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Okay… the BEST part of this PICTURE (which has now been cropped to show only the best part) is MY HAND


You know its MY HAND because:

1. Huge ugly band-aid over huge ugly tattoo

2. Newport 100’s in hand

3. Silver ring is on POINTER

4. And I am directing you (as I drirect everyone) to look or laugh at the open button(s) on shirt of friend (not shown here)

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  • meleah rebeccah

    click on MY PHOTOS to see the FULL sized picture, (including the open buttoned top wearing individual)

  • Anonymous

    Many apologies for the delay in compliments to the hottest woman on myspace…

    On the positive upside, I found some mommamiameaculpa link all about you I had and felt like I was hanging out with your family for 10 minutes! Are you ready for more compliments????

    You have a great looking family, you look incredible in a Tshirt and jeans, the PINK picture took my breath away (I currently have an oxygen mask on), you look as stunning in a black dress(pic with mom and dad) as you do in a white tank top and plaid pjs, and lastly (for now) you look good with a bandaid on your arm!!!!

    One last thing. Please call your plastic surgeon and thank him for me for his incredible work. (Methea quote: “I cant FAKE anything, there is NOTHING fake about me (other than my boobs)”

    Have a great night bella donna!

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