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My Nephew Bowls | The Epic Movie Edition

Okay people, I spent more than ‘Seventeen Consecutive Hours’  uploading video footage and subsequently: editing, cropping, and adding the perfect special effects. When I finshed the ever so laborious and daunting task, I was positive I had actually constructed ‘The Cutest Movie’ of ALL TIME. [For. Real.]

I am very proud of this particular project!

However, there was just one glitch.

I was [and I still am] unable to post this ‘Totally-Super-Awesome’ video to both my YouTube or Facebook accounts. And that meant I wouldn’t be able to share this glorious movie with ya’ll. [The Horror!]

So how come I can’t post my movie, you ask? Well, according to the multiple error messages I keep receiving it’s because, “The song contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all copyright holders.

Yeah. Um…

Apparently, I cannot use the song I chose for the movie I made, which is very much problematic. And here’s why. The timing of the movie directly coincides with the timing of the song. A feature that is absolutely essential for respectable picture making. The music sets the tone and creates the tempo for the complete project. The fact that I was ‘Denied’ by ‘The Powers That Be’, at the YouTube and Facebook ‘Headquarters’ left ‘Yours Truly’ with some awfully limited options.

1. I could re-do the whole movie with an entirely new song. However, that could potentially take yet another seventeen hours to perfect. And, with NO guarantee the new song would be approved.

2. I could try and ‘Trick The System’ by using all of the ‘Tips’ the ‘Internet’ so graciously shared with me on Facebook.

I went with option two.

Since I have been making and uploading movies since 2006 and I have never faced an issue such as this, it’s pretty safe to assume that I had no idea what I was doing. As such, I ended up spending countless additional hours, researching ways to get around this problem.

I spent every waking hour, re-editing the raw footage and re-editing the raw music file every which way possible. I chopped the song down from five minutes to 1.37 minutes. I rearranged the music in Garage Band altering the song in key and tempo. I renamed the original music file. I changed the formatting. I tried using the ‘20 Seconds Rule’. [Insert every other conceivable option and banging my head on the keybord.]

And so on. And so on. And so on.

Long story, short?

Two days and several thousand failed attempts later; I received numerous unfortunate ‘Cease & Desist’ emails from both YouTube and Facebook. They politely informed me that if I continued to try and upload my movie [even after all of my various edits] my accounts would be ‘Disabled.’

[I decided to take those emails very seriously because we all remember what happened the last time my Facebook account was disabled. Yes?]

In a last ditch effort I tried uploading the movie directly to this here blog. Sadly, that was utterly impossible. The file for the video is just way too big. [TWSS] And there is simply no way for me to compress the video file down to the proper size without completely destroying the integrity of the film.

Just as I was about to rip out all of my hair, and set myself on fire, I remembered that I own another website wherein I can upload ANYTHING I want. And, without having to deal with any of these issues. So that’s exactly what I did. But of course, there were even MORE problems. People were having  hard time viewing it. And there were serious loading issues.

So what to do? What to do?

[*stomps feet, throws tantrum, and starts crying!*]

I was seriously about ready to completely give up when all of a sudden, my new HERO otherwise known as JAFFER, figured out a way for me to embed the movie right here on my blog for ya’ll!




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  • Ron

    Well, I did what you said (waited for the screen to go from black to white) but saw no button on the bottom left hand corner!?

    Am I cazy?

    Anyway, my friend…I'll stop back later this evening to try it again. Can't wait to see it!!!


  • I've updated this blog post with screen shots. That should help you find the play button. Yes?
    PS: The screen will REMAIN black until you press play!

  • I've updated this blog post with screen shots. That should help you find the play button. Yes?
    PS: The screen will REMAIN black until you press play!

  • I've updated this blog post with screen shots. That should help you find the play button. Yes?
    PS: The screen will REMAIN black until you press play!

  • Ron: Do you have the quicktime player installed ?

  • I have quicktime on my computer, but I dont know if Ron does!

  • dcr

    Nicely done video!

    Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… The reason that YouTube and Facebook send you those “cease and desist” messages is because the statutory damages for copyright infringement starts at $30,000. The courts can award statutory damages of up to $150,000.

    Not too long ago, a newspaper started going after bloggers who posted copies of newspaper articles. Not multiple articles–just one. They were seeking damages of $75,000. Some settled out of court for a fraction of that, like a couple thousand dollars.

    When you put something on your blog, you're a publisher and you become liable for what you publish. That includes copyrighted music.

    Mind you, I'm not a lawyer and this should not be taken as legal advice. But, I just wanted to make you aware that you may be opening yourself up to some real problems.

  • Thanks DCR!

  • Ann T Hathaway

    Dear Meleah,
    YOU ARE RIGHT!! This really IS the cutest movie ever. And a great song to go with it!

    I love how he twirls around, almost like that makes the bowling ball straighten out and work!!

    Ann T.

  • Aw! Thanks Ann T!
    I love the part where he runs and jumps into my brothers arms!

  • I know just how hard it is to time a movie just right. Well done!

    I always upload movies directly into my blog via a plugin. If you want any more help there just let me know 🙂

  • Timing is EVERYTHING!
    And Thank you so much Babs!
    Great advice!

  • Jules

    Technology is a bitch sometimes. Where the hell is the Easy button??


  • Katherine

    I've wanted to learn this but don't think i have the patience. i am bookmarking this to watch tonight at home…after reading the comments, I can't wait!

  • Aw! Thanks Katherine!
    Making movies is a painstaking experience, but TOTALLY worth all the effort!

  • What a happy, proud little face!

  • Thanks Jayne!

  • Gina

    Hey Mel. I took the time to allow it to download and it was totally worth it. He is absolutely adorable!
    I love that age when they are just loving everything and having so much fun. I wish I could be like that again. We could learn a lot from that video.

    Missed you and I'm glad to back. I've been reading all your posts by the way, just slacking on the commenting. Hope you can forgive me.

  • I'm sofa king happy you're back! I've missed you SO much!

  • Harrishcl
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