efficiency by taking away the tools you need to do your job than they would by giving you an unlimited supply of stickies.

    Kudos on banning styrofoam, but the rest just seems ridiculous.

  • Meleah

    HA HA HA… I guess if they keep serving Top Shelf Liquor then I wont really CARE about sticky notes!

    With a capitol T

    Yeah. Um. I have no idea what they are thinking. And I have no idea how MICHAEL missed “Its not easy being green!” xxooo

    You took the words RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH. “Your company is not “going green”, they’re hoarding green” Damn Skippy.

  • I would say your office goes blue…

  • Meleah

    My office goes “Cheap Ass.”

  • They did that to us in hell, made us use the scrap paper instead of sticky notes (mostly cause the boss lady thought that sticky notes were “unprofessional”)…I complied 🙂 …and added a piece of tape to hang my piece of scrap paper up so I could see it and not forget what I had to do.

    At least they’re trying. At my current job they don’t even recycle copy paper, but we did just get rid of styrafoam cups.

  • Meleah



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