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My Daddy’s 62nd Birthday & Christmas 2010 [Re-Cap]

I don’t know about any of you but after yet another amazing Holiday-Extravaganza filled with: food, family, friends and laughter, I am simply exhausted! And here’s why…

Friday started out like any other day. Except that it was completely different. Why? Because we were hosting My Daddy’s 62nd Birthday Bash! Which just happens to fall on Christmas Eve.

This is the one time a year my ‘Immediate Family’ is guaranteed to get together.

And yes, it was totally-super-awesome.

My mother and I had spent several days lovingly preparing the house. We shopped, we cleaned, we cooked, we decorated, and we wrapped the hell out of those presents. By the time everyone arrived? We were definitely ready to celebrate. In fact, we partied like it was 1999.

My parents thoroughly enjoyed having all of their children, and all of their grandchildren, together, under the same roof. It’s not very often our house is filled with such glorious chaos, or the sounds of six happily screaming children playing hide and seek, opening their gifts, and hopped up on all the sugar imaginable.

I also think everyone felt a little ‘Extra Blessed’ considering both ‘Gramma Evelyn’ and ‘Poppa Sye’ suffered strokes earlier this year. It was absolutely wonderful having them here with us for the festivities. There was one very ‘Intensely Touching Moment’ when Gramma Evelyn first laid eyes on her Great-Grandchildren. Her tough exterior came crumbling down when she burst into tears and started sobbing. And of course, that made everyone else break down weeping.

Everything was going great and everyone was having fun. That is, until ‘Mickey Mouse’ drank one too many Café Patron Shots and started mouthing off. Luckily, my father was able to get him under control, and quickly.

We laughed, we ate, we cried.

We gossiped, we drank, and we ate again.

After a birthday cake, my father opened his cards and presents. I would like to take this time to give ‘Props’ to my brother Adam’s girlfriend Leah, for getting my dad such a funny gag-gift. And, one that he was all-too-happy to wear, for the rest of the evening.

*The body-bling my father is sporting says, “It’s My Birthday Bitches!”


That’s My Daddy.

The Complete Set Of Photos Can Be Found Here —–> *My Daddy’s 62nd Birthday


Christmas Day didn’t start until 11:30am. Thankfully we got to sleep in. Still exhausted my mother, my father, and I, piled into the car and drove up to my Uncle Ricks house.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues and traveling distance, some people were unable to attend. And even though this was a much smaller affair, we had an incredibly fabulous time.

Once again, my Uncle Rick truly out did himself with the table settings and creating such an inviting atmosphere. But, I think my favorite part of the day was seeing good old Gramma Ev back in action, in her own kitchen. Even though she didn’t really do any of the cooking, she did stir the pasta, and she made her famous salad.

And that was MORE THAN ENOUGH to put a HUGE smile on my face.

Now I don’t want to shock anyone here, because as most of you know – 99% of the time Gramma Ev looks like this:

Even when she’s happy.

But, I managed to captured a photo of Gramma Evelyn.

And she was SMILING.

And that my friends, was a Christmas Miracle!

The Complete Set Of Photos Can Be Found Here —–> *Christmas 2010

And that’s a wrap!

* So tell me boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, how was YOUR holiday?

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  • Sounds like such fun! And I’m so glad your grandparents were able to join you for the celebration!

  • Me too Terri!

  • Mikewj

    I can tell that I’d like your Grandma Ev. She’s got my kind of attitude. A little bit pissed off and a lot skeptical. But the sweaters are a dead giveaway to what’s going inside that head of hers, and she’ll smile when it’s appropriate. Luv!

  • Mikewj

    Next year, can I come? I’ll pretend to be a distant cousin or your gay friend from Hoboken or whatever it takes.

  • Mikewj

    Hey, if you did weigh 500 pounds, you could give the kiddos rides around the living room on your back. That’d be fun.

  • Mikewj

    Sandra doesn’t weigh 500 pounds, by the way, and she’s not afraid to prove it. Visit her site and you’ll see what I mean. Shoo the kids out of the room, though. It’s pretty racey stuff.

  • Mikewj

    Are you saying you hate Grandma Ev, CardioGirl? ‘Cause I’m practicing my reflective hearing, and that’s what I’m hearing here.

  • Have you ever heard her speak?
    Gramma Ev is the funniest and meanest woman alive!

  • Hell. Yes.

  • No thank you!

  • She’s a slamming hottie.

  • Who could possibly hate Gramma Ev?

  • *clears throat* I can neither confirm nor deny the strong feelings Mike has assigned to me regarding Gramma Ev. She seems like a solid citizen. Just saying I should smile a bit more.

  • She does rock. Hey, who’s the lady in the red pantsuit up there. Initially that’s who I thought Gramma Ev was, but then you showed a few pictures of her and I realized The Lady in Red was not the same as Gramma Ev.

  • Your family looks like so much fun!

  • To clarify:

    The lady in Red is my Aunt Bea.
    She’s married to my Uncle Sol.

    [The guy in the blue shirt with wings on it.
    And Uncle Sol is Poppa Sye’s Brother.]

    We refer to Uncle Sol & Aunt Bea as “The Howells” from Giligans Island
    [only THEY don’t know it.]

    I should probably write a blog post about that someday!

    Oh and this is Gramma Ev

  • Next year YOUR coming over right – Mom Zombie?

  • Jules

    Glad you had a happy Christmas!!!

  • Thanks, Jules!

  • Marty Wombacher

    “It’s My Birthday Bitches!” Ha ha ha! Sounds perfect for your dad! Glad you had a good holiday, Meleah! I tried to comment on this from Peoria, but for some reason it wouldn’t post from my laptop. GREAT shot of Grandma Ev smiling!

  • Thanks Marty,
    Welcome home!

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas, Maleah. I love reading about your family, especially your Dad. I love how much you love them. I know you’ve been by Older Eyes, so I know you know that my Christmas was great, too, though quite a bit smaller. Grandkids are the best … even worth putting up with a daughter and a son-in-law to be with. Only (semi) kidding.

  • Semi-Kidding! Ahahahha.
    Im so happy you had a lovely Christmas, Bud!

  • Nice photos!

    And yes… I have to agree with Speedy… your family is da Bomb!!



  • Great Pics and Happy B-Day to your dad – I’m a Christmas Eve baby and have always loved the extra night of partying we partake of each year. Your dad is Ghetto FAB!

  • Why, thank you green!

  • Happy Belated Birthday, Shelia!

  • Roshan

    I think we should start a couple of fan clubs.

    The Meleah’s Dad Appreciation Society or his Band of Bitches (you choose the name)
    The Gramma Evelyn ‘Why So Serious’ Fan Club

  • Ahahaha! I love it!

  • It looks like you all had a great time. Two days of celebration sound awesome! Happy belated birthday to your dad.

  • Aw. Thanks Anne. I will pass along your bday wishes.

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