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Ya’ll know how much I love me my blog. This is a perfect example WHY.

My mother is away this week in C.A. celebrating the life of her aunt, Helen Walter Gerson since her recent passing.

While my mother has been out there, she has been spending time with many of her fellow summer campers that also stayed at the The Calamigos Ranch.

In-between sobbing and mourning, my mother has been surrounded by many people who loved Helen (Mrs. G) which has provided my mother the much needed comfort. (need comfort? so does driving a convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway)

Some of the people she was closest to at The Calamigos Ranch have remained life long friends with my mother.

Some of these people even knew me and my brother Adam, when we were just babies. But, they haven’t seen either Adam, or myself in a good twenty some odd years…. UNTIL NOW… UNTIL MY BLOG! MOMMA MIA MEA CULPA!

I received a phone call last night, from an elated mommy. Her and her girlfriends were in a cabin on the ranch, on my website! They were spending time on MOMMA MIA! They were looking though all the pictures and watching all the movies

It was the best way for my mother to share with them, exactly what her mother-in-law acts like … for real! What her husband looks like hanging a chandelier And how her son, Adam, turned 30 She showed them the JCH productions and her “hippy grandson” video She was able to share home movies (that aren’t BORING) blogged stories about her husband, 75cents and tires, the new baby announcements, pictures of all her kids, grand-kids and a big part of her life (the people in it) because of this blog!

I am so happy that MY PICTURES and MY VIDEOS that I harass my family into, have done, just what I set out for them to do.

Once again, I love my blog! I love that I have made it possible… MAC HAS MADE IT POSSIBLE… for my family to share every important moment that happens. (yeah that’s right, hanging a chandelier is important!)

OH…and! One more thing! I received THIS comment yesterday regarding Helen Walter Gerson and The Calamigos Ranch:

sue (weinsoff) hendricks said…
I went to (and later worked at) Calamigos from 1968-1982. Mrs G (Helen) was quite a trip. A delightful breath of art and humanity in a cowboy environment. Much love and good wishes to Glen, Garner, Garrett, Grant and the entire family. Sue…

Thank you for the kind words Sue! My mother (PAM WALTER) will be happy to hear that!

Dooooooods… I love this blog

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    This is really uplifting and sweet. I am proud of you. I knew the MAC would change your life, now do you believe me?

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  • meleah rebeccah

    jen… i never doubted you

  • harry

    Great story!

    Never thought about it that way.

    Proud of you!


  • meleah rebeccah

    this is the best thing about the INTERNET

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