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My Daddy And The Tire

These events are 100% true and originally occurred on Saturday, February 7th, 2007.


I had another FLAT TIRE.

Fourth Time.

Same. Tire.

And at 9am this morning, my father came to the rescue.


The first decision we had to make was should we put the donut on the car? Or should we take our chances and drive to get air into the tire? It didn’t really matter if we were going to dent and destroy the steel rim, because we were getting a new rim anyway. So….rather than going through the nightmare of opening the trunk,  digging out what we needed, using a wrench, a car jack, taking off the tire, and putting on the donut, we both said, “Screw it” and drove to the closet gas station.

But our day started off pretty badly, when we arrived at our favorite gas station.



And wouldn’t you know it. The air pump was broken, again. And the same attendants were there the last time this happened.



All I can say, is thank goodness it was MY 75 cents that went into the machine this time.



Now that meant my daddy would have to go through the nightmare of opening the trunk, digging out what we needed, using a wrench, a car jack, taking off the tire, and putting on the donut.

And, fuck! It’s cold outside!


Except that once my father got back to my car?

We discovered all of the tools necessary to put the donut on my car were back at my fathers house.

“Goddamn, motherfucker!” My father exclaimed.

“What do you want me to do daddy? Should I drive back home?” I nervously giggled in-between questions because he started the jaw clenching action which he only does when he’s really mad or upset.

“Well,” My father thought aloud, “There is another gas station at the next light. And that’s where we need to make the U-TURN anyway, so…let’s just see if they have an air pump.” He laughed, “Preferably one that works!”

On the drive to the next light, my father asked, “Why do bad things always have to happen in threes? First I lost that insurance account, then, I lost at cards…and I had a full house, when the other guy had all four sevens!! And now this…I’m telling you right now Mel, you are so lucky that was your 75 cents.”

“Don’t I know it!” I said, shocked the veins pulsing in my fathers neck didn’t explode.

As I drove on the shoulder of the highway and looked over at father, all I could do was laugh. Hard.

We both knew at that moment, had it been HIS 75 cents, I’m sure this post would have included pictures of my father being arrested by the police for destruction of property and/or murder.

Luckily, when we arrived at the next gas station….

Yes! What is that! An air pump? One that works? Get outta here! And, its only 50 cents! Oh hell yes, things are looking up.



Now that things were going in the right direction, my father was in a slightly better mood.

At least in good enough of a mood to get us some coffee.

On his way back to my car, he even stopped to help some lost people by giving them directions (after all he is RON-QUEST).



Back in the car, we were headed to the the junkyard that Poppa Sye had found. And the new rim would only cost us $50.00.

Thankfully, my father called ahead – just to make sure the rim was there and ready for us to pick it up.

“Hello, do you guys have a 2002 Hyundai Electra rim.”

“Pssst…daddy, it’s an Elantra.”

“I’m sorry, do you guys have a 2002 Hyundai Electra, I mean ELANTRA Steel Rim?” (insert pause) “You don’t? What do you mean you don’t? My father-in-law called you guys, you guys said you do have that. You don’t care what my father-in-law told me? You haven’t had rims in 5 years? You only have tires? Oh, this is great, okay, fine, thanks… for nothing…bye.”

My father turned to me and said, “Shit! Well, at least we didn’t drive all the way there. I would have been really pissed off.”

“Oh, I know. So…where am I going now? What do we do now?” I asked.

“I guess, we have to go to Hyundai and see if they have the rim. I just know they aren’t going to have it. You know we are going to have to order it right? And, you know this is going to cost like $300.00 right?”

“Um… hmm. I love you daddy.”



When we got there, the first thing my father did was find out IF they had the rim we needed in stock.

And, YES! They did.

Then my father needed to know, “How long is the wait going to be for the dealership to fix the tire?”

“An hour and a half.” Said totally innocent employee.

“No! No, that’s no good, I have things I have to do. I’ll just buy the rim and take it somewhere else.” Yelled my short tempered, at times, irrational, over-reactive, yet very lovable and quite entertaining daddy.

“Let me see what I can do.” Said totally innocent employee. Five minutes later, “It should only take a half hour sir. Can you wait that long?”

“Okay. Fine.” My father replied, begrudgingly.



While in the waiting area of the service department, watching the food network and reading skiing magazines, my father and I had a nice laugh at the strange couple that was next to us, who decided to sing along, out loud, out of key, to the bad 80’s songs in the commercials on TV.

