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My Daddy, The Complete Series


These are my ‘Favorite Stories’ about my father.


My Daddy And The Spider

Wait! Isn’t that…?

My Daddy And 75 Cents

My Daddy And The Tire

My Daddy And The Bank

My Daddy and The Doctors Office

My Daddy And My Blood Work

Random Acts Of Kindness

Where In The World Is Tony Bennett?

The Things My Father Says

My Daddy And The Suitcase

My Daddy And The Short End Of The Stick.

My Daddy and The Grocery Store – 10 Items or Less

My Daddy and The Parking Space

My Daddy and The Paper Towels






And, these are my ‘Favorite Video’s’ of my father.


My Daddy And The Garbage Disposal

My Daddy And A Snow Removal Tutorial

My Daddy And The Desk Drawer

Life With The Parents [So Far]

Love Will Keep Us Together

Fun With Finger Puppets

Why ‘Tony Bennett’ Always Makes Me Laugh

I Love Hanukkah!

My Daddy and The Sofa

My Dancing Daddy



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