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My Blood Test Results Are In…

I tried to make this funny, but unfortunately I am not in a ‘funny mood’ at all. In fact, I think I am still in state of complete shock...

You see, I went back to see my Allergy Specialist about two weeks ago because my hypersensitivity to food has gotten really far out of hand. Lately, even when I adhere to an ‘allergy-free’ diet I am still having terrible allergic reactions to food.

Therefore, my Allergy Specialist wanted a full and complete work up, which of course required blood testing for the most precise results.

The other reason for blood tests (rather than scratch testing) was to reveal the CLASS of an allergy. The higher the class, the stronger allergic reaction. The classes of an allergy range from 1-5:

1 = The Least Harmful.

5 = The Highest (most allergic) Class Possible.

The majority of my allergies are between Class 3 and 4, which is not good. My doctor was hoping to see some of the levels decrease from 4’s down to 2’s, but instead, when we got these results, we discovered what was a Class 2 a year ago, is now a Class 4. Clearly, I am moving in the wrong direction.

And if I eat something mixed with one or more of the ingredients listed below combining things I am allergic to, that’s when I face anaphylaxis shock.

[But now I know why I had an allergic reaction to eating SALAD. And just wait until you see why.]

*Drum roll*

The New “Complete List Of Foods I Am Allergic To” Include:

Tomato -4
*Wheat -4
Kidney beans-2
Pinto bean-3
Green beans-3
Green Peppers-2
Green Pea-2

*Are due to the Celiac’s Disease.

Yeah. Um. What?

Celery? Lettuce? Grapes? (All of which were in my salad last night.)

So what is the “course of action” to correct my situation? To avoid any and everything on this list, and any and every product derived from any of these foods for at least 6 months. Then I will have to endure new blood tests to see where I stand as far as any of the class of allergy being lowered.

My doctor told me that even though Class 1 & Class 2 foods won’t necessarily send me into an allergic reaction RIGHT AWAY, they do activate the histamine inside of my body’s chemistry. That basically Class 1 & Class 2 foods “set me up” for having a reaction later on.

However, any food in Class 3, 4, or 5 will IMMEDIATELY cause an allergic reaction.

So, what CAN I EAT?

That’s a good question. I’ll let you know when I find out.

I am supposed to take my lists to a dietician and let him/her figure it out. I can’t even think straight right now…probably becasue I am STARVING.

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  • WTF?! Are you kidding me?

    I’ve never heard of anyone having that bad a reaction to FOOD! Girl, you may want to get a second opinion or go see a holistic doctor. If you are allergic to all those foods…something is wrong. You need to get to the core of WHY you are allergic to all those things. I mean, what are you supposed to eat? Cardboard?

    I wish you the best of luck in trying to figure out what the hell is going on…you must be SO FRICKIN’ FRUSTRATED!!! I’ve got to hand it to you, I’d be jumping off a cliff. Hang in there…and keep writing about your situation. It’s good therapy.

    Sending you positive thoughts!!!

  • Jeez, lady, that’s an awfully long list. Wouldn’t it be easier to make a list of what you CAN eat, and print it on a postage stamp?

  • That’s a definite shock… Leaves you with so little choice.. you poor thing πŸ™

  • what did you have to eat in the end? Not sure of the time difference here but I am sure you must have had something by now?

  • It’s not going to make you feel any better but you’re in a similar situation to my 78 year old Dad, who’s many medications and conditions have put a ridiculous amount of restrictions on his diet. Perhaps you could also claim the wisdom of a 78 year old as a sort of fringe benefit of all this.

    That completely fucking sucks. There’s just no other way to say it.

  • I saw where grapes are on da list. But I didn’t see raisins. hmmmm At least you can drink tequila.

    Hopefully your dietitian can find substitutes for those veggies.

  • B-Dawg

    I realise what I’m about ta say will be of little solace to someone in your position, but… “Cutting back drastically on daily calorie intake can lead to longer life, at least in rats, say University at Buffalo researchers.”

  • Amy

    I cannot even imagine how hard this must be, sympathies to you. πŸ™

  • Okay, I just skipped past all the comments…I was going to say bread and water, but I don’t think bread is on your list.

    That just sucks…hard!

    I hope there is enough food ON your list that you CAN eat! I’m sorry to hear this with everything else you’ve been going through.

    I think you know we are all thinking of you…though ‘food for thought’ aka our thoughts are food doesn’t help.

    Hoping for the best.


    P.S. I have a fun contest going on I’d think you’d excel at…

  • cmk

    Of course it isn’t anything close to the same thing, but before K and I went to see the nutritionist, we were beside ourselves wondering WHAT he could eat. We went in knowing he had to limit sodium, fat, protein, and calories! All we could come up with on our own was extremely unappetizing and limited in variety and we were quite scared. Thankfully, we saw the nutritionist and everything turned out to be MUCH better than we could ever have imagined. I guess that’s why there are the professionals we need to turn to! Good luck, my dear–I’m sure things will be at least a little better after you see a dietitian.

  • dcr

    Not to get too sidetracked, but I just love that we’re referring to Awake as AiR now. πŸ˜‰ So much easier.

  • OMG! How on earth did you survive growing up? Did your allergies even exist back then?