45 minutes passed when my father noticed my car was still, just sitting there. In the parking lot. NOT being worked on. Not being worked on at all.

My father paced the waiting area once, and took off. I stayed in the waiting area. I knew what was about to go down.


(In hindsight, I wish I had followed him and taken pictures of him freaking out on the dealership people, but I didn’t want my camera to get destroyed or be the recipient of one of my fathers’ tyrannical rages and/or speeches.)

All I heard, 10 minutes later, from outside the window, “C’mon Mel, lets go!”

I ran out the door to meet my dad, when I noticed he had a box under his arms. It was the steel rim we needed.

I didn’t say anything. I just got into the passenger seat.

“They wasted 45 minutes of my time! What the fuck is with these people, oh, sure, they were going to start to work on it now! NOW?…Now! After 45 minutes already passed, I’d be sitting here for the hour and a half I didn’t agree to. These fucking bullshitters. Fuck them. I don’t even want them to fix it. No, we are going somewhere else now! ! !”

“Okay…daddy. Sure whatever you want.” I decided to be brave and ask for the hell of it, “What did the rim cost anyway?”


As we pulled out onto the highway, my father just decided traffic laws no longer applied to him.

Maybe he thought he could somehow get back the 45 minutes of his life that were wasted, and therefore he could just ignore all signs, or rules, and make illegal turns to get to a new place, a better place to fix the tire faster. Maybe he was in such a hurry to stick it to Hyundai by getting the tire fixed as fast as he could by another place even if it meant breaking laws. Maybe he really did have other shit to do? Like hanging curtains for my mom. Right?

This was the next place we went to…



We flew into and out of that parking lot, within three seconds.

“This place is packed. I will be stuck here for an hour and a half. No!”

“Okay daddy.” I clung to my seat belt for dear life.  “I love you daddy…”

And mind you, we flew down Route 9, with the fucked up tire, still on the car.

After turning down side streets and whipping through the town of Freehold, we ended up on MECHANIC STREET.

That’s right…Mechanic Street.

Low and behold…what is on Mechanic Street?

A Michelin Garage!





My father walked right in, right up to the front desk and explained the tragedy of his day.

He rambled on about how terrible Hyundai is and how they are a bunch of liars and scumbags. How he had so much to do and how it had been three hours since we started out this morning. He explained how couldn’t take it anymore, and he asked if they would they please help him now? Or he will have to come back on Monday?




Luckily….  these people were more than willing to solve the life-death-severity of urgent rim-changing-ness.

And they would do it, for $20.00.

While we waited all of 9 minutes for the tire/rim to be fixed, my father sat back, to read this magazine:



And that’s when my dad considered, just for a second, it might not be a bad idea for him to change his whole life? Maybe even become a member of the Jihadists movement? Then, he could be wielding a machine gun. Much like the child on the cover of the magazine. And NONE of this would have happened today, had he been equipped with the proper ammunition.

After it was all said and done and paid for, on the way home, we turned down a side street.

He thought it would be a shortcut home.

But it wasn’t.

It was filled with mothers, and more mothers, and tribes of children, and strollers.

My father looked at me and said…..”GREAT! Now we are stuck in a PARADE!”

And both laughed so hard, we cried.



I’m sorry I wrecked your day, daddy!

But thank you for my new tire & new rim!



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  • Can I borrow your dad next time I need work on my car? As much as I love my dad, he’s just too patient and prefers to be non-confrontational.

    Great post! How’d I miss this one before?

  • I have such a hard time picturing your daddy being so upset. He looks so calm, so happy, so Tony Bennettish in all your pictures. But I can totally picture him having a good belly laugh with you!

  • The best part was what you didn’t see — him walking back to our house afterwards. He couldn’t open the front door. He was still hysterically laughing in his high pitched yelp, bending over, holding the doorknob with one hand for balance, and holding his side with the other. It took him a full 2 minutes to get through the door and about 15 minutes to settle down enough to tell me what happened! THANK G-D for that parade!!!

  • That was a cute and funny (but not so funny at the time) story Meleah. A good reason why I hardly ever wait with my car, I can’t take it….maybe if I have something to read so I can stay calm….it’s hard to be patient at times. Kudos to Dad, Tony Bennet would be so proud.
    “Hello, do you guys have a 2002 Hyundai Electra rim.”
    “pssst…daddy, it’s an Elantra.”

  • I can relate to your dad….

