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My First Attempt

At Celebrity Snark. As if I don’t have enough blogs, or book ideas running around in my head, or a zillion other things on my to do list. With the three seconds of ‘free time’ I have on my hands, I have decided to join forces with two fabulous women over on The Juicy Dirt. My first attempt in delivering a celeb-smack-down can be found HERE. (I do hope you enjoy).

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  • Oh I did!


  • That was a great celeb smack down! And I don’t even need to tell you how great it was to see Jame’s Brown’s hot tub again….makes me wanna get in the water…..

  • Welcome to the betch brigade dahlink. 🙂

  • Meleah

    BECKY: Glad you enjoyed!


    MICHAEL C: Yes! I know Eddie kills me as James Brown. “TOO HOT In THE HOT TUB… GUNNA GET IN THE HOT TUB….”


    LESLIE: Wheeee…..


    RICARDO: Look No Further!!
    HOLLYGL: I can ALWAYS count on you for your support in any of my new adventures THANK YOU! xxoo


    (PS: Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my 1st post and commented on The Juicy Dirt!)

  • I am looking for a replacement to TMZ since I will no longer read them after they made light of that young surfer girl who lost her arm to a shark attack. They had her picture captioned; “take a bite out of this”. It then went onto show celebs that were hurt from animal attacks including Christopher Reeves which….really isn’t funny. They had it filed under the “Wacky” catagory. What is wack and funny about this?

  • Mereb, You did a great job, and – might I say – I concur with your take on that situation. …and Eddie Murphy’s talent.

  • Well if you’re gonna spend the evening with SCARY Spice then what do you expect Eddie!

    Haha! Nice site though and I will be checking back regularly!

  • Well done Meleah!!!

    Smack- down!!

    I’m with you on Eddie. Love him!

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