    I’m like everybody else in saying Bloody Hell. You seriously have my sympathy. I really hope that you can find some foods that you can eat so you won’t feel like you’re starving. I know I can’t complain anymore when my doctors tell me I need to fast before seeing them.

  • Meleah

    Where do I need to send the check!

    Thanks sweety.

    Steak YES
    Asparagus NO

    I had BOTH scratch tests & blood test to confirm these results.
    At least now I know WHY I keep having allergic reactions. And as long as I dont eat any of these foods on the list, I get to LIVE.

    I cant imagine eating plain grilled chicken for the rest of my life either.

    Going OUT to eat is not really an option for me right now. Who knows what they do to the food in restaurants.

    I can eat: dairy, meat, chicken & fish.

    “You need to get to the core of WHY you are allergic to all those things”

    I want to see a specialist in NYC or find a REAL Dr. House.

    Postage Stamp.
    HA HA HA.

    Lady Banana:
    The SHOCK is wearing off. I am moving into anger and depression. I hope acceptance comes sooner than later.

    I ate chick peas. From a can.

    “Perhaps you could also claim the wisdom of a 78 year old as a sort of fringe benefit of all this. ”


    “Hopefully your dietitian can find substitutes for those veggies…”

    Thats what I am hoping for.

    Well, I suppose that’s good news?
    (thanks for leaving me a comment.)

    Thanks. Now that the SHOCK has worn off I am REALLY depressed.

    Bread is made from Wheat & Gluten. Even Gluten FREE food is made from either Corn Flour, Oat flour, Potato flour or some form of SOY all of which I am allergic too.

    Maybe a contest will lighten my mood!

    My mother and I spent an hour in the kitchen today looking for SOMETHING for me to eat. Reading labels only proved that I cant even have Chicken Broth because WHEAT, GARLIC & GLUTEN were in the label. I did manage to eat chick peas out of a can.

    I put in a call today to a dietitian. Hopefully she will be able to provide me with some options that don’t suck.

    AIR is much better!

    I never had these ISSUES until I was 27. At first I was only allergic to a few foods, but over the years they are GETTING WORSE. Not better.

    I really hope a dietitian can help me out here.

  • dcr & Meleah,

    I’m afraid that no one will know who your talking about if you call me “AIR”.

  • I don’t know if I could live without my Cottonseed omelets, Cottonseed sandwiches and Cottonseed ice cream.

  • Meleah

    Thats your new name. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that those are the initials to your screen name.

    ha ha ha
    Yeah, Im really upset about giving up all that millet.

  • Goodness Gracious….Your list is practically everything I eat weakly. I am so sorry. I can’t imagine the frustration you must feel. My youngest daughter has allergies and will on occasion break out in hives…usually at 2am while she is sleeping. πŸ™

  • I thought my list of food allergies was rough. Hopefully, chicken dinners are ok?

    I’ve trained my husband to eat a lot of Speedy Chickencat dinners every week πŸ™‚

    Hopefully, a real Dr. House will find a cure for food allergies!

  • Meleah

    Hives are annoying.
    But its the throat closing that makes me nervous.

    Miss Money Penny:

    I am soooooooo sick of chicken, unless its done HollyDale style!
    If you find a Real Doctor House, please send him my way!

  • Lee

    I have never run across anyone with some many food allergies. Good Lord, no wonder you have such a difficult time. Here’s hoping the dietitian will be able to identify a menu that works for you. What is the treatment to eliminate some of these things from the list?

  • Sheesh, u’re allergic to a heck of a lot of things. I remember when I was about 12 I was in the hospital and the nurse was checking to see if I was allergic to anything, so she asked my parents. While they said that I wasn’t, I jumped in and said that I was allergic to Sherina (my sister)!!! πŸ˜›

    Oh by the way, r u allergic to hugs? No, cause here’s a swarm of them coming to u.

  • Meleah

    Yeah. I am like a walking science project.
    There is no REAL treatment plan.

    The “course of action” is to eliminate ALL OF THE FOOD ON THIS LIST from my diet.

    Thanks for your undying support.

    Aw. Thanks for the HUGS and the FUNNY story about being allergic to your sister

  • Wow Meleah, I hope you can find something you can eat!!! I actually have eaten a block of cheese before…lol! I can definitely feel your angst. I have a degree in food science, but I’ve never seen anyone with so many allergies. Lets hope a genius scientist finds a cure soon! πŸ™‚

  • I am getting blood work done in a few weeks myself. I can’t wait to see what they find. This list is nuts!!! And no soy? that crap is in everything under the sun. Look at the ingredients of anything you eat. It’s insane!!

  • Meleah

    That makes two of us.
    PS:If you come across one of those genius people be sure to let me know!

    My list is CRAZY. Want to trade lists with me?

    Soy & CORN are in EVERYTHING.

    My life revolves around reading labels and taking massive amounts of medications and never ending doctor visits.

    But…I am slowly coming to terms with all of this.
    I think.

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  • Holy crap. It looks like the only thing left you can eat is hot dogs. And those aren’t really a food …

  • Meleah

    I’m too scared of hot dogs! Who knows what in those things!

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  • Christa

    CHOCOLATE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!! WTH??????????????Β  πŸ™Β 

  • I know. Sucks!

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