  • Arv

    WOW… that is one hell of an adventure… kewl stuff mate… Glad you enjoyed that with your Dad and he was a good show 🙂

    take care mate… cheers…

  • Meleah

    I dont know how you missed this one! Its an oldie but a goodie! Yes you can borrow my father the next time you have car issues!!

    Most of the time my father IS calm cool and collected, but when he does loose it? He really LOOSES it.

    He couldn’t get into the house when we finally got home?
    I never knew that!

    Yep. I cant with SPIDERS or MY CAR! Thus we have TONY BENNETT (and the man who stands up for 75 CENTS) to deal with these issues for me!
    Im sooooo lucky!

    He will be happy to know he is not alone!

  • Arv

    WOW… that is one nice adventure… kewl stuff mate… Glad you enjoyed that with your Dad and he was a good show 🙂

    take care mate… cheers…

  • Haha I can imagine that your house is always full of laughter. He’s quite an awesome character isn’t he? Has a good sense of humor too.

    Thank goodness it was your 75 cents. I would have gone there with a hammer actually! haha

  • Your dad’s a good guy!

  • Meleah

    Ha! Thanks. Im glad you enjoyed reading this!

    A Hammer!

    Employee No 3699:
    Yeah..he really is!

  • Great story – and so well told, really! I smiled or giggled the ENTIRE way through it!!

  • You’re so lucky to have a Dad to the rescue!
    In the end you both laughed and made a memory 🙂

  • Meleah

    Michael C:
    Really? Thank you. I needed to hear that.
    I think The Internet is OVER reading stories about my father?

    The lack of comments say so.


    Thanks. I am lucky.
    My father has given me some of the best memories and biggest laughs of my life!

  • Lee

    I was really thinking that global warming was working in reverse in your world. I kind of missed that part about this post being from February of 2007. Anyway, great post, Meleah. For some reason your life seems to be much more interesting than mine. 😀

  • Meleah

    YAY. Thank you!
    My life is not that interesting..but my father sure is!

  • What a cool dad you have there Meleah. Could I borrow him for a few days? No? Maybe a few hours? No? Awwww, come on, pwetty please? … hehehe

  • Your Dad is absolutely priceless. It was so appropriate that the day ended with a parade. I love this story!

  • What’s Tony Bennet doing with ur tire?

  • Eva

    Daddies are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that great story! I have enjoyed all of your Daddy Posts SO MUCH! I would totally read more of them anytime you’d be up for sharing more of them! They’re wonderful, Meleah. Your dad is kick-ass.

  • Having a car is at times more of a resource hog than keeping an unenthusiastic student in Harvard 🙁

    Had the joys one time to seek a replacement rim for my then Ford Explorer, found it on a rather well stocked place in Rahway. Then again, it was an aluminum rim. The very same month I paid off that truck I smashed it on the NJTPK. It was… expected. Someone must have made off with 5 nice aluminum rims at the junkyard soon after.

    Another great post!

  • Meleah

    Of course you can borrow my father!

    Yeah. Hes a Keeper!


    YAY. THANK YOU!! I was beginning to feel like I may have over-done it with the Daddy Chronicals.

    Thanks! Im glad you liked my dad stories.

  • When you’re done with your first book, you should write a book about these adventures too.

  • Oh and by the way – next time – my brother is a Hyundai mechanic

  • Meleah

    I might submit a few of these as short stories..yanno after I clean them up and flesh them out a little?

    Um, hello…I am totally calling YOU the next time I have car issues.
    (Ill get your # from “BETTY”!)

  • My God, Meleah, I swear we must be living the same life in alternate universes. That story sounds exactly like something that would happen to me! Don’t you love laughs like that. You can’t get to the depth of that laughing place without living through a day like you guys had. Your dad’s a gem.

  • Meleah

    Thanks doll! My dad is a GEM! I was worried that the Internet was bored with Dad Stories, and then I remembered this is my blog, and these are my memories and if nothing else I want to preserve stories like these so I can laugh for years to come when I look back on this day!

  • You’re damn right, my dear. This IS your blog, to do with what you please. We’re just along for the wonderful ride. …and we love your dad stories. xoxo

  • Meleah

    Thank you Steph!

  • Loved the dad stories! got to them a little late b.c of the vacation – but this way I got to catch up on a weeks worth of posts all in one day! Thanks for sharing, your dad sure has raised a special girl:)

  • Meleah

    Wonton Sushi:
    Aw. Thank you and WELCOME HOME!

    I cant wait to see the photos of Mexico and read all about your vacation!!